How to Make Cannabutter? Know Its Benefits & Uses

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How to Make Cannabutter? The Complete Cannabutter Recipe

Cannabis + Butter are like a Cherry on Cake! When two of the most delicious food products- Butter & Cannabis are processed to make one fantastic product, that product is called Cannabutter.

In simple words, Cannabutter is cannabis-infused regular butter, which is often used to make cannabis edibles.

We are getting introduced to new cannabis-related recipes every day as the Cannabis products are getting worldwide acceptance and making their way to more people’s food platter.

Cannabutter can be purchased from the store or can be homemade. Making Cannabutter at your home is easy and simple but needs little cautions. This cannabutter recipe will guide you through the complete process of making Cannabutter- from the Decarboxylation to the storage.

To make Cannabutter, you need the following items.

  1. 30 Grams of decarboxylated cannabis
  2. 500 ml water
  3. 450-500 grams butter
  4. Strainer or cheesecloth
  5. A large bowl
  6. Hand Grinder
  7. 1 Saucepan with a lid
  8. 1 Wooden spoon

Step 1: Decarboxylation

The first step of the cannabutter recipe is Decarboxylation. As we know the raw cannabis contains the non-intoxicating acidic cannabinoid called THCA and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), which are an inactive form of THC and CBD.

When we heat these compounds, the CBDA gets converted into CBD, and THCA gets converted into THC. These are the molecules that produce a euphoric effect on consumption. In short, heating converts the acids into active molecules.

How to Decarboxylate?

  1. Break up the cannabis flower or buds into smaller pieces.
  2. Place these cannabis pieces on an oven-safe, non-stick plate.
  3. Cover this tray with parchment to avoid sticking.
  4. Heat the cannabis for 30-40 minutes, at a temperature of 240F
  5. Keep Stirring the cannabis every 10-15 minutes.

The cannabis will look darker in color if it’s decarboxylated correctly.

Coarsely grind the decarboxylated cannabis with a hand-grinder once it gets cooled.

Step 2: Melt The Butter

The next phase of the cannabutter recipe is to melt the butter. Add the butter and water into a saucepan, slow cooker or stockpot. Keep simmering gently until the butter gets melted. Add the extra water if you notice the butter getting scorched.

Step 3: Add cannabis and simmer

Once the butter melted adequately, add the decarboxylated cannabis to the mixture. Stir the mixture well. The amount of cannabis you add to the mixture will determine the strength of the resulting product- cannabutter.

Step 4: Simmer the mixture

The next step in the cannabutter recipe is to simmer the mixture. Keep simmering the mixture for 2-3 Hours at temperature 160F-200F. Maintain the temperature below 200F. Keep stirring the mixture occasionally to make sure that the product doesn’t get burned or scorched.

Step 5: Strain the Cannabutter

Get a jar, a funnel, and some strainer. Once the Cannabutter gets cool, refine it by aligning the top of a funnel with some cheesecloth. Pour the cannabis-infused butter mixture into a container/jar. This will save the plant scraps from getting into the Jar, which ultimately helps the Cannabutter last longer.

Step 6: Store the Jar in a refrigerator

Once the Cannabutter gets strained to the Jar, keep the Jar into a fridge to let it convert into solid butter form.

Step 7: Extract the excess water

As the butter cools, the cannabis-infused butter will rise to the top and form a solid layer. Remove the excess water by cutting the solid butter with a knife and drain out the water.

The resulting Cannabutter appears very similar to the regular butter in texture as well as in taste. However, in some cases, Cannabutter will get some unique cannabis aroma and taste because of the strong plant terpenes.

Step 8: Dosage Direction

You are almost there, just a step behind using this Cannabutter for your favorite dishes and recipes. But, consuming Cannabutter in an appropriate amount is quite essential.

The potency of your homemade Cannabutter is dependent on the strength of the raw cannabis, the period you heat it, and the temperature you cook it at.

In the beginning, to ‘test’ the potency of Cannabutter, you can consume the 1/2-1/4 teaspoon cannabutter with bread, snacks, or a hamburger! See how you feel after an hour or two. Remember this dose as the baseline for your future ‘endeavors’!

Benefits and side-effects of Cannabutter

Medical research has also proven that there are many benefits to marijuana intake in various diseases and illnesses. Cannabutter becomes a more viable option as it is smoke-free and blends with many food products.

The Benefits of Consuming Cannabutter:

1) Reduce anxiety and pain
2) Relieve cancer symptoms
3) Treat various skin diseases
4) Seamless digestion
5) PMS & Menopause

Consuming Marijuana without doctor’s advice can pose some serious health consequences. It does have side effects and complications.

The Side-effects of Consuming Cannabutter:

1) The Diarrhea
2) Decrease blood pressure, feeling of anxiety, dizziness, and fainting
3) The Hallucinations

As you can see, cooking Cannabutter at home seems no difficult at all! You only need to take care of specific details such as; the cooking temperature, the cannabis amount, and the simmering period.

C’mon! Get yourself transfigured into a Masterchef and prepare this delicious Cannabutter ASAP!

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