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marijuana for Vision

Takeaway: Everyone has had a freak-out incident while smoking Marijuana! If you are new to Marijuana or if you have never smoked it and are thinking to do it, you better gear up for a paranoia ride. The most common cause of these freak-outs is your eye color turning to red. Are these effects to be taken seriously or are they just common side effects that can be neglected? This article enlightens you about the relation between Marijuana and your vision.

Call yourself a marijuana think tank for finding out an affiliation between your eyes and cannabis.

And why not?

Your eyes have turned red, and all of a sudden, you are a worried pot-smoking slacker who’s too intrigued to find out what happened to them— has some bummer allergen gatecrashed into them, or is it marijuana’s way of telling you to stop?

Honestly, it could be anything; but as most people paint up a red layer over their eyes exactly after snorting cannabis, it’s confirmed that it has some role to play in eyes.

Whether the effect is good or bad is a subject for later discussion; however, one thing is clear— marijuana doesn’t discriminate— the psychoactive effect impacts the eyes for most of the consumers.

So, what is it? Is it a worrying sign or a blessing in disguise?

Well, your eyes turn fuming red because marijuana works as a vasodilator— it widens up the vessels in the eye region, which enhances the blood influx.

Considering poor blood flow in eyes can detriment vision, more blood influx can prove a blessing in disguise against the reddish-spooky Dracula version of you.

And if it still doesn’t convince you, we’ll break down all the eye problems, which can lead to vision issues and learn more about cannabis effect on eyes.

Cannabision— Linking cannabis and vision

Even though the internet disseminates urban legend about the psychotropic and medical influence of marijuana on every sort of disease, there are better-watched anecdotes that relate marijuana with improving vision.

In fact, Rastafarians and their rich-history label marijuana as wisdom weed, which heals their eye problems as an ultimate medical alternate. [1]

The same belief is steadily seeping into society, which progressively puts marijuana in the positive shade.

But are people really to be trusted?

What’s the basis of claims— I mean— even I can claim that my cat engulfed my neighbors’ dog— but who’s to believe that?

*Sorry Pup— the next door— I know you are snarling at me for sharing such facades.*

Well, the good news is— there have been several attempts to read the association, and here’s how they go for different eye problems.

Macular degeneration— the blurry interpretation


Like film in your camera, retina helps in interpreting the images.

However, Macular degeneration is a condition in which your retina starts deteriorating, thereby losing its capacity to handle the light. [2]

This leads you to blurry or spotty vision. [3]

In extreme conditions, your retina may get hit by abnormal blood vessels, which often leak fluid and blood. [4]

As a result, the vision cells in the retina may take some severe beatings.

As usual, if you smoke up to an intolerable extent or are aging, they might conspire against your vision abilities. [5]

And here’s the catch— there’s no permanent cure for MG, but it doesn’t mean that you are oblivious to treatment.

Cannabis dealing with MG

Cannabis may lower the rate of your vision loss.

Hence, let’s take a moment to thank CBD and THC in cannabis.

Both the cannabinoids, when combined, have shown potent reaction towards fending off neurodegenerative diseases like MG. [6]

CBD has an antioxidant property that hunts down the over-enthusiastic toxic oxygen species responsible for damaging your cells. [7]

That’s more like CBD shutting off the ego of free radicals and enraging a war against these abnormally flickering nerve-side loafers.

Glaucoma— the intraocular sobbing

Glaucoma is one of the leading eye problems which results in blindness. [8]

Basically, your eye resembles the shape of a rugby ball.

As rugby balls need internal air pressure to maintain their shape, your eyes need similar pressure to remain inflated.

Like any air pump, your eyes also have the internal air pressure regulator.

However, a few factors detriment these regulators. [9]

As a result, the pressure surges to dangerous levels, which may damage your vision.

Since the unbridled liquid in the eyes exerts continuous pressure and doesn’t get the window to get out of the eyes, it reverses its path towards optic nerves and capillaries. [10]

We can afford the rugby ball getting deflated to ease off the pressure, but we can’t expect the same from our eyes.

