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Legal to Give CBD for Pets

Takeaway: We care for our dogs as they are our children. Their discomfort is our discomfort too. Many pet owners have been looking for ways to calm and help their pets for years now. With recent legalisation of CBD pet owners around the world have got a new lease. Inflammation, Epilepsy, Spasms, Anxiety, Pain and Nausea are a few pet problems that CBD can help with. Consult your veterinarian to get the right dosage for your pet and give them a new lease of a happier life.

If you have a pet, chances are you consider him your child. You care for his every need; you want to keep him as happy as you can and in an unfortunate scenario of him falling ill, you will do everything in your power to cure him. Whether it comes in the form of medications or any other, you will not rest until your pet is healthy. If you do have a pet and you have gone through a situation where your pet was suffering from a fever or any other disease, the chances are that vets recommended using CBD to treat him.

And while you knew that CBD is legal for humans, you were not so sure about using cannabis for pets. Questions started arising in your mind like ‘Should I use cannabis for pets?’ In this article, we will go through whether it is legal for you to give CBD to your pets and what are the benefits that you can get from doing so.

A Quick Recap: What is CBD?

Before we get into whether CBD is legal for pets or not, we need to understand what CBD is. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of the 400 chemicals which are found in hemp plants. It doesn’t contain THC, the psychoactive compound which is known for making people high.

While scientists are still not completely aware of all the medical benefits it has, they are slowly finding out about some of them and how they interact with the human body. CBD interacts with receptors CB1 and CB2 which are present in the endocannabinoid system. This system is available naturally in all mammals. It is responsible for managing specific functions in your body – such as keeping your blood pressure in check and maintaining your body temperature.  

Though people have been using it to treat certain conditions, such as insomnia, anxiety, and stress, they aren’t aware of the fact that now they can also use it to manage their pet’s problems.

CBD Oil for Pets

CBD Oil for Dogs

It should be noted here that cannabis for pets doesn’t exactly cure the disease that a dog might be experiencing. It manages the symptoms that come with the disease. For example, separation anxiety is a widespread problem for dogs. As soon as they start feeling that their owner is going to leave them, they start panicking. When you give CBD to them, it will reduce their anxiety and provide them with a sense of relief.

As we have mentioned earlier that animals also have an endocannabinoid system, which means that it affects animals the same way it affects humans. While you can give the same CBD oil you use to your pets; some brands make products especially for pets. Doctors recommend that you give your pets CBD products that are specially designed for them considering they include ingredients which are suitable for pets.

Many of these products are legal throughout the United States and in a lot of other countries as well. Always remember that CBD can only be dangerous if it contains more than 0.3% THC. And since most of the CBD products contain less than this percent, you have absolutely nothing to worry.

Laws regarding CBD in the USA

After reviewing the medical benefits that come with CBD, the US has started to make big changes when it comes to cannabis and other products which are derived from cannabis like CBD. The District of Columbia and 30 other states have decided to change their laws and even chose to legalize it to some extent. Moreover, 8 of these states have completely legalized it with also allowing options to sell cannabis legally at local dispensaries for medical purposes.

Benefits of Cannabis for Dogs

Following are the seven most common benefits that cannabis for dogs has:

Dosage of CBD for Dogs

CBD Doses for Dogs

Contrary to what people might believe, more dosage doesn’t mean your dog will get better rapidly. Just like humans, dogs also have different medical conditions. Following are some of the things you need to keep in mind before selecting the right dosage for dogs:

  • Always remember to consult with your veterinarian. Make sure that cannabis for dogs produces any disturbances in your pet’s current health routine.
  • After getting permission from your vet, start with a low dosage. For instance, for every 10 lbs. of your dog’s weight, give him 1 mg of CBD. Do this once to twice a day.
  • During the first few weeks, go small. If necessary or should the need arise, increase the dosage slowly.
  • After giving him CBD, stay with your pet for several hours. You can make sure that the CBD is working while the dog will remain satisfied that you are with him considering they start to panic when they feel that their owner is about to leave them.

Before We Wrap Up

The bottom line is that yes, it is legal for you to give cannabis for dogs to your pets. Since it works in the same way it does in humans, you don’t need to worry. Pets hold an exceptional place in the owners’ hearts. Their life becomes tough to even at the slightest inconvenience concerning their pets.

While people might present you with a lot of options in treating your pets’ conditions, such as different medications, none of them will work like CBD. And now, since there are products which are specially manufactured for pets or dogs, it is very convenient for pet owners to treat their dogs without any trouble. You can use it in the form of CBD oil or CBD capsules.  One thing every pet owner should keep in mind is if they are introducing their pets to CBD, they should go easy on the dosage. Work with the vet since he knows better about your pet’s condition. Do as he says and your pet will get back to health in no time!


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