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How to make cbd oil at home

Do you have any bias towards CBD oil? I am prejudiced unapologetically for it.

Ever since I have known CBD, I have been tagging it as the undisputed king of CBD products. Why do I say this? Here’re the few apparent reasons:

  1. It is the generic face of CBD,
  2. It shows up the maximum sales figure across the industry, and
  3. It’s an atomized product of which every other CBD product is made.

Since CBD oil has become one of the favourite CBD children in every home, we are sure you wouldn’t mind making some when the time demands.

And you never know what’s in the future, especially when difficult times like the Corona outbreak are lurking around.

So, it’s best to have a personal CBD oil recipe in your cooking arsenal.

Yeah, we know we can’t learn everything. But unprecedented problems require unprecedented solutions— because that’s when we take things literally in your hands to avoid further issues.

Before you think of CBD tincture recipes as talents beyond your abilities— let me remind you— we are up here with the most natural manuals attached with the detailed notes.

You only need intent and patience to have the best homemade CBD oil in the magic corner of your kitchen.

Trust us; we will take care of the rest.

So, without any further delay, let’s hop in the kitchen to have the purest form of CBD oil.

If not purest— at least, the form that will help you take pride in yourself.

How to make CBD oil at home

You can derive CBD oil from CBD strain in multiple ways.

But we will discuss one of the most opted recipes which produce the maximum oil output.

How to make CBD oil— Alcohol method

Hang on! Here’s to tickle your brain gently. The recipe will be a bit detailed one.

The entire process would at least take 3-4 hours. Walk into the shoes only when it fits you. Right?

So, let’s begin.


  • Pure Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Favourite CBD strain

Make sure that you have 500 ml of alcohol for every ounce of cannabis.


  • Two stainless steel steamers pots.
  • Lumber or long wooden spoon.
  • Stainless steel or aluminium cooker. Avoid non-stick cookers as they release harmful Teflon chemicals in your oil.
  • Funnels— stainless steel or plastic would do.
  • Coffee filters or cheesecloth filters.
  • Portable cooling fan.
  • Neat plastic containers such as bottles or air-tight jars.
  • Gauging cup— stainless steel.
  • Electric cup warmer.
  • Large Capacity Disposable Multiple Use Plastic Syringes.

Step-by-step guide for CBD oil recipe at home

CBD Oil Recipe

Put your darling CBD strain in the steamer pot and add Isopropyl alcohol in it.

*Before using the alcohol solvent, make sure that you’re freezing it for a day. The hair-like trichomes in CBD are hard nuts to crack if you use regular alcohol. The chilled solvent ensures easy hair-removal from the body of the strain. *

Squash the mixture with a wooden spoon or lumber. Crush it for at least 5 minutes.

*We are using wooden spoons and lumbers because we don’t want them to react or leach chemicals in the oil.*

Soak the matter in alcohol and add more until it’s properly washed. Crush and stir for another 5-10 minutes till it gets dissolved properly.

*We are doing this to make sure that our matter is free of trichomes. They are tough to remove. Trichomes have an abundance of CBD and THC. That’s why we need to have the matter separated from them for pure tincture.*

Block the lid of the pot and siphon the solvent out slowly to the other. Keep it slow and simple. Try to preserve as much cannabis matter in the first pot and solvent in the second.

*It’s okay if some marijuana matter gets transferred in the second pot. We won’t waste a percentage. We will use the residual matter later in the stage. But make sure that we have as much of the cannabis plant matter in the first pot so that we can apply it for the second wash.*

Your matter is ready for the second-round wash. Repeat the process. Immerse it in chilled alcohol solvent to let go off the remaining trichomes. Crush and stir for another ten minutes.

*The first round of quick wash isopropyl soaks 80% of the matter. Second-round wash does the remaining job. So, you don’t need to wash it further. We are done with washing here.*

Repeat the separation process. Divorce solvent from the matter and store it in another stockpot.

*If you couldn’t dilute the trichrome in the second-wash, you would need the third-wash right away. We have to soak our matter to dilute these outer-layered chemicals and get them in our solvent bucket.*

Let the solvent settle for a few minutes. Half an hour is good.

*Use leftover strain matters as compost to further your marijuana cultivation.*

Wash out the first pot slowly with a liquid like water.

*We want to clean it because we’ll be using the pot again for solvent. So, we have to get rid of particle-sized marijuana strain compost.*

Take the plastic or steel funnel and cover its mouth with cheesecloth or coffee filter. Insert the funnel in the plastic bottle or jar. Try to use smaller containers instead of using big ones. Pour the solvent of the second bucket into these bottles.

