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Protect Your Marijuana Plant From Thieves

Takeaway: If you plan to farm marijuana plant, the first thing to setup is the security system. It must sound insane, but yes, there have been several incidents where burglars have tried to steal marijuana crops to make a quick buck. Therefore, it’s essential to pay attention to green gold safety. Here are some tips to keep your marijuana safe.

Let’s face it: any substance that rakes in money is the target of thieves. That applies to marijuana too. Outdoor cannabis protection becomes a must if you’re planning to grow your plants in the open. Fortunately, you can keep your plants from the easy-reach of thieves. However, you will have to do so legally and keep the law from your front door.

Legalization Begat Thieves

Following the rapid growth in the rate of cannabis legalization across the world, the once forbidden plant is gaining widespread attraction. Even the police now believe that marijuana will become a major “victim” of farm thieves. That is the price the herbs and its owners have to pay for being medicinal and result-oriented. 

We now live in a world where marijuana that once suffers brutality from law enforcement agencies needs their love and protection. Whether it is out of pure envy or someone looking to make quick cash or smoke-free weed, your cannabis plants are sitting duck for would-be thieves. Unless you choose to do something about it, you will end up being the prime grower while someone else reaps the harvest and enjoy the proceeds.  The threat is real, and it’s already happening.

Fortunately, there are ways you can protect cannabis from thieves.  Below are some excellent tips you can adopt to protect your plants. Remember, these tips are designed to keep you from getting into trouble with the law while protecting your crops. 

Alright, let’s get on with it. 

Best Outdoor Cannabis Protection Tips

Do Not Announce Your Marijuana Growing Plans

Growing marijuana plansThe first rule in the school of growing marijuana is never to discuss your weed farm plans. While cannabis legalization and cultivation is spreading, discussing your growth plans are sure going to turn some heads and raise some eyebrows. 

While your latest project and lofty grow plans may attract positive discussions among friends and well-wishers, you never can tell what is in people’s mind.  Besides, someone with an ulterior motive might just be listening. You don’t even know what length that information you’re passing on can travel. Your outdoor cannabis will hardly be a victim of prime season thieves if no one knows about them. 

So keep your mouth shut and get on with your cannabis cultivation plans. 

However, if you feel the need to discuss your cultivating plans, do it only with people you trust. Confide in people that have a similar mindset. Otherwise, remain silent and allow your plants to be at peace. 

Let Your Plants Appear Discrete

You don’t visually have to let the entire world see you’re growing weed. Remember it’s for this reason you kept your lips tight. Now you have to make sure that your growing plants can hide from the prying eyes of people. 

Your secret plants will never remain discreet as long as a number of your sativa are towering high above the fence or shed. You have to keep your cannabis plants out of sight, and there are several steps you can take to achieve this. 

First, you have to top and prune your plants regularly, which is good for their health. Define the boundaries of your garden where your marijuana grows, and make sure they don’t grow beyond such boundaries. You can take the bold step of training crops early during their vegetative stages. That will keep their size in check. 

Secondly, while companion growing isn’t altogether enough to stop would-be cannabis thieves, it can assist in preventing them, if done correctly.  

Companion planting allows you to hide your weed from view. It also helps to reduce its scent.  If a section of your garden is closer to a busy pathway, use other plants to block the view. That would keep your weed plants from being noticed quickly. 

If you are using companion plants, then make sure they have the right size and compliment the right strains of your marijuana plants.

Be Your Cannabis James Bond (007)

Another great way to protect cannabis from thieves is to spend some cash on real “spy” stuff. Get some nice cameras, good lights, and alarms. Then move them into great and strategic positions within and around your grow garden. These James Bond stuffs will do the trick. 

The majority of thieves hate operating in broad daylight. They prefer sinning undercover, in the shadows of night. So when you install motion-sensitive lights, it will deter them and keep your hemp crops safe. 

Okay, but what if the would-be thief is watching your every move, and knows when you leave the house? Well, with security cameras, you can worry less about that. Even if the thief succeeds, there is a high chance of him getting caught. Cameras also serve as hard evidence you can give to the police in the event of a theft. Some security cameras give you the option of using it with a live feed. That would enable you to access your home and garden on your Smartphone while away. Most cameras come readily affordable, so you don’t need to break the bank to get good ones. 

Lastly, intruders hate to know someone saw or is seeing them violating your privacy. That is what alarms do. Setting up an alarm that is perfectly rigged to a tripwire and unto a buzzer is the worst nightmare of a cannabis thief.  The best of them are those with motion detection capability. However, you will have to spend a bit much.

Growing Cannabis—There Is No Best Friend like A Dog

Growing cannabisOne additional cost and the best protection you can offer your weed farm is buying a dog; assuming you don’t have one. You don’t have to train your beloved friend to launch a civil war attack on any intruder. Allowing him or them to roam around your garden all day is enough to guarantee outdoor cannabis protection. 

The last thing any thief wants is to confront one or two dogs, and that efficiently deters any snatch and takes off attempt. Another good advantage of having a dog or dogs around your cannabis garden is that they serve as a reliable early warning system. Even if you were sleeping inside, the barking of your dogs could alert you to a potential intruder. 

Final Thought

Keeping your cannabis safe from thieves is possible. But you will need to make some sacrifice to protect cannabis from thieves. No one wants months of hard and costly work to go down the pocket of another. So try the tips above, and you will reap the benefits of keeping your marijuana safe. Get on with it and savor the endless joy homegrown cannabis brings to the table. 


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