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Illinois get its first marijuana dispensary license

Illinois was blessed with the rainbow of freedom this New Year’s Eve as the state regulator gave the nod to a stand-alone recreational marijuana dispensary in the area.

So far, the state authorities had only allowed medical marijuana dispensaries to launch co-recreational sales unit, and credibility was one of the primary reasons to barre stand-alone recreational dispensaries.

However, Rise dispensary will be the first of its particular recreational dispensary kind which will touch the needs of recreational enthusiasts from the coming new year.

Based on a statement from the state’s Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, the legal permission to rise dispensary in west subrban joilet will be a remarkable move in the history of Illinois marijuana battle.

Owned and operated by Green Thumb LLC, Rise Cannabis was long aiming to rebrand their medical services into recreational service— the idea was to target the adult marijuana users above 21, and draw a national-image of the brand.

Often regarded as a pot-veteran company, Green Thumb LLC has dispensary services pan-Illinois, and several cultivation units which stretches across various parts of the state.

The promise to get into the action by mid-November is finally taking some shape on the first day of the new year when the company has eventually gained the official status of “secondary site.”

Rise cannabis displays enthusiasm by associating itself with Lincoln as it takes pride in recreational marijuana and calls it an essential opportunity-driving tool that has the potency to challenge its team and let them further showcase the cannabis passion in the Land of the great people’s president.

The Rise is expected to garner rave reviews from the recreational-marijuana potheads as they are looking to queue up for their rightful share of the green blade on the early morning of Wednesday.

The positives of the current legal structure is that the companies with existing medical dispensary can either apply for the same site license— where they will have to facilitate recreational sales branch in the same premises, or they can apply for the secondary site— where they will have a separate, stand-alone recreational sale point.

marijuana dispensary in illinois

Keeping the fact in mind, the new year celebration became even tastier with the eight new latest round of same site licenses on Tuesday.

Justice in South Roberts Road, Windy City Cannabis Club in Homewood, Worth in South Harlem Street, Posen in Veterans Drive; Greenhouse Group of Morris; Thrive dispensaries situated in Anna and Harrisburg; and Trinity Compassionate Care Center located in Peoria are eight other new “same site licensed” dispensaries that will most probably go fully-functional on Wednesday.

Until now, the state regulators have cited “same-site” license to 35 medical marijuana dispensaries where they’re up and functional to sell recreational marijuana in their existing stores. 

As the legalization of recreational marijuana go into full-effect from 1st January 2020; more than 55 medical-owned marijuana dispensaries have already applied for the same-site license.

Moreover, the marijuana state affairs have sprinkled hint that they will grant 75 new licenses to applicants by May 1, 2020, and 110 more by Dec. 21, 2021.

Rise Cannabis promotes the responsible use of marijuana in the state as it insists thrilled-potsouls to be more informed about the use of cannabis and local laws surrounding it.

The dispensary will seek for state-issued ID or residential proof to abide by the law and ensure that the movement catches the right direction.

Marijuana law amendment bill formally allows Illinois residents to purchase 5 grams of concentrate, 30 grams of flower, and 500 mg of THC-infused edibles, and the outside visitors can’t buy more than half of these amounts.

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