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How to get paid while using cannabis

Are you ready to get paid while using cannabis? Yes, it is considered likely with these cannabis jobs.

We are going to provide you with some of the jobs available on the business. Some investments will not have to pay money or grow your marijuana seeds at home, whereas others might demand some initial investment. We are going to potential layout wages, challenges, benefits, and job requirements.

One of the conditions is that you have to be of legal age. Besides, not one of these job opportunities is possible if cannabis is entirely illegal in your country or state.

Have a peek at these career possibilities; learn how to get paid while using cannabis.

Before you get too enthusiastic about this new cannabis side job, make sure you are of legal age to use cannabis and is legal in your state or country. Alternatively, at least, decriminalized.

If you have a marijuana health card, that could be acceptable as well as you will do a review of medication.

Make sure you are going to do what will be under the legislation to avoid any prosecution. Getting into jail for cannabis takes out all of the fun of the occupation.

Get Rewarded to Smoke Weed as An Influencer

Let us start with one of the most renowned professions nowadays as they give us a bit of “getting paid for making nothing” idea, thus clearly look the most appealing as an influencer.

By definition, an influencer is a character who motivates their followers to engage in purchasing cannabis products and uses media that is social. An influencer’s style rests on understanding, authority, and rapport.

Influencers specialize in the cannabis industry, and that means you are someone like a cannabis reviewer.

Be A Vlogger

Would you prefer to get paid between 250 to 1 grand for uploading a cannabis video? If that is the case, consider setting a career!

Be a Cannabis InfluencerThere are lots of people who have replaced their effort for something more creative and pleasurable. If you get paid to smoke weed, it will undoubtedly bring about some revenue.


Of course, you have to get your camera and cannabis rolling for filming, start a channel, and you need to join YouTube. Based on the type of channel, you are going to need different props.


  • Get a mobile of the latest generation with an excellent camera.
  • Sign up a YouTube account or Instagram
  • Utilize the most popular cannabis hashtags for your followers to find you.
  • Upgrade and update your content regularly.

To get paid and become a successful cannabis influencer, you need to study the type of content you want to share, whether you are ready to achieve that make sure it is catchy to all viewers.

Perhaps you have wondered, braiding your hair, along with your joints?

Alternatively, get rewarded to smoke marijuana in California, such as Marc and Craig Wasserman, aka “pot brothers at law.” They also smoke marijuana religiously; although doing so, the brothers enjoy sharing legal guidance. They are a law firm specializing in helping California people and companies with legal issues obtain licenses.

There is more to it than just smoking cannabis and publicly addressing your expertise. You could be doing a merchandise review, proposing discussions about cannabis is more fun, which makes informative stuff or even trying your hand in making a unique cannabis theme.

Advantages and Consequences of The Product Involved

Cannabis is a very profitable industry, especially the CBD branch. Regrettably, the content may not be suitable for commercials for some instances, resulting in a lower gain: YouTube. That can be a critical concern when promoting something that has limited accessibility.

Most stoners lament the deafening cannabis abstersion that happened years ago on YouTube. Apparently, they have begun shutting down cannabis channels for no rational reasons. They explained that the content was unsuitable for the audience and what more if the material that has something to do with cultivation, girl scout cookies autoflower as an example. To sum up, receiving payment from advertising will be catchy.

Would you prefer to educate folks about cannabis from how to smoke cannabis, have fun while doing it, get paid, and free merchandise?

If that is the instance, here is what is needed to develop into the budding superstar of social media!

Smoke weed and get rewarded seems terrific. Furthermore, the cannabis industry is keen on contacting influencers to promote their merchandise from weed seeds to derived products. Even in nations and states where cannabis is allowed, not all marketing forms are permitted.

For instance, it is not legal to market it on television if the average age of the population is 30 percent below 30 years old. Cannabis products should be sold in plain packaging that indicates no exclusivity or living the high life, which are the basics of each revenue marketing.

Bottom Line

Could I make a living from it, and I get rewarded to smoke weed?

That is the question which many cannabis lovers are requesting themselves. Yes, it is possible. You could end up receiving the money if you opt for a few of the more lucrative options. You may also get rewarded from home.

A few of those cannabis tasks take preparations. As an example, you were defining yourself as a brand that demands energy and time. To get rewarded to smoke weed, pay some time preparing yourself. Being stoned in a job interview does not help.

Therefore, if smoking cannabis is your job fantasy, invest a little time and energy into it. The result is going to be utterly unbelievable!

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