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Weed Storage

Takeaway: No one wants to smoke dried out weed. So, to keep your weed tasty and trippy, you need consistent storage. The quality of the weed relies on how best you are able to store it. Like did you know long storage in plastic bags leads to weed sweating? In short, it sucks as storage. To keep your and my weed fresh and safe, here’s a piece.

Are you thinking of how to store weed? If yes, good, but if not, you better start thinking. The quality of the weed you smoke will depend on how best you were able to store it. The last thing you want is smoking a dried out weed. You will see yourself coughing once those crispy plants hit your throat. So you need proper storage to make your weed stay fresh and last longer. 

Below are the steps to consider and follow.

Lifetime of Weed

If you are wondering how long does weed last, now know that marijuana can last for many years, provided all proper conditions are in place. For your cannabis to truly stand the test of life, one must not only follow the life cycle of growing it, harvesting it carefully but must also store it properly. 

If you can follow such conditions and processes judiciously, you should be enjoying your favorite weed strain 10 years from now with very little to worry about in degradation. 

Unfortunately, not everyone follows these processes with precision, and consumers are not in charge of their weed before it gets to them. So, they are not aware of its quality by the time they get it. 

Notwithstanding, you can extend the lifetime of your weed by keeping it in a cool, dark place slightly below or just precisely at room temperature. 

The lifetime of weed involves four levels. For the seeds to germinate, it takes 5-10 days. The weed plant would become a seedling from a 2-3 weeks period. Real growth (vegetative stage) starts from 3 to 16 weeks. Your weed plant starts developing flowers at the flowering stage, which will last another 8-11 weeks. 

All of the above life stages have their peculiar processes to ensure a successful harvest. But it is the style and commitment to preservation that will extend the lifetime of your weed to a decade.

Elements That Will Affect/Degrade Weed

Many things go into weed storage, and the best way to store weed is to know those things that can affect its quality and overall life shelf. 

Air, light, moisture, and temperature are some of the elements that can affect the quality of your weed.


The amount of oxygen you expose your weed to during storage can make or mar its quality and overall life shelf. If the oxygen level is too little, it can alter the humidity levels, and in turn, create mold and mildew. If the oxygen level is too much, it can accelerate the degradation process. To manage this predicament, you should vacuum seal your weed so too much, or too little oxygen will not affect it. If you don’t have a vacuum seal lying around your home, go for air-tight storage or jars that seal quickly. 


Light is the most significant factor that can degrade your weed’s quality. Just as dangerous UV rays cause the color of your car to look dull, so too can they destroy the most precious compounds in your weed plant—terpenes and cannabinoids. To avoid this, keep your marijuana in opaque weed jars away from the direct source of light. 


moldy weed

Mold is in love with humidity, so to prevent it from destroying your weed’s quality, keep the buds dry. However, make sure the buds are not too dry otherwise; it will affect the vital compounds in marijuana. Keep proper humidity levels ranging 59 and 63 RH. Humidity level controls like Integra Boost and Bovedo will come handy in such situations.  


Temperature is another element that can affect your weed quality and overall life shelf. If the temperature is high, it can evaporate terpenes and cause buds to dry. That will lead to unpleasant flavor and harsh smoke experience. The reason is that if the temperature is between 78 and 86, it causes mold and mildew to thrive. Therefore, make sure that the room temperature is below these levels during storage.

Things to Keep in Mind When Storing Weed

When storing your pot, here are things always to remember and consider.

The storage jar/containers

The weed containers you select for storing your weed matters a lot. Plastic containers can create sweating. Supposing you cannot afford vacuum sealing, go for ceramic bottles or Mason jars (glass). Their air-tight seals will keep your buds fresh and more prolonged.

weed jar containers

The weed containers you select for storing your weed matters a lot. Plastic containers can create sweating. Supposing you cannot afford vacuum sealing, go for ceramic bottles or Mason jars (glass). Their air-tight seals will keep your buds fresh and more prolonged.

Store weed separate

Store your marijuana plant far away from other flowers in your storage garden or room. Don’t put other flowers in the storage jars where your pots are if you are storing for the long term. Maintaining pipes, lighters, or such other paraphernalia could result in the stench being absorbed directly into your weed, thereby creating a not-too-pleasant experience.

Control moisture using the best materials only

Do not merely follow the advice of tossing fruits into your storage weed jars as a way of rehydrating the buds to develop flowers quality. When you do that, you stand the risk of creating too much moisture levels that your weed plants will absorb. The result will be a weed that is moldy and unpleasant to smoke.  

Best Material Container to Keep Weed Fresh

To keep your pot fresh, use these materials below.

Air-tight, Dark, Containers

Air-tight metal containers are great for keeping the flavor of your cannabis intact. While plastic versions will do for the short term, they affect the buds flower of the weed as time goes on. Again, while plastics are highly sensitive, even unto mild changes in temperature, metal tin containers do not change in temperature easily. Vinyl will also heat up in a while, which may leach harmful and odorous chemicals into your weed. But with a dark, air-tight container, you will ever have any of these challenges. Besides, dark metal also keeps your plant from UV rays effects. 

dark metal container


The best storage material for weed that will solve your problem of how to keep weed fresh is glass. Storing your plant in a glass will not only keep out the air and excessive moisture build-up but also preserve the quality of your pot. 

Due to the naturalness of glass, it is not inert or permeable. That is, nothing goes in or out of it when you store something inside of it. Whatever you put inside will remain like that until the day you decide to expose it to oxygen again.  Go for dark glasses as light ones don’t protect your plant from light damage. It doesn’t change the taste or compounds in your cannabis plant. But make sure you keep your weed in a cool place to avoid sweating inside the jar.

Marijuana Humidor

marijuana humidor

A marijuana humidor prevents your grass from getting damaged by humidity. A humidor will ensure that weed doesn’t get affected by humidity ranging 75% and above.  If you want dried bud that will last you forever, go for a cannabis humidor and aim for 50 and 65% humidity levels.  

Final thought

All of the above weed storage tips will enable you to have a better quality of weed. If you have additional weed storage tips, feel free to mention them here in the comment section below. Our community of readers would love to hear them.


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