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Hemp milk

Come on, I am fed up with the debate between radicals who believe that their “eating habits” are the best for the environment.

One group believes that “veganism” is the way to a healthy life; the “carnism” group thinks that humans are born to consume meat and dairy products.

I call them equally naive because they miss the environmental variables entirely.

The people near the north and south pole have no access to the natural vegetation— courtesy to the extreme cold.

Nature doesn’t leave any choice for them than to have meat and dairy products.

Contrary to them, the ones who are close to the equator are blessed with rich-vegetation but fewer animals for meat and dairy consumption.

Needless to mention— they ought to eat vegetables and whole grains more than animal products.

So, what philosophy is right? Veganism or Carnism?

I would call both of them wrong and both of them right at the same time— because that’s what evolution teaches us— to adapt best to the environment, best to the ethnicity.

But why am I saying all this?

Because we are going to discuss a brand new buzzing hemp recipe.

The cannamilk recipe— the one which “radical vegans” may again pick up to peddle their agenda.

I am writing the canna milk recipe for the people who really know how the environment forces humans to adapt.

I am not here to shove my radical “vegan ideas” as other marijuana/hemp-based websites do— I am strictly here as a “natural eater” who respect the call from nature.

And yeah, radical believers can choose not to read it.

What is hemp milk?

Hemp milk deserves a bit of your attention because you can call it one of the healthiest plant-based products.

With people becoming lactose intolerant and opting out of “carnism” voluntarily— hemp milk may fit as a brilliant alternative for them.

But what’s it about hemp that catches my senses the most?

It’s the “ease” with which it can be converted into hemp milk.

Infact, it is a two minutes three-steps process that gives the desirable hemp milk from hemp.

With such “ease of production,” you can always choose hemp as your go-to “morning Breezer” and “night freshener” apart from the “work booster” in the office.

How to make hemp milk?

Trust me— if Nestle can have the audacity to claim that Maggi can be made in merely two-minutes, my hemp milk recipe can surely help you champion the claim among your relatives and friends.

There are different ways of making hemp milk— but I am choosing the two simplest methods so that you come right in serving and having “quickie-milky sessions.”

  1. Hemp milk made from hemp seed hearts

Hemp Seed Hearts


      • 100g (1/2 cup) hemp seed hearts (shelled hemp seeds)
      • 500ml (2 cups) spring water


      • Blender
      • Fridge


      1. Take hemp seed hearts (shelled hemp seeds) and add it in the blender jug.

        *Hemp seed hearts have high nutritional value. Go for it if you are looking for a mild nutty flavor and of course, essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega 6.*
      2. Pour the spring water into the jug.

        *Although you can add normal water into it, spring water elevates the content of the matter in the blender. Springwater easily gets the winning loaf when it comes to providing vital nutrients. The mixture of the pure plant-based nutrient with spring water nutrient goes very well to have the purest form of milk.*
      3. Blend the mixture for at least a minute.

        *It may seem like an easier step— but it requires skills to blend the mixture in such a way that you get the perfect texture. By perfect— I mean to say— as close a texture as dairy milk. So, blend the mixture for a minute to see if it is combined properly. If it still looks concentrated and dark— keep blending until you reach the milky-point. But yes— you can choose to have a concentrated mixture too if that’s your “cup of milk.”*
      4. Pop-out hemp milk in the bottle and put it in the fridge.

        *Make sure that you do it carefully and don’t spill it. You don’t want to be charitable with hemp milk, especially with your floor and kitchen shelves. And yes— it’s not a dairy product, but still, you need to preserve it in the fridge. Hemp milk is very reactive with oxygen, and leaving it out will spoil it quickly with sour odor and off-flavor. Keep the temperature to 40 degrees F.*
      5. Take it out, serve it chilled.

        *Hemp milk tastes best chilled. However, you can always follow the conventional routes for serving the canna milk— like boiling it and making tea or coffee out of it or by only consuming it directly.*
      6. Note: The chilled milk will have hemp sediment at the bottom.

