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Reddit and Youtube Influencers of Marijuana

Takeaway: A happy community is a group of like minded people who come together to celebrate their beliefs and ideas. Marijuana communities are just like that. There are alot of Marijuana communities of popular online platforms such as Reddit. Influencers all over social media platforms are increasing day by day. Youtube is one particular channel that has gained mass popularity. Marijuana being a pleasing sight to our eyes is a trending topic on youtube. People like Joe Hardecky, StrainCentral, Open Mind are sharing knowledge and gaining mass popularity. Here is our list of Marijuana communities and influencers to follow in 2019.

Most marijuana enthusiasts and marketers are always looking for the best means to enjoy and market their product. If you are one of such enthusiasts, then know that the secret to successfully market your marijuana lies with weedtubers and linking up with the cannabis community out there on Reddit.

By weedtubers, we mean cannabis influencers on YouTube.  Everyone knows how popular YouTube is as the home of many content communities. But, there is one particular community that seems to be hitting the wavelength of online attention, and that is channels specially dedicated to anything pot.

The Rise of Marijuana Influencers & Cannabis Communities

The increasing legalization of marijuana in the US and other parts of the world is one of the primary reasons why cannabis influencers and cannabis communities are gaining much attention from users and marketers of the herbs. Thanks to the medical benefits inherent in its use, plus Google’s lack of serious age restriction on access to pot videos (except for Adsense), many enthusiasts and marijuana companies are now flocking to weedtubers for information, sponsorship and branded content deals.

5 Most Popular Cannabis Influencers on Youtube

Youtube Influencers of Marijuana

Presently, here are some of the best and most popular cannabis influencers on YouTube:

  1.    Joel Hradecky

Joel is currently the most famous and sought-after cannabis influencer on YouTube. Counting more than 1.2 million subscribers on his channel, “CustomGrow420,” Joel Hradecky is such a renowned influencer that is best for your cannabis business due to its large follower base.  For instance, one of Joel’s most popular videos saw him puffing out of a 30-inch bong. The video went in to attract 2.7 million views.

Joel’s channel has reviewed and suggested more than 52 marijuana products to date.

  1.    StrainCentral

StrainCentral is another popular channel–one of the most subscribed cannabis influencer channels on YouTube. The channel which focuses on cannabis smoke sessions and reviews have done 72 product unboxings and 60 product reviews. The channel is a popular go-to channel for companies in the marijuana community, and it has done reviews and deals for famous marijuana brands. Currently, the channel has more than 375,000 subscribers.

  1.    Green House Seed Company

Do you think a company cannot become an influencer? Think again! Green House Seed Company is by far a reliable cannabis influencer in the marijuana community that has grown an audience of more than 230,000 subscribers on YouTube. It allows to wield much influence by educating people on the use of cannabis and its line of products.

  1.    Open Mind          

Open Mind is a cannabis influencer channels owned by Simon, a German. Simon educates his cannabis followers and subscribers on the impacts and effects of different drugs, including CBD. Simon is actively involved in the promotion of CBD and has been on many German television shows. Open Mind currently has more than 420,000 subscribers on YouTube.   

  1.    xCodeh

xCodeh own by Cody Miller is another favorite influencer that boasts 380,000 subscribers on YouTube. The channel focuses on educating viewers and lovers of cannabis who love to learn more about the use and positive aspects of cannabis. Cody Miller has repeatedly turned down opportunities to work with many cannabis companies because he prefers to keep in touch with his YouTube followers.

Notable Cannabis Communities On Reddit

Reddit Influencer of Marijuana

Apart from YouTube, Reddit is another exciting and profitable gathering for cannabis users and companies to meet and share ideas, learn new facts, and market their contents.

Reddit is a wildly celebrated discussion forum and news aggregator that attracts hundreds of millions of visitors every year. Reddit support and operate a broad range of online communities that covers every area of human endeavor around the world. That makes it one of the world’s most visited websites today.

Reddit Communities Of Cannabis

Communities under a different board of discussions on Reddit are also known as “Subreddits.” But there is one that is particularly interesting and flourishing, and it’s the marijuana subreddit for advocates and users of cannabis.

What Are The Best Cannabis Communities On Reddit?

While Reddit isn’t much of a difficult site for people using the internet, it can be challenging for people who are using the site for the first time to search for a marijuana community. The site expensive nature and search algorithm it’s not an easy task to accomplish. Also, finding a favorite cannabis community can take more than just doing a simple search query.

So, we decided to put together some of the best cannabis communities available on Reddit. Here they are.

5 Best Pot Communities On Reddit

  1.    r/tree

r/tree is the most popular cannabis community on Reddit. It boasts more than a million subscribers, and from all indications, it won’t stop growing. Formal Reddit moderators formed the community. The intention is to build an inclusive community where cannabis users and marketers can meet. r/tree offers excellent content on anything relating to cannabis. “Ents” is the name members of the community used in identifying themselves, and most discussions appear to favor use and sale of cannabis.

  1.    r/marijuana

r/marijuana may not be the most popular of the cannabis communities on Reddit, but it’s sure a good place for a beginner who is looking for a cannabis community. The subscriber base is just around 100,000. The community is an educational hub that focuses on information exchange, advocacy, policy, and discussion.

  1.    r/glassheads

For anything borosilicate, r/glassheads is the place to be. The community showcases the best in nonfunctional and functional glassblowing. It is a perfect place for enthusiasts and collectors. The community display photos of different pipes in all types of sizes and shapes, from little spoons to the tabletop giant to dab rings.

  1.    r/microgrowery

Never let the name look restrictive to you. Microgrowery is one of the largest and popular cannabis communities for cultivators on Reddit. Yes, Reddit has a lot more grower forums, but none of them compares to the sheer size of Microgrowery. With more than 80,000 subscribers, this community is the place to be if you are interested in horticultural activities.

Discussion on the forum focuses on growing methodology, harvest photos and photo-shooting tips, and more.

  1.    r/dabs

If you love dabbing, this community is for you. It is a nice place for more knowledge of marijuana extracts and concentrates. It is a forum to get proper information about the form and style of dabbing, about products and methods, or say you are in search of which oil to buy; this is an excellent place to start.

Why Use Cannabis Influencers & Reddit Cannabis Community?

You would definitely be wrong if you think that Reddit marijuana communities are just for mere discuss, or that YouTube Channels only upload videos of users smoking pot. There is more to using subreddits and cannabis influencers than meets the eye.

These two platforms do a lot more in educating subscribers and followers about the different types of marijuana, their effects on the mind and body. They also allow you to have access to the exhaustive guide on current modes of consumption, including providing answers to practical questions. Above all, marijuana forums and cannabis influencers offer a reliable marketplace for sellers and cultivators of weed. That is why you need them. So get on with it.

Final Thought

Reddit communities for cannabis and marijuana influencers on YouTube go beyond helping to shape weed songs/artists viewpoint. These platforms serve as excellent educational and interactive sources for people and companies that use and sell marijuana to enhance their knowledge and market base of the product. Depending on your intent, there is much to benefit from joining up with either platform.


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