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How to make weed candy

Candies, lollies, or gummies— we love them right from our childhood. I sometimes feel that loving them is embodied in our taste buds, and we are biologically programmed to say, “yeah, hand me more— hand me all.”

Who knows— there could be a biological origin to it?

Maybe, our ancestors ate so much sugar that we have it in us— inbuilt, i.e., the craving to have endless confectionaries.

Oh! Pardon! I don’t want to bore you with biology— just a perk of reading too much evolutionary philosophy. :p

But you get the point.

If you love candies— there’s no way you would refuse weed edibles— not when you are a cannabis lover and want to get the job done for the day.

Or would you? Nah! I don’t think so.

The only reason I mentioned about the evolution part was— both sugar and marijuana induce the euphoric response in the body— both release the “feel good” dopamine in the system— and we all like to “get hooked” to them.

That’s when I thought of blending these two ultimate mind-hookers to produce a marijuana candy recipe that’s designed for manufacturing the seventh heaven right on your couch!

The great thing about my weed candy recipe is that you can personalize it to what suits your requirements.

One of the fascinating facts regarding marijuana candies is that in Ohio, marijuana edibles must not be packaged in a way that is appealing to minors, it is prohibited.

However, when opened, the product might resemble real gummy.

The presence of these look-alike goods in the house raises the possibility of children or adults under age being exposed to marijuana inadvertently.

It’s not a stringent recipe that you can’t shake in your creative mind. You will get full marks for your creativity— try it on.

Flavor— sizes— shapes— marijuana strain— cooking style— garnishing— and hundreds of combinations— there are plenty of ways by which you can try it at the comfort of your own home— all you have to do is— keep your willingness and courage up in the kitchen.

*They say that the most courage and experiments come out of the kitchen.* They rightly say!

So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s just crusade towards building one of the best cannabis candies recipes we have around, and shell-shock everyone around with our creative influence.

Prerequisites Before Making Candy From Weed

Since we are looking to get easy cannabis candies in our candy baskets— we must read everything about making weed lollipops and what we need to make them.

You will need a few items to make cannabis candy recipe run successfully.

Before we start battling out with making candy— let’s consider the three most important things.

  1. Choosing a Strain

    Choosing a marijuana strain becomes far more necessary when you are running in an experiment in your kitchen.

    As marijuana lollipops are eaten by kids and the elderly — make sure that the strain you pick has the required flavors, holds essential medicinal properties, and most crucial of all— it shouldn’t have too much THC, i.e it should be proportionate according to medical standards.

    Fix on to the strain which fits your requirement.

  2. Weed Decarboxylation

    Whatever your strain quality is— ensure that you are decarboxylating it.

    You might not know the funda of weed decarboxylation. Here’s the mandatory process that you need to do without fail.

    Raw cannabis or dried-weed strain is not psychoactive.

    Let’s say you gulped down a piece of raw cannabis without heating it. Your marijuana session is most likely to fail because the dried-up pot has acidic THC content. It doesn’t activate until you apply heat.

    Raw cannabis has decarboxylated THCa, which is a precursor to THC.

    Since we are making weed edibles such as candies— we won’t smoke or vaporize them. Hence, you must get a grip of THC before you cook and consume it.

    Finally, we are answering how to make THC Or CBD candy..

  3. Making Cannabutter

    Our weed edibles recipe is incomplete without cannabis butter.

    Cannabutter is an excellent alternative for butter. Fortunately, we have a simple recipe already there for you.

  4. Go through our web recipe book to get more details.

Pot Candy Ingredients

      • 1 Cup Natural Sugar (Use organic for a healthier option)
      • 1/4 Cup Filtered Water
      • 1 teaspoon Butter (We use cannabis butter)
      • 2 – 3 Tablespoons Cannabis Tincture
      • 1 – 4 Drops Food Colouring (Pick the colors that attract you the most)
      • 1/2 Cup Corn Syrup (Again, use organic Corn Syrup if that suits your dietary lifestyle)
      • 1 tablespoon Citrus Flavoring (Go for any flavor you like)


      • Candy Thermometer
      • Candy Wrappers
      • Candy Molds
      • Saucepan

How To Make Weed Candy? The Unrivaled CBD Candy Recipe!

Marijuana Candy Recipe

      • We will start by greasing the saucepan with a spoon of butter in our hands. For harder hits— and making candies further stronger— use cannabis butter.

