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Marijuana Cake With Green Candle

What’s your relationship status with cake?


Great! Don’t know about romantic birds. But Dianna Hardy’s quote stands most meaningful with the omnipresent event-delicacy. Want to have proof?

Walk down the street and ask people about their status with the best dessert. 97% of them would have the same view. But we’re not concerned with 97% of people who consider cakes as sacred. Of course, for them— the cakes are like holy water in Churches— they would travel any length to have the last bite of the pie.

But we’re concerned with those 3%— the resentful ones— the ones with not so good a taste bud.

If you’re one of them, ask yourself, aren’t you missing ‘god’s favorite confectionery sent straight to your kitchen from heaven’s delicatessen?’

Afterall, who would miss on cakes? Shouldn’t you be charged for felony or misdemeanor?

But guess what? We won’t arrest you for minor wrongdoing! Instead, we’d allow you to undo the misdeed with marijuana cake. Yes, marijuana cake!

We’re giving you the reason to love cakes— and what’s better than stirring up the air of weed in the palatable brilliance of cake?

Want to say ‘no more’ to cakes? Go ahead! Want to say ‘no more’ to weed cakes? Better watch your act.

Marijuana cake doesn’t have to get you stoned.

You can have your share of vitamins, minerals, & fiber with it. You may have all sorts of antioxidants you may want. Furthermore, you can say goodbye to your pain and inflammation!

Chocolate Weed Cake PiscesBut no more weed cakes would mean no more organic way to combat nausea and pain. The worst you’ll miss is the terrific blend of sugar and weed that act together in response to your stress and anxiety.

The fact that cannabis cake is a safe alternative to smoking taps the crave-receptors. There’s an instant crave-appeal. Suppressing it could be the greatest sin! And you wouldn’t want to have it committed. Right?

So, let’s make marijuana cake at home and appease the dessert-skydaddy.

What do we have in our culinary expertise this time? The dad of all flavors— Marijuana chocolate cake!

Yes! You heard it right. Why make any flavor when chocolates exist? It’s safe. Majority of the people love it. It alerts the brain. Also, democratically voted the best flavor in the world (sorry Vanilla lovers).

How many reasons do you need to make your guests and relatives pass their tongues across their fingers and spoon? Here’s how we are getting our scrumpy marijuana chocolate cake ready.

Pre-preparing weed for Marijuana cake— decarboxylate the pot before clinging to any weed cake recipe.

You might want to sprinkle raw marijuana strain on your cake. Unfortunately, weed doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t kick into your body until you have flattered it left, right, and center.

It works best when you decarboxylate it. If you miss this step, having a non-decarboxylated weed cake is as good as having a cake. No weed effect at all. Moreover, accompanied by bad taste and fragrance.

One standard way to request marijuana to show its effect is by preheating it at a specific temperature. Usually, raw cannabis has acidic THC (THCv), which only activates when you apply heat. The idea is to trigger THCv and get THC— the psychotropic element out for our use.

Make sure you do it before the weed cake recipe. Otherwise, our marijuana cake is making no sense.

Ingredients and equipment for marijuana chocolate cake— things that you need to carry on the DIY weed cake recipe

As always, we’ll begin by gathering all the necessary ingredients for our cannabis cake recipe.


  • Marijuana butter— either make it yourself or get the readymade bar.
  • 225 grams of white sugar
  • 100 grams of brown sugar
  • Two eggs
  • 280 grams of flour
  • 100 grams of chocolate (dark or white, depending on your taste bud)
  • One packet of yeast
  • ½ tablespoon salt
  • Two tablespoons of carrier oil. Olive or hemp oil


  • Whisk
  • Oven
  • Grinder/Marijuana grinder
  • Casserole
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Baking Tray

Recipe— How to make weed cake— step by step guide

Step #1: Decide what you want. Readymade marijuana butter bar or DIY marijuana butter?

*Jump to step 4th if you have a ready marijuana butter bar. Follow the instruction if you’re making the hemp butter at home.*

Step #2: Grind your marijuana strain using a grinder. Try the process with marijuana grinder. Go for other grinding tools if you don’t have marijuana grinder. We ultimately want to break-down marijuana into fine particles so that they mix well with cake and go unnoticed when we have the cake.

*No grinders at home? You can still grind it with a coffee grinder. Knife and chopping board or cheese grater shall do the trick too.*

Step #3: Put the grinded marijuana in a deep casserole pan. Pour butter on it. Heat the mixture for two hours and stir it every 15-20 minutes. We want to distribute kif across the butter evenly.

*Heat at low temperature. Cook the butter gently, stirring it occasionally. Try maintaining a temperature of between 200° and 250°F. You might have to consider adding water into it if the temperature goes beyond 250 to prevent butter scorching.*

Man Making Cannabis Cake Adding Different IngredientsStep #4: Wait for the top layer of butter to turn glossy and thick. If it does, your cannabutter is ready. Take out the mixture from the casserole and pour it in a mixing bowl. Add the eggs into it.

