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Nothing is certain except death and taxes. Well, not entirely true! I guess Benjamin Franklin never had the pleasure to try those ornamental bands on his wrist. I’d add home-made bracelets to his legendary quote!

I mean… civilizations after civilizations, for 7,000 years, humans have been making bracelets and wearing them at least once in their lifetimes. So I’m not sure why someone as informed as him, would miss this.

You won’t believe it, but there’s certainly a divine power in our genes that push every one of us to make these hoops and flaunt them within our groups. I knew you wouldn’t believe it. Glad you didn’t! Please don’t take me too seriously with that statement… I talk stupid when I’m not done with enough sleep!

But I’m sure you must have tried making one for you and your childhood crush if not for those boring-rituals. Bracelets have been symbolic icons for love and kindness until adulthood hits you. Later in years, we wear them either for fashion or pleasing the sky-daddies.

Anyway, whatever be the reason, what’s sexier than a filled wrist? Especially when men play around these hoops with their fingers and women carry them gracefully with a smiling face. If you miss your childhood and haven’t had the luxury to make these bracelets in a long time, I’d say just get on it. Nothing is more convincing than the priceless happiness your family and kids will have with it.

For your information, you can make it right now!

The DIY bracelet is so easy you can make it right now. But it’s also quick as you only need one material from your kitchen: hemp ropes. So here will be the algorithm. You’ll go into the kitchen, follow my instruction, and voila! Your hemp bracelets are ready! Sounds quick & easy? Great!

So lemme guess. You have three reasons to make it.

  • Since you’re on this page, reading this blog post, I assume you’re already a hemp lover. So why not try it?
  • If you’re a hemp lover, chances are high you’ll have hemp ropes. So you need not go to the market to get these ropes. You can start it right away.
  • It’s your love for organic that you’ll want to make it today.

But before I get you into making these hoops for yourself, friends, and families, I’ll take a few minutes explaining hemp bracelets. I won’t take much time as I do in recipes. Brevity is the new king. God promise!

What are hemp bracelets

Hemp + bracelets = low-cost jewelry that’s made of love and compassion. Done! See. I said I wouldn’t take much of your time.

How to make hemp bracelets— hemp bracelets DIY

By the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll have learned three ways to make hemp bracelets. Macramé, spiral, and beaded hemp bracelets.

Macrame hemp bracelets

Materials you need for making macrame hemp bracelets

  • Hemp twine
  • Scissors
  • Flat surface
  • Tape
    1. Cut hemp twine into two equal lengths and make a knot.

Did you take your hemp twine? Cut it into two equal long pieces. I’d say keep it about 1.5 meters (just for the safety you don’t run short). Done? Great! Coincide the ends. Remember your maths classes? Follow the same idea of congruent objects. Fold both pieces in half and tie a knot at the fold.

We’ll be making an overhand knot for this bracelet. Well, it’s the most common knot that we make every day. Yeah, look down at your shoe; it’s the same basic knot we make while starting to tie shoes.

Hold those folded ends, yeah like you’d hold the hands of your partner, super tight! Make a loop by crossing it over the loose strand. Then repeat the cross, but this time under-side and pull the twine tight.

Please note: There’s no rocket-science and rabid-calculation for picking the size of hemp. Though applying them won’t harm you. My point is… the size of your wrist and the number of knots will decide the length of twine. If you’re an adult making solidly-knotted hemp bracelets for your wrists, twine of about 1.8m should do the trick. For kids and fewer knots, a shorter one would do.

    1. Fix one end on the flat surface with tape.

The idea of fixing it to one end will let you make further knots in the bracelet quite easily. You don’t want to be working on unstable hemp twine. So anchoring it will help you create hassle-free knots and patterns in the bracelet. Make sure you stick it tightly, so it doesn’t move and takes a firm hold. It’s an excellent way to pull the knots firmly and evenly. You’ll be able to keep it firm for a long time.

    1. Once you’ve fixed the knot, separate the strands.

Well, we have used an overhand knot on two ropes. Rights? So once you’ve separated them, you’ll find four strands of hemp. We’ll keep the two center strands together. And the remaining one strand each on both sides will be free.

    1. Make a loop with middle strands and left-strand.

I have mentioned this in the 4th step because it has significance. We’ll make a “4” shape from our strands. The left strand that you held, please cross it across our middle strands. Cross it in a way that it forms a ‘4’ shape.

Different Color Hemp Bracelet

    1. Tie the first knot

Uhh! Begin with tying the first knot. I know it’s a bit confusing, but please bear with this. We’ll be taking the strand on the right side. And then cross it over the tail end of the first strand (from the left side). Here’s the tricky part: remember the 4 we made in the last step? We’ll pull the strand over and under and put it inside the 4 loops that we just made. The knot will form a square-shaped hole. We call it a square knot. Some call it a half knot.

    1. Tighten the knot

Well, this step is essential. Tighten the knot. We’d be pulling the last strands of the knot on both sides. That will tighten the knot. Please ensure that you’re creating a leveled-pattern by even tightness.

    1. Tie a knot on the other side

Well, well! We’ll repeat the process, but this time around, it’ll be on the other side. So tie a knot on the right side the same as we did above on the left side. The knots should be shifting from leftmost to the rightmost strand to have a flat hemp bracelet, and not spiral.

    1. Keep repeating the pattern.

You’ll want to continue the pattern. Keep tying knots— back and forth. Do it as long as it reaches a point where it’s as big to wrap around your wrist. Check if it fits on your wrist. Once there, stop!