        *We grease saucepans as a part of mise en place. This means preparing the dishes and ingredients that we need just before we finally start to cook. Greasing the pan with cannabis butter ensures that our CBD candy mixture gets the right texture of cannabis from the start.*
      • Then we will spatter the saucepan by adding plain sugar (or powdered sugar), light corn syrup, and filtered water.

        *You already know that we add sugar to test the sweet spot of our tongue. Similarly, we add mildly sweet corn syrup or honey for offering the sweetness and required moisture to the recipe. Corn syrup also prevents sugar from over-crystallizing and ruining the candy mixture. We’ll use it to induce a smooth texture for our CBD edibles.*
      • Then we will heat the mixture at medium temperature and whisk it until the sugar gets dissolved in the blend.

        *We stir sugar because we want its molecules to spread evenly through the mixture we have made. You can say that we did it for taste-consistency.*
      • Once we have dissolved the sugar, we will add a few drops of food coloring now.

        *We can add multiple food colors to add variety to our cannabis candies.*
      • We will heat the mixture at a high temperature now. While the mixture boils— we will insert the candy thermometer into the solution. It’s to make sure that we are heating and melting it at 300 F.

        Weed Lollipop, weed hard candy, and brittle candy should be heated at 300 to 310 degrees Fahrenheit. Low temperature would make it a soft crack like taffy, and high temperature will caramelize the liquid.*
      • Once the candy thermometer reads 300 F— get your saucepan away from heat and allow the temperature to mellow down to 223 to 235 F. Check it with a thermometer. It’s a perfect temperature stage for making CBD candied fruits.

        *By letting our mixture of cannabis candy cool down, we are making sure that our candy syrup reaches the thread stage. If you don’t have a candy thermometer— you can determine the temperature of the thread stage by taking the candy mixture on the spoon and allowing it to fall. If it drips from the spoon and forms a string or thread— then we are there.*
      • For firmer candy balls, we will mix cannabis tincture and citrus flavor in the candy at a little higher temperature, i.e., at 245 to 250 F. Mix it well Similarly, for even harder weed edibles— maintain the temperature between 250 to 265 F.

        *Weed gummies are incomplete without weed tincture. It’s a potent cannabis extract that is infused in several edibles, sweets, and tasty candies for maximizing the mouth-savory flavour and building a strong candy profile.*
      • Now we will flood our candy molds with the mixtures we have prepared.

        *We can use any candy molds of our choice. Gummy bears candy molds or starfish candy molds have been quite famous for
        THC and CBD candies.*
      • Then we will pour the mixture to cool down in the candy molds or baking sheet.

        *We will let it sit and harden for at least 30 minutes. That’s the minimum drying time for this particular weed confectionery. We will get even better results if we wait and let it dry for 60 or so minutes.*
      • Now we will use aluminum or parchment paper for the sake of preserving our cannabis hard candy. For additional safety— put them in the mason air-tight jar.

        *Aluminium or parchment paper protects the weed candy from sunlight and heat. They ensure that the candy flavor and portfolio get preserved.*

Calculate Your Edible Potency

If you are a novice weed-consumer— it’s obvious that you won’t have a tinkle idea about your edible influence.

You could eat hundreds of these marijuana candies balls and not the righteous hit, or you could just have one— and you are done for the day.

So, we recommend you know about your edible potency so that you can use the correct dose of THC in the cannabis butter and the right level of cannabis tincture in the mixture.

Again, your expertise will be examined based on the evenness of THC distribution in all the edibles.

That’s why don’t get bored of stirring— it’s the best you could do if you really want all the candies to produce equivalent psychotropic effects.

Postscript: Regulating the dose of marijuana is entirely under your control. In the current recipe— we have used weed variants in two different processes— one while greasing the saucepan via butter and the other while adding cannabis tinctures. For a lesser harsher and moderate hit— you can skip the first process.

Postscript 2: In the second process, we are assuming that our candy recipe will only be tried and tested in legal areas. If marijuana is not legal to keep— we empathize with you; however, we press our readers that they should withdraw risking their lives because of their irresistible desire. We understand that bright, mouth-watery weed candies are hard to avoid— but that’s the best we could do under the current marijuana laws.

So, what are you tossing in your mouth for time-pass today? An orange-colored gummy bear or a dazzling-reddish starfish?


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