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Fetus Hates Cannabis

Takeaway: Using marijuana for recreation use is all fun and games until it affects someone severely, especially for life. Smoking pot while being pregnant can cause adverse effects towards your baby that can last for long term. Seeking rehab or therapy until the baby is ready to wean off is one of the smart choices you can make. If you are planning to bring a baby into this beautiful and crazy world and if you consume cannabis regularly, this article informs you about the precautions you should bear during the whole process.

After an 18 month long-service in Syria, Mary and her serving husband decided to have a baby.

By the time her husband tried to bring peace in the heart of the middle-east; Mary had made peace with her anxiety by snorting, dabbing, and inhaling marijuana.

She would go onto puffing ten marijuana joints in a day, and that brought some positive changes in her body health.

“My inner-self feels beautiful when I take-in the psychoactive hit in the body. Every problem seems to disappear in a jiffy of a moment. I wake up energetic every day. The euphoric experience is nothing but the cheapest version of universe travel,” says Mary.

As planned, the couples were going to parent their first child in the next 36 weeks;

As much as she loved her tummy-pout, she acknowledged that she might have to get past her pot-sucky-habit.

“I have heard that marijuana could affect our child. We might lose parental rights if our baby steps out with deformities,” says the husband.

Mary had to choose between the two— to stick with her lifestyle or to give her baby a healthful lifestyle.

And amidst the deadlock between choosing her health and child’s health, she aged quickly in stress.

Could you be next Mary?

You can be Mary of your family if you have been inhaling THC-ladened marijuana during pregnancy for finding escape portal against the morning sickness and anxiety.

THC— tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the primary psychoactive elements of cannabis which sends you to the psychedelic-trip with its impactful-actions in the brain.

Since it is steadily being accepted in the federal structure of America— courtesy to its therapeutic potencies— you might want to give it a try.

And you are not the only one.

70% of women in the United States believe that cannabis doesn’t harm during pregnancy. [a]

But before you pin your faith on medical marijuana, ask yourself some mandatory questions:

  1. Am I pregnant or willing to take up motherhood?
  2. What will be the impact of marijuana use in my pregnancy?
  3. Can marijuana pass the problems to my baby after delivery?
  4. What role does it play while breastfeeding?

Figuring out answers to these questions can help you make wiser-decision which is necessary when you bear a new life in your pouch.

Let me cover all these queries for a healthy and uncomplicated delivery.

Am I pregnant or willing to take up motherhood?

Am I pregnant

Your first task is to find if you are pregnant or willing to celebrate motherhood.

If you aren’t pregnant and want to enjoy motherhood, keep marijuana at arm’s length.

Cannabis-use pre-pregnancy may prove detrimental for your sex life.

  • It may disturb your menstruation cycle by lowering down the ovulation level. [1]
  • It may terminate the pregnancy by subduing the progesterone hormone. It, in turn, may suppress the ovarian production mandatory for maintaining and supporting pregnancy. [2]

The hitting-truth is— even if your partner is a monopolized smoker— that may affect your baby.

  • THC in his body may upset his sperm quality and fertility. He may be shooting blank guns while you two live in a false-hope of parenthood period. [3]

The even-worse truth is— your marijuana habit might also disqualify the semen in the oviduct.

  • Your reproduction fluid may have traces of these drugs. THC may come in contact with sperm cells, resulting in their death before they reach the egg. [4]

What will be the impact of marijuana use in my pregnancy?

It’s the most critical question for you to find.

Marijuana and pregnancy don’t go well together.

The amount of marijuana you snort is directly proportional to the counterproductivity of your child.

It means that the more you admit it, the higher are the probabilities that your fetus may have development issues.

To what is food-pipe for you, the umbilical cord is for your baby in the fetus.

It passes the food and required oxygen for the baby’s development.

Smoking marijuana may pass THC through this umbilical channel to the brain of the baby, which may give rise to health conditions, including severe issues like:

  • Premature birth

It’s the condition when your body propels out the baby earlier than the expected delivery date.

Usually, your water should break at 37th to 40th week, and anything earlier than that is a sign of a premature baby. [5]

  • Abnormal growth rate

Also known as fetal growth restriction— getting high on a substance may decrease the growth of your fetus and baby during and after pregnancy, respectively.

The dampened growth rate may induce risks like low weight, small head circumference, and body.

The cutoff birth weight for your baby to be not to be associated with FGR is 2500 grams or 5 pounds. [6]

  • Neurodevelopmental consequences

Pink Floyd was wrong. The grass isn’t always greener.

Unbridled THC intake may damage the neural tube during the first month of your pregnancy.

It’s the tube which evolves into the brain and nerves.

Some of the anecdotes prove that marijuana may invoke the symptoms of neural-tube defects such as spina bifida and anencephaly— the conditions often believed as prime-suspects for causing infant mortality. [7]

  • Anemia

You are likely to develop Anemia if you smoke marijuana during pregnancy. That’s when you start losing red blood cells in your body.

It’s a genetic condition, and your child may have to bear the same result. [8]

  • Stillbirth

The samples linking stillbirth with marijuana usage still need to be observed strictly; however, you can’t rule out the fact that the baby may die within 20 to 25 weeks of pregnancy in the womb with extensive cannabis use. [9]

Can marijuana pass the problems to my baby after delivery?

baby after delivery

Marijuana may haunt your baby even after her birth.

Most newborns can’t take the intensity of THC-action and probably end up spending time in newborn extensive unit care.

The signs aren’t good considering these problems may last from days to years to eternity.

  • Apart from low-weight and neurodevelopmental issues, the worrying study shows that your infant might grow into having behavioral problems. [10]
  • They may hamper neurobehavior through symptoms such as increased tremors, diminished stimuli to light, and exaggerated startle. [11]
  • They might show signs of irritability, won’t respond to calming, and increase in jitters. [12]

What role does it play while breastfeeding?

THC is a stubborn-cannabinoid.

Moreover, your body is a good host— it loves to house THC for an extended period.

So, it’s not easy to get past these psychotropic chemicals with a snap.

Since fat cells harbor THC in your body, the remnants may last between days to months.

That’s when breastfeeding may prove a curse to your child.

Again, marijuana and lactation don’t gel well.

The chemical in breast milk and marijuana amalgamate to produce a dangerous by-product affecting infant motor development. [13]

In acute condition, the breastfed infants can also meet infant death syndrome.

Though there aren’t sufficient data regarding the outcome of breastfeeding on the infant; you should live with the general notion that smoking marijuana around infant— in or out of the womb can harm your child.

You should consider body detoxification before you move forward with feeding your child.

The final call

Choosing marijuana during pregnancy is a controversial choice and the fact that your decision may have a lasting health impression on the child; the best you could do is undergo marijuana screening, and seek for rehab-therapy until your baby at least reaches the weaning period.

It’s inappropriate to put marijuana in bad taste because it equally does the outstanding share of antics for people suffering with various ailments; however, things flip during pregnancy, and that’s where your child hates your snorting abilities.

You should attend every prenatal appointment even when you smoke marijuana.

Staying honest with your prenatal habits will take care of fetal health before delivering the prince of your lineage.


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