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Thailand legalise marijuana

Grow cannabis in your house that is legal, and you might even receive money from the government in exchange for the harvest – sounds too good to be true, right? Well, citizens of Thailand might soon be getting the advantage of this law. 

Now, the United States government might be staggering behind in the area of marijuana legalization but not the Thai Government. Thailand’s government is making efforts toward medical marijuana legalization. This law would allow Thailand citizens to grow and cultivate six cannabis plants in their own homes and sell the produce to the government. The government will collect the harvest from citizens and turn it into medical marijuana. 

legalization process of marijuana in thailand

In July 2019, Anutin Charnvirakul took the office of Dept. Prime Minister of Thailand. Additionally, he is also the Minister of Public Health. The Dept. Prime Minister made a statement in September, “In the near future, families will be able to plant cannabis trees in their back gardens like any other herb.” And last Wednesday in Bangkok, he said, “We are in the process of changing laws to allow the medical use of marijuana freely.” He further added, “We have high confidence that marijuana will be among the major agricultural products for Thai households. We are speeding up the law changes. But there is a process to it.” 

This law is not a sudden thing, it is a part of a promise that Anutin made during his campaign. He promised to his voters that if he were elected, he would look after their economic advancement. Considering the sale of each cannabis plant would cost around $2,225, each Thai household could earn $13,350. Obviously, not every cannabis plant that is grown would be medical-grade cannabis. And a few plants cultivation experts have cautioned the Thai citizens to not get too excited and hopeful about this law. 

Last year, Thailand legalized the use of medical marijuana, the first nation in Southeast Asia to do so! To add to the medical marijuana progress, Thailand has built the biggest, industrial-size medical marijuana facility in the whole of Southeast Asia. By executing such laws and taking such huge progressive steps, Thailand has stepped up its game in the Asian cannabis market.  

In September 2019, the researchers at Maejo University (Public university in Mae Cho, Thailand) sowed approximately 12,000 marijuana seeds in Chiang Mai city, which is in Northern Thailand. This plantation effort supervised by the government. Even the seeds that were planted by the researchers were provided by Thailand’s department of medical service. According to the officials at the departments, the seedlings are expected to grow within the next 6 months. 

Maejo University designed a cannabis strain which offers 1:1 ratio of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). Anutin has stated that “The university will be a centre where ordinary people can learn how to plant and grow good quality cannabis. Cannabis is not an issue of politics; it is a product that can benefit people’s health”.

Thailand has really set an example not only for the western countries but also for the whole world. They are proving that legalization of medical marijuana is possible with the help of adequate procedures and proficient laws.


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