*We add eggs to give structure and stability to the batter. Wonder how tall cakes stand so well without crumbling? Eggs play glue or glaze! You can use ripe banana, vinegar, or baking soda to structurize your cake if the egg is not your thing.*

Step #5: Add flour, sugar, and olive oil in the same mixture. Stir the mixture, so you have a nice textured-batter.

*To add more to your cake’s strength, add flour. The proteins in flour work around each other and result in gluten. This gluten forms an elastic structure that helps your cake with foundational strength.*

Step #6: Put the entire packet of yeast in the mixture. Let it serve as a leavening agent.

*We add yeast because we want our cakes to be softer and lighter. And more importantly, cakes taste best when they rise and expand. If you’ve had cakes with lighter texture and tender crumbs— it’s the magic of yeast.*

Step #7: Sprinkle the salt in the mixture. Make sure that the salty flavor is not perceptible. We have to add it enough to enhance the flavor, and not enough to spoil the taste.

*Salt enhances the complexity of cake’s flavor and adds a lot of taste depth when all the ingredients meld. Wondering why you don’t discover sugar rush every time you have a cake? Salt balances the sweetness of cake.*

Step #8: Melt the chocolate in the microwave oven or heated bath like bain-marie. Melt it slowly. Step-by-step. Melt it depending on the kind of viscosity you’re looking for.

*Place the chocolate in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds. Take the bowl out. Give it a whisk. Place it again for another 30 seconds. Repeat the process until you’ve achieved the desired thickness of the chocolate.*

Step #9: Add the chocolate in the previous mixture. Whisk it till you have got a gentle smooth batter ready.

*The whisking process should take 2 to 5 minutes. The ballpark idea of mixing time shall prepare the batter we need to bake in over.*

Step #10: Hope you enjoyed the batter-blending adventure. Now we will preheat the oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees celsius.

*It’s the most common temperature. However, not all cakes are equal. Some cakes are baked at lower temperatures. You got to improvise according to the recipe. For our recipe, 180 is the ideal thermostat temperature.*

Step #11: Grab your baking tray. Place a baking sheet on it.

*We don’t want to be leaving any ounce of our cake batter on the baking tray. Don’t be generous for cakes. It’s good to be selfish and not to lose any part of your cake to the baking tray. The baking paper provides a non-stick surface, so you get to enjoy the last crumb you have.*

Step #12: Once you’re ready, put the tray in the oven for 45 to 50 minutes. Make sure that you control the curious rat in you. Don’t open it before we hit the 45th minute.

*It’s tempting to open the oven when we have weed cake in it. But it’s the last mistake on earth you’d want to do as a chef. The ever-fluctuating temperature could destroy the structure of the cake, and it may collapse.*

Step #13: Check if your cake is done. It’s tricky to check if you have successfully baked the cake. Apply the grandma’s trick to see if you have got the final marijuana cake ready.

*Use a cake tester to see if the cake comes out clean. Didn’t get it? No, we are not talking about some testing tool. A toothpick is enough. Insert it in the center of the cake. If it comes out clean without any batter layer, time to switch off the oven. Extend the process for 10 minutes if the toothpick comes out dirty.*

Step #14: Enjoy the best cake of your life! The grandiosity and royalty brought upon by marijuana chocolate cake is unmatched.

Don’t get impatient with your creation. Respect marijuana cake’s potency!

Getting impatient with Marijuana cake is a standard norm. Who wouldn’t want to gulp the entire piece in a snap of a finger? But we’d recommend you to go slow with the cannabis cake.

Take one of the slices of the cake and wait for its effect. Repeat the same with everyone in your family! Wait for it to have an impact on you. Jot down the time. We want to know about marijuana’s peak performance. It can come after an hour or even 20 minutes.

Cannabis Infused Chocolate Cup CakeSee how you & your family members feel. Don’t get impatient for taking another bite! Marijuana overdosing will blunt the purpose of the cake. Stay in your head. Observe its effect like a scientist. And then move ahead with another snap!

Key takeaways of the marijuana cake recipe

  • Marijuana cake doesn’t get you stoned if taken correctly.
  • Preheat the oven depending on the recipe. Overheating can crack the cake. Underheating can collapse the cake.
  • The authenticity and the quality of the cake, depending on your creative competence. You can experiment with walnuts, dry fruits, and a hint of vanilla.
  • Use quality ingredients to maintain the standard of cake.
  • Decarboxylate weed before adding it to the cake batter.
  • Regulate the cake dose depending on body type. Not all bodies react equally to marijuana recipes.
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