Thus, the pressure destroys the nerves around, thereby leading to glaucoma.

Cannabis dealing with glaucoma

Macular degeneration

Generally, glaucoma can’t be cured but treated or controlled.

In spite of the availability of anti-glaucoma medication, a good sect of people believes that cannabis is a potent alternative. [11]

You would want to give it a try if you are free of cardiovascular issues and are not aging. [13]

Dragging it might reduce your intraocular pressure, and increase the outflow of aqueous liquid from the eyes. [14]

Although taking it through any route of administration would mark it true to its nature, make sure that you don’t apply it directly to your eyes and wait for the reward.

The bitter part about CBD-ladened cannabis is that the recent findings vituperate CBD oils as far-more sickening agents, which lead to glaucoma. [15]

Diabetic retinopathy— the glucose carnage

No, you wouldn’t find any connection between diabetes and eyes because most of us don’t see it either.

And rightly so— what does glucose have to do with eyes?

But in reality, high blood glucose levels in the system can trim your viewing abilities.

The rampant glucose level in the body has earned the notoriety in weakening the walls of the blood vessels. [16]

As a consequence, diabetes brings a lot of comorbid diseases like diabetes neuropathy (referring to neural damage). [17]

Diabetic retinopathy is a type of neuropathy where the body destroys nerves and capillaries of the eyes, which may induce a dark-spot vision or a complete loss of vision under extreme conditions. [18]

It occurs as the communicating signal between the retina and brain breaks.

Cannabis dealing with diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy

Again, it’s not possible to reverse the damaged state of vessels as they are the bloodlines for your survival.

Also, diabetes is a permanent problem that may time and again bite up the nerves even after the surgeries. [19]

However, you can slow down the rate of retinopathy.

The process of dealing with it is to control the high glucose level.

And cannabis may do it for you.

It enhances the metabolic process and keeps the insulin level at check. [20]

Furthermore, the cannabinoid in marijuana plays like an active-antioxidant substance. [21]

In neuropathic conditions, the cells behave voracious by eating up more blood vessels.

Cannabidiol disrupts the course of these nerve-destroying cells.

As soon as it enters into the system, it chokes up the toxic superoxides and helps save the retina. [22]

Retinitis Pigmentosa— delivering black pigments like a pro

Akin to other eye issues that attack the retinal function, Retinitis Pigmentosa often comes as a genetic curse.

With brutal vandalism over retinal cells, including rods and cones, Retinitis Pigmentosa delivers blackness around the eyes, followed by plausible vision loss.

The good news is— both of your parents need to have this disorder to pass it to you— which automatically makes it rare. [23]

However, its existence can’t be denied considering 25 people out of 100,000 possess this problem. [24]

The condition brings about abnormalities in vision cells by either splitting or killing them. [25]

Cannabis dealing with Retinitis Pigmentosa

Although it’s a degenerative condition like MG, there have been positive anecdotes that antioxidant properties of cannabis may fend off Retinitis Pigmentosa. [26]

In the retinitis condition, the photoreceptors in your eyes lose connectivity with their postsynaptic neurons.

However, cannabis can enhance connectivity between the two-entities by inhibiting the responsible enzymes for the said condition. [27]

It ensures that the connection is established to send, receive, and process the light signals.

The Final Call

So, you SEE how marijuana makes a strong case for alternative medication for treating vision problems?

It may be too early to come up with celebratory cannabis puff, but it feels nice to bear hope considering conventional medication is expensive and brings side-adversaries.

We don’t confirm it as a vision-healer, and we aren’t promoting it against the local regulations either.

However, if you want to give it a shot, make sure that it adheres to the local laws, and every dose get assisted and scrutinized by an informed supervisor.

The wonderful part about marijuana is— it’s a component, and we all are a living specimen.

We can change the negative stain encapsulating it for centuries by getting high on a few snorts and letting the world know about its consequences.

We can be a part of history— all we have to do is— have faith in pulling the pot and behave elated.

So, when do you drag a joint for seeing beyond the horizon?


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