    1. Tie off the ends and flaunt your hard work.

We’re almost there. Fret not! It’s the last step for macrame. Tie off the ends. Once you reach the stopping point, go ahead with the basic knot that we discussed initially. You’d want to truncate off the extra hemp twine with the scissor. Please put it on your wrist and flaunt your genius.

Beaded hemp bracelets

Materials you need for making beaded hemp bracelets

  • Dyed hemp twine
  • Scissors
  • Flat surface
  • Tape
  • Seed beads
    1. Cut hemp twine into three equal lengths.

Deja vu? Well, this time around, we’ll be cutting out hemp twine in 3 equal strands and not 2. Unlike the last one, we’ll be keeping it 16 inches long. Both of them. It’s barely 0.4 m. Since we are braiding the strands, the length of the finished bracelet will be much smaller.

    1. Tie off one end.

Begin with tying off one end. Hold all the three strands, so their ends coincide. Tie each one of them at one end about 2 inches from one end of the twine. We’ll be using it to attach the bracelet once we’re done with our hemp hoop project.

Note that you’ll be sticking the rope to the table as we did earlier.

    1. Start braiding.

I hope you know the braiding technique because we’ll be braiding our hemp rope now. Go for the classical braid at the knot. It’s like spreading all the strands and holding the center one. Then cross the left strand over the center and then repeat it on the right strand over the same center strand. Do it continuously!

    1. Carry on with braiding.

We’d be continuing the braiding process. Hold the center, add left over right, and then right over left. Or you can do it vice-versa. Continue the process until it seems ⅓ of the bracelet size you need.

    1. Add the beads

Now we’ll beautify our hemp beaded bracelet with the much-awaited beads. Put the beads. Once you cross center with the left strand, chip-in the bead and then cross the right strand over it. Keep repeating the process. Cross the left stand, put in the bead, cross the right strand over it. Keep doing it until you’ve covered the next ⅓ portion of the bracelet.

    1. Complete your braiding

After you’ve beads till ⅓ of the needed hemp bracelet, continue regular braiding again. Keep doing it to cover the final ⅓ of the bracelet. Tie the final knot and use your scissor to truncate the remaining extra hemp twine. Maybe 5-6 cms from the knot.

Girl Wearing Hemp Bracelet on Wrist

    1. Enjoy your finished bracelet.

To add some spice into it, you can make several more bracelets and stack them to give stuffy looks to your arm. The best part is: you can use it as an anklet too!

Spiral hemp bracelets

Materials you need for making spiral hemp bracelets

  • Hemp twine
  • Scissors
  • Flat surface
  • Tape
    1. Cut hemp twine into 4 strands.

Darn! We’ll cut hemp twines into 4 strands. That’s what spiral bracelets need—four pieces of hemp to manufacture the attractive home-based bracelets. So raise your wrist. Now! Did you do it? Great. Now roll the twine thrice on your wrist. That’s 3x the length of your wrist. We’ll make two cuts of 3x length. Similarly, please do it for 5x too! Again, we need two hemp ropes 5-times the size of our wrists.

    1. Tie the strands together.

Place all the 4 pieces of hemp strand on the table so that two-shorter pieces remain in the middle part while the two-longer pieces are living on the outside. Then tie a knot on one side. Of course, where they all meet. Keep it that way! You’d want to leave some space on the knot side so that you get to tie the bracelet to your wrist when you’re done.

    1. Create a loop with the right and middle strands.

Hold the longer strand on the right. Yes, you can hold left if you hate right. Hold the right strand and fold it over the center strands so that it makes a “D” shape.

    1. Stie the first knot

So we’ll again tie the first knot. Hold the left strand now, the longer one. Cross it over the end-tail of the right. Push this strand through the D loop that we previously formed. Doing this will ensure you have a knot around the central strings. Please note that you’ll only use two hemp pieces, i.e., the outer and longer ones for tying the knot.

    1. Keep going with the pattern.

You’d want to continue the pattern. Make a loop using the right side strand only. Cross it over and under the left string through the loop. Once you’ve had a few knots, the spiral will spring out of the twine. You’ll be noticing it in your hemp bracelet. Hold and twist it back. This shall maintain it in the line as you proceed.

    1. Nail the final bracelet

So we’ll be finishing the bracelet in this step. You’d like to know when to stop. So when you see you’ve made enough spiral knots that wrap around your wrist, it’s time that you stop making it more. Tie the knot at that moment, pick up the scissor, and cut the unwanted and extra pieces out.

To further secure your hemp bracelet, you can use a variety of techniques like attaching clasps. If you don’t want to take all these complexities, you can tie the loose strands as a knot. Apple glue is another right way to avoid fraying bracelets and holding them together.

    1. Become a show-off

Usually, I don’t like to show off and have strong contempt towards show-offs, but I wouldn’t mind flaunting this bracelet. So go ahead if you also want to market your talent.

These hemp bracelets are unisex hoops.

Hemp hoops don’t discriminate. These are the coolest unisex bracelets you’ll ever have. No gender-stereotyping! Where women’s hemp bracelets = men’s hemp bracelets. I’m sure you’d love to own them.

The key takeaways— hemp bracelets

  • When you think hemp is not functional in the fashion industry, it comes up with boom boom bracelets.
  • There are endless possibilities with hemp bracelets. Things rest on how creative you’re.
  • Loop loop for hoop! They’re easy and quick to make.
  • You’re in love with it already!

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