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Ethereal Agency for Cannabis Brand

The legalization of cannabis has opened up a lot of avenues for businesses in the US. Seeing the future demand of the flower and predicting its success, many business tycoons and celebrities have migrated to the marijuana industry.

Following the trend, four leading creative professionals launched Ethereal, a creative agency that focuses on luxury cannabis products.

With a collective CV that showcases work for top brands like Mercedes Benz, Adidas, BMW Motorrad, Burberry, Fortune, Dior, FILA, Starwood Resorts, Richemont, etc., the founders have pooled in tremendous experience and resources to provide top-notch services to the cannabis luxury brands.

The Los-Angeles based creative agency is founded by a team of four. John Mamus, the founder of a high-end creative agency, MAMUS, award-winning photographer and videographer, Pablo Aguilar, who has created legendary images for Adidas, Fila, Vibe, Sports Illustrated, writer and creative director, Tod Brilliant, who has developed projects for Microsoft, Samsung, Converse, and others, and managing director, Masako Di Dio, with his branding and leadership experience at Maison Dior and Burberry.

The group has also worked with global pharmaceutical brands like Novartis, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, and Innocoll, that has gained them immense regulatory insight.

Ethereal has already signed on clients like House of Saka, Van Doran, Seven Vices, Asha, Major Flower, TSO Sonoma, D’Fleur, and Klaus. The agency is focusing on making a name for its clients in the luxury cannabis products niche.

In a press release, the agency wrote that Ethereal aims at bridging “the gap between tradition and innovation by marrying emerging technologies and strategic intelligence with all the traditional trappings of branding like visual positioning, brand strategy, and public relations.”

John Mamus, one of the founders, said, “The cannabis industry is growing at light-speed, but it has yet to firmly establish itself in the luxury marketplace. The opportunity is massive, and we have the passion and experience to help the most forward-thinking brands take full advantage.”

In challenging times like these, a number of agencies and companies are struggling to stay afloat. But, with extensive experience and capability, the founders have managed to launch the agency amidst the pandemic.

According to John Mamus, “MAMUS has perfected the virtual agency environment… working this way with creatives in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, South Africa, Lithuania, Italy, Ukraine… basically the world over.”

So, the trend of remote working is not new to the agency and has helped the founders take advantage of their skill and years of experience.

The executive team of Ethereal has an international network of creative professionals that have decades of experience working in the virtual space, which helps the company work remotely and serve clients irrespective of their location.

In Mamus’ words, “ETHEREAL is nimble and purpose-built for creative excellence, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. We are able to work with the best talent, keep client fees very sharp – and focus on the best creative that is possible.”

The founders have also pledged to donate a portion of its revenue to Doctors Without Borders.

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