        *While it’s a very personal choice if you want to consume the hemp sediment; however, I’d recommend you to go for it as it’s very healthy. You always have a choice to strain your milk if the sediment is a big no for you.*
      1. Hemp milk made from whole hemp seed

      Organic Hemp Seed


          • 100g (1/2 cup) whole hemp seed (hulled hemp seed)
          • 500ml (2 cups) spring water


          • Blender
          • Fridge
          • Strainer


        1. Take hulled hemp seed (whole hemp seeds) and add it in the blender jug.

          *Unlike hemp seed hearts— hulled hemp seeds or the whole hemp seeds have the crunchy outer shell which we— as a society— are not habituated to have. But in case you decide to have a lot of fiber in your hemp milk— it’s the seed that you should put in the blender jar.*
        2. Repeat step 2 of the first process.
        3. Blend the mixture for at least a minute.

          *The crunchy layer of hemp is hard to blend in comparison to the seed inside. It, in turn, results in an inconsistent mixture that we might not take sportingly if we are milk lovers.*
        4. Pop-out hemp milk mixture in the container and put it in the fridge.
        5. Strain it right before serving.

          *The sedimentation of hulled hemp milk results in the sizable hulled hemp particles settling down the container. Use cheesecloth or muslin or any other filter which can divorce pure hulled hemp milk from the outer layer.*
        6. And you are ready to use the milk that has fibers, fats, and proteins. Serve it chilled to have a naturally mild-grassy flavored milk.

          * Don’t forget to give the solution a quick light shake. That’s done for taste and texture consistency.*

        Is it necessary to strain hemp milk?

        Strain Hemp Milk

        Straining is not a necessary process.

        It smoothes the overall texture of the milk, but it’s more about what your taste buds like to enjoy!

        Generally, hemp milk has a high cream content, and it’s pulverized next to 100% in the blender.

        However, if you want to serve pulp-free milk to your guests and family— it’s better that you use nut milk bags or cheesecloth before it.

        Flavored hemp milk— adding a creative flair

        Yeah, a lot many of us live for flavors— at least that’s what my tongue wants— and that stands true for hemp milk too.

        The mild nutty flavor of hemp milk might test the patience of your taste-buds, and a few shots for a week or two would get things in line.

        But if that doesn’t work— you don’t have to take it as a bitter pill; you can always add your creative flair in it.

        I personally enjoy the natural, earthy taste, but you can try out these flavors to make hemp milk enjoyable.

        Vanilla Hemp Milk

        Vanilla Hemp Milk

        • Before blending hemp seeds and water— you can add Vanilla beans in the jug and mix the content.
        • Or you can add 2 tsp of vanilla extract along with 1 tbsp of maple syrup and coconut sugar or honey and jiggle it before serving.

        Chocolate Hemp Milk

        • Before blending hemp seeds and water— you can add 1/4 cup cacao powder or unsweetened cocoa powder in the jug and then mix the content.
        • You can also add cocoa beans— dark or white— with maple syrup and honey for delectable hand-made chocolate milk.

        Matcha Hemp Milk

        Matcha Hemp Milk

        • If you are a fan of green tea— you can surely pour one heaped tbsp matcha powder. Add more flavor of 1 tbsp of maple syrup/coconut sugar/honey.
        • You can directly blend matcha seeds with dates, hemp, and water to have a good supper session.

        How long does hemp milk last?

        Like milk— hemp milk lasts for 5 to 7 days if refrigerated.

        But it tastes best when it’s served fresh in the initial two or three days.

        You can store hemp milk in a silicone ice cube tray because they are easier to remove when frozen— and as mentioned— you don’t want to leave a drop of piquant-appetizing hemp on any materialistic thing.

        Can hemp milk produce a mind-altering effect?

        Despite belonging to the marijuana family, hemp milk doesn’t have a mind-numbing effect like any other recreational cannabis product.

        Although hemp plants have more than 500 components— the presence of psychoactive elements like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (1, 2 ) is next to zero.

        That makes the plant very safe for children and pregnant women, apart from everyone.

        So, hemp quickly passes as a superstar nutrient-ladened plant with zero or next to nil side-effects.

        It has such a brilliant composition of essential fats, proteins, and fibers that even if it had to give some side-effects, I’d gladly take them up.

        Note: When we talk of hemp-based recipes— we sternly mean culinary hemp and not the hemp plant that has high THC content.

        So, what’s keeping you up on the couch? Stand up and make your milk, NOW!

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