*We recommend small containers because they are more accessible to re-filter. Repeat the filtering process until you feel that all the plant matters are separated at the funnel gate. It’s convenient to use small containers when we are filtering the solvent multiple times. The plant matter in the funnel can again be used as compost for your pot agriculture.*

How do you know that you are on the right track? When the solvent gets yellow and releases a tangy smell— we are on the way to our mission.

Terpenes Weed

*Cannabis strains have terpene. Terpene brings fragrance and taste to the CBD products. Its flavours depend on the demography*

Time to get your cooker in the picture. Place it in your open backyard or area which has adequate ventilation.

*Since we are cooking alcohol solvent, we should opt for open space which is free of hazardous sparks, or anything that can ignite combustion. Moreover, alcohol is super-toxic and cooking it in the kitchen might lead to the toxication.

If you are carrying out the process in a garage or a ventilated room, you’ll need to install electric fans to prevent volatile alcohol from condensing anywhere in the space. Condensed alcohol instigates fire. So, it’s a request that you keep the place well-ventilated.*

Fill 75% of the stainless steel cooker with the solvent. Leave the remaining part.

*We want to leave some room in the cooker because filling upto the brim may boil the solvent scattering it out of the cooker, thereby posing a threat to our lives.*

Heat the cooker at the decarboxylation temperature. You may think of it as the toughest step. It’s not.

*In the decarboxylation process— we are trying to boil off the alcohol and preserve the CBD oil. Both CBD oil and alcohol are volatile. So, how do we separate them? Will boiling the solvent not diffuse off the CBD oil?

Well, here’s the catch. Our cooker pots know how to maintain the decarboxylation temperature. Isopropyl alcohol evaporates at 181 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand,— the evaporation point of cannabis oil is around 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

The key is to maintain the decarboxylation temperature a little around 215 to 230 degrees.

The pot cookers are smart enough to squash up the alcohol and prevent cannabis oil in it. You have to maintain this temperature throughout to master the process.

Avoid equipment where you don’t have any control over the temperature regulation. Example, crockpots are really hard to maintain.*

While you are busy regulating the cooker and heating the solvent, stay alarmed and see if your ventilation and fans are in proper condition.

*It’s natural to trade-off safety while cooking as we get busy with other stuff. But never let this fact get out of your conscious mind that isopropyl alcohol can condense and explode. Take every action keeping that in the head.*

When the solvent level drops in the cooker, add remaining solvent. Again, make sure that we are filling it to the brim. 75% is a good figure and try to keep that level. Stop the process when you are done with the solvent.

CBD Oil solvent in slow cooker
Image Source : https://greenrushdaily.com/guides/recipes/make-cannabis-oil-in-a-crock-pot/

*You can save time by using two or more boiling cookers. But make sure that you have a helping hand with you. The process can be intimidating and get out of control if you don’t pay close attention.*

Keep boiling the cooker until you are done with the solvent, and there’s a two-inch layer of the cannabis. Add 15-20 drops of water to steam up the residual solvent in the mixture.

*A few water droplets knock off the remaining solvent residues and make oil-free of alcohol.*

Use gloves to hold the cooker and give it a roundy-shake to boil off the last drops of alcohol.

*Being extra careful with every minute detail gives us the purest form of CBD oil.*

Turn down the temperature slowly before turning it off. Don’t turn off the setting immediately.

*It maintains the consistent texture of the oil throughout the height of cannabis oil.*

Let your cannabis oil breathe some fresh air for five minutes.

*Cool it till it’s ready for the next process.*

Pour the cannabis oil in the gauging stainless steel cup and place it on the electric stove.

*The electric cup warmer hits the final nail in the coffin. It removes all sorts of water and volatile impurities from it.* 

Warm the mixture till water bubbles cease to exist. When there’s no water bubble, you have the purest cannabis oil that should be set aside for cooling.

*Since we have used sticky pots and warmers, there will be oil residue in them. You can scoop them out with sharp objects like knives. Don’t waste a drop. Every drop matters.*

You have the final cannabis oil. Flaunt your crazy-cooking skills, Walter White. You would want to use large capacity disposable multiple-use plastic syringes to draw out the oil for your use.

Storing your CBD oil safely

The cannabis oil that we extracted is nothing less than “a Heisenberg work,” you’d get the reference if you are a Breaking Bad fan.

So, we must store the passionately-made cannabis oil safely.

Storing it in air-tight containers, and placing them away from sunlight, heat, and moisture will preserve the quality of oil for a long time.

And guess what— you wouldn’t have to get this tedious process done again. You can enjoy the medical potency of every drop you made.

Now you are good to use CBD oil for your morning pancakes, and evening desserts— office’s lunch and Sunday’s head massage. We would need an entirely new blog post on what you could do with the extract.

So, are you already into your kitchen? How to make CBD oil— Alcohol method

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