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The weekend in St. Louis County observed a big thing with happy faces: A dispensary that was permitted to sell legal weed started selling it last week. The set-up will prevent patients from going to Illinois to buy medical marijuana as hopping on Manchester would do the trick.

N’Bliss (1266 Old Orchard Center, Manchester; 314-627-2499) dispensary became the first medical cannabis set-up to serve marijuana-prescribed patients in Missouri, and not just Missouri.

The counter started at 9 am on Saturday, and the dispensary saw two-huge lines out the door. The first-day first-batch of orders reported three hours of waiting time, but that seemed a trailer. The last stretch of wait may even last for five hours in future.

Adult and recreational-use marijuana are illegal in Missouri. Medical marijuana is legal in meeting certain conditions. Patients with qualifying conditions can legally procure the herb in the state.

The three-hour queue was still a peanut stretch of what has been a very long wait to have medical marijuana for neutralizing ailments in Missouri. The law has been letting patients buy legal, medical cannabis since last summer. Still, the lack of dispensaries in the eastern-central portion of Missouri has kept these patients from reaping the benefits of legalization.

The county legalized medical marijuana under one condition a year and a half ago. Every recommendation had to be made by state-licensed physicians and dispensaries. N’Bliss, the licensed dispensary, made its first cash register ringing with a cancer survivor and a nurse, who happened to be his wife.

The fully-functional dispensaries will have contributed to Missouri in more than one way. Apart from the medical benefits, the dispensaries will be adding to the county treasury through tax collected. 

Early this year, Illinois, which shares the border with Missouri and has less cannabis regulation went through a massive spike in community service treasure. The Missouri-neighbor that allows recreational marijuana has collected $75 million in the first two months of weed legalization.

The only two spots in Missouri to currently sell THC products are The Manchester-based N’Bliss in Manchester and Ellisville (15396 Manchester Road, Ellisville; 314-627-2699). The company states in its official launch announcement that it currently has unprocessed flow, but will add a full complement of a THC product in the coming future.

Both the locations carry CBD at their stores, though, a consumer need not carry marijuana ID card for purchasing CBD-infused products.

Missouri is expected to host new dispensary set-ups this week to reach the maximum possible patients looking for medical relief. Currently, only N’Bliss makes the stock. The first dispensary of the pack has put a buying limit to one ounce of “herb” per patient, and the store is yet to come up with THC products such as edibles.

Going by the trend, N’Bliss lets relief-seekers shop and reserve their selections online, and then come by for pack and pick service. You can hit the online store to order your recommended CBD products.

To make your long stretch wait worth every second, visit nblisscannabis.com and answer all your medical marijuana hunger at one go.

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