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how to make marijuana infused skirt steak salad

The only thing better than skirt steak salad is— the skirt steak salad which induces high.

The genuinity of a flavoursome loaf of meat increases when it gets you stoned, and no price for guessing— we are going to do that in some time.

We all know that skirt steak salad has always been a favourite meat number for the food-geeks who prize their money and attention for flavour over tenderness.

As food-scientists say that fats are nothing but the essential flavour of any food, a decently-marbled and sliced skirt steak has worlds of flavour to offer— because its fatty cells are worth every drop of your drool.

The intense flavour of skirt steak is too hard to resist as its rich smell attacks our nose and eyes even before we place them on our tongues.

In an artistic sense, your eyes and nose eat these terrific beefy, juicy, and a salty little piece of non-bloody steak.

We believe that you’ve had your share of skirt steak in the past, but if you haven’t— go ahead and get a good dose of juicy munch.

Once you are done with it, we will improvise a bit by powdering and adding marijuana strain of top-notch quality on steak.

You need to add this recipe in your arsenal because of three primary reasons:

  • It will give you a refreshing start to not only your dinner, but also a night of vital protein and minerals, thereby helping you with a healthy sleep cycle and enough mental room for seizing the next day.
  • The skirt steak salad recipe will more or less behave like a doctor’s prescription as it holds the capacity to subdue chronic ailments.
  • If you love marijuana but don’t want to resort to combustible means of admission, this infused-edible will change the way you’ve been dealing with cannabis. 


cannabis infused skirt steak salad


The Cannabis-infused Skirt Steak Salad has shaped the future of many aspiring marijuana chefs because the recipe is quite easy to make and doesn’t need heavy detailing as is the case with other sophisticated marijuana-based food.

But before getting started, make sure that you are working around quality ingredients to justify the richness of the recipe—because a Lil compromise on ingredients has a cumulative effect on the overall taste of the salad.

And the most important thing to consider— don’t overload steak with heavy-marijuana dose— because that’s clearly not the way to go about in the beginning.

We want to float a lil flair of marijuana over the salad to not cause it a bundle of trouble.

You can start slow, and steadily increase the dose every time you make it— depending on your tolerance abilities.

Pardon for mindless rants which aren’t as mindless as you’d think because “everything is in detail.”

So, without further delays— let’s move forward with having a universal journey with cannabis-infused skirt steak salad— pretty much as we had with marijuana macaroni and best pot brownie recipe.

Ingredients you will need

  • Skirt steak meatloaf
  • Spices and sriracha sauce
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 2 tablespoons canna-olive oil, plus 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 bunch of basil leaves
  • 1 bunch of cilantro leaves, sturdy stems removed
  • A handful of roasted peanut.
  • 10-15 grams of bean sprouts
  • Salt and spices
  • Powdered cannabis

Skirt Steak With Marijuana Salad Recipe

  1. Place the unseared piece of steak meat on the plate and sprinkle some salt on it.

    *Salt has proved its efficacy in enhancing the texture and flavour of the steak. It pulls out the juice of steak to its surface. Also, keep a note that steak should be at room temperature because we want to spend less time in the pan and more time in cooling it.*
  2. Go ahead with adding some spices and a bit of sriracha sauce as an additive condiment for aggrandizing its flavour. Make sure that you are rubbing them on both the side of the meat cut. Use your hands to distribute the paste all over evenly.

    *Be careful with non-branded sriracha sauce as they often deflate the texture of the meat.*
  3. Don’t forget to rub on the side-faces of skirt steak, because that’s flavoured fat and we want to season and roast it.

    *We’ll be roasting the white side-fats later in the segment.*
  4. Squeeze one lime juice to your steak marinade, and repeat the process on the side-walls made up of fat.

    skirt steak salad

    *Lime juice is a tenderizing agent— a perfect ingredient for increasing the gentleness of steak. The acid in the lime seeps into the raw meat flesh and disintegrate the connective tissues.*

  5. Pick up your pan, add two tablespoons of canna-olive oil & one tablespoon of olive oil. Roll the pan before putting on the stove for perfect whisking.

    *Olive oil is great for pan-frying, and that’s what we are doing to our steak meat*
  6. Place the skirt steak in the pan.

    *The steak should make sizzling sound the moment it hits the pan. The sound is nothing but the liquid on the surface of the meat which quickly evaporating into steam. If you don’t hear that sound, get the damn steak out of the pan.*
  7. Let the steak fry on the pan for 5 minutes— two and a half minutes on both sides. Pay a little extra attention to the side faces of the steak because we want the fatty sides roasted.

    *Hold the steak with cooking forceps and heat the fats on side-faces for turning it more tender. Make sure that you are roasting the white fat properly as the colour goes dark brown.*
  8. Press the steak and see if the fingers go easy. Or if you can see the bubble on top of steak— as if the blood is popping up— remove it from the pan and place it on the plates to rest and reinstate tenderness.

    *Use all the juice residue on the pan and pour it back on the steak. It’s really important for the taste.*
  9. Cut the Basil leaves with whatever culinary knife cut method suits you. You can choose Dice or Julienne to brighten up your salad presentation.

    *Basil leaves add a new facet of flavour on skirt steak dishes as it pairs well with super-savoury beefy meat.*
  10. Give your salad a real kick with Cilantro leaves and chop them up like basil leaves.

    *Cilantro leaves typically taste citrusy to some while it may also taste soapy to some. Choose it depending on the taste you like.*
  11. Add peanuts and bean sprouts on salad leaves.

    *They add more to crispy and crunchiness along with refreshing texture to the salad.*
  12. For salad dressing, take another bowl and add lime juice, powdered-cannabis in controlled dose, a bit of salt, spices from your spice rack, olive oil, a hint of sriracha, and meat juice remnants from the steak plate.

    *Whisk the solution and tadah! Your salad dressing is ready to be used.*
  13. Cut the fried skirt steak thinly.

    *Try to go as thin as you can.*
  14. Take the salad dressing and add two to three tea-spoon of the solution on the salad leaves. Mix the salad so that the dressing gets distributed evenly on it.

    *You can also add steak juice on it to cut short any wastage.*
  15. Make a mountain of salad on a fresh plate, place fried steak around the walls of the mountain, and shower the remaining salad dressing. 

    *You can use your garnishing and presentation creativity to add value to the super-palatable cannabis-infused skirt steak salad.*

Footnote: You can regulate the dose of cannabis in steak salad, depending on the prescription. We have used cannabis twice in our recipe— once while pan-frying and second while making a salad dressing. You can limit it to one time. 

Footnote 2: The marijuana-based steak salad will only make sense if you are cooking it in a legalized area. 

We know that mouth-watery, flavorsome steak salads are hard to resist, and marijuana topping makes the resistance even harder.

However, we don’t want to place our foot on live troubles because if we are out of it, we can have it any day, elsewhere.

So, what does your steak salad look like? Tell us more about your piquant recipe.

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