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Cannabis wax— I don’t know who chose the nomenclature as it doesn’t really justify the appellation.

If I were asked to pick its name— I would have suggested “cannabis max” instead of cannabis wax. :p

So, why am I interested in renaming it?

Because “cannabis max” makes more sense than cannabis or marijuana wax solely due to the potency it bears.

Yes, you got it right!

Marijuana wax has super-heightened potency that supersedes any CBD or THC-based product in the industry— mind you— ANY!

So, what is marijuana wax?

You hate it when you receive diluted milk. Right? I mean— who’d like to have a bad-bad combination of milk and water?

Even the gold we get is not pure these days.

The world is full of amalgamation, and marijuana— by no mean— is not affected by such practices.

But. Cannabis concentrates like marijuana wax are close to perfecting the most “purest form” of marijuana edible we have.

Marijuana wax is a concentrated chemical that constitutes as high as 90% of potent THC- (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Of course, it’s not chemical in the laboratory sense we perceive— it’s a hash oil concentrate.

It’s very much edible and has a proven track record in attenuating mild to severe medical conditions.

It looks like a gooey substance that feels sticky— something such as ear wax or honey.

It may visually not appeal to your aesthetic senses; however, once you get over its outer beauty— that’s when you will have the best psychotropic swim beyond the universe.

How potent is marijuana wax?

It is so densely concentrated with THC that you’d need almost 15-20 joints to fill up its need.

*Woah! That’s effing huge!*

In fact, it’s four to five times more effective than the top-shelf marijuana, which may constitute upto 15 to 20% of THC level.

A scarce breed of strain has 30% of THC level— and they are presumed to give mind-numbing hits simply.

*I know you are drooling this quarantine, but we can’t help.*

Just imagine having THC wax thrice as potent as these top strains— and the intensity of euphoric rides they will give.

*Sorry for doubling your desire. We can’t help again. :P*

Since marijuana wax is almost entirely made up of THC— it’s costly.

It’s one of the luxuries to have when you desperately want to get medical attention.

Thus, it costs around towering 50$ per gram of THC in many dispensaries— and without a pinch of doubt— people are willing to buy one-of-a-kind concentrates ever in the world.

By this time— you must be so curious that if you are a weed grower— you must be searching how to make cannabis wax at home.

Don’t worry— we have this as well— for you.

So, how to make marijuana wax?

All those who didn’t sleep in their high-school chemistry classes— finally, your attention worths something here.

Those of you who slept— and those who couldn’t study— keep your worries aside— cannabis wax has a DIY feel that’s pretty much attainable at home.

We will use solvent-based extraction methods to have your own marijuana concentrate.

It’s time that you get on your gloves, fit in your goggles.

We are going to utilize our high-school experimenting technique here— let’s get Dexter out of our practices.

So, here we go.

Things that you need

  • Marijuana bud that’s needed to extract THC.
  • Pipe or tube.
  • Solvents such as butane.

Solvent-extract method

Step 1: Take dried marijuana buds and put them into a tube or pipe-like apparatus. Don’t use wet marijuana. Make sure that you dry them before going for the solvent-extract.
Step 2: Force or throttle down solvents (in this case— butane) over the marijuana buds in the pipe. You can also use ethanol, propane, or hexane. However, butane is the right choice.
Step 3: The butane fluid will make a chemical bond with psychoactive THC in the weed plant, thereby pulling it out from it.
Step 4: Since butane is highly volatile— allow the bond in peace for some time— and let butane evaporate. Wait until most of the butane content is lost— and you only have an oily— potent concentrate of THC. That’s marijuana wax for you.

As the butane solvent disappears from the compound entirely— thanks to its volatile properties— what we have as a residue is a super-powerful and mind-tripping extract that is the real-daddy of all the marijuana products we have.

The best part about extracting cannabis wax at home is that— by changing a bit of condition such as temperature, timings, and humidity— you can add a bit of variation in the wax texture.

You can have varieties like shatter, dabs, honey oil, butter, and crumble.

If you don’t have butane stock— you can also use other solvents like isopropyl alcohol. It’s readily available in the drug stores over the counter.

Some like to call it a “quick wash method” or QWISO— “quick wash isopropyl” that’s used for pulling out the THC from marijuana bud— as the rabbit pulled out of the hole. 😉

Things you need

  • Marijuana bud
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Sieve
  • Mason Jar
  • Coffee filters
  • Razorblade
  • Plate

The process

Step 1: Place your cannabis bud in a mason jar and the bottle of isopropyl. Put them into the freezer long enough so that THC-separation becomes easier.
Step 2: Take out both bottles. Pour alcohol in the mason jar filled with marijuana buds. Shut the jar lid and shake it rigorously for at least a minute. It’s precisely what quick wash is. We wash the cannabis buds with the alcohol thoroughly.
Step 3: Now allow the mixture to run down a sieve and collect the liquid below in a glass jug.
Step 4: Use coffee filters to purify further the liquid collected below in the glass jug and receive it back in the mason jar.
Step 5: Our extract currently has alcohol with THC. So, spread it on a flat surface such as a plate or any container and let isopropyl alcohol evaporate.
Step 6: You can let the alcohol evaporate for a good number of hours. Maybe 20 to 24 hours. Once the process is done, use scraping tools to separate the extract from the plate. You can use toothpicks or razor blades for that.

Note: Since Butane and Isopropyl are flammable and highly volatile— they are equally dangerous. Make sure that you are extracting marijuana wax in well-ventilated spaces. Their fumes are highly toxic and can catch fire. Take extra assistance from fans and exhausts to minimize the dangers.

How to use cannabis wax?

Cannabis wax is like cannabis butter— you can consume them in numerous ways.

Its consumption depends on its texture and gooeyness.

If it’s very sticky— I am afraid— it’ll be challenging to use through vapes or joints.

Although many like to drizzle wax on their marijuana joints or vaporizing pipes— you don’t have to consume it that way necessarily.

Here are a few different ways you can use marijuana wax:

#1 Oral admission

Oral admission is quite popular with marijuana wax.

People infuse this marijuana concentrates in their edibles like bread and drinks by simply sprinkling the wax.

You can use them in your cake, gelato, steak salad, and any recipe that you like.

#2 Dabbing

Well, it’s the most practised way of consuming marijuana wax.

Dabbing is so famous among wax dabbers that even cannabis wax is often called “a dab.”

You will need a dabbing device for pulling the pot wax— that’s called a dab rig.

Dab rig uses high temperature to melt down the wax extract so that you can inhale the vapour same as a vaporizer.

#3 E-cigarette or vaporizers

An e-cigarette is another common way to drag marijuana wax.

As it’s smokeless and odourless— you can use it if you want to hide your hard-earned wax from your friends and of course, the authorities.

You also need a high-quality vaping tool to make sure that you are actually vaping and not “combusting” for the sake of dragging it.

Vaporizers with the quartz-crystal heating chamber and titanium coil will grant you a seamless vaping session without issuing the dangers of accidental combustion.

#4 Filling in the joint

It’s another popular way to use the THC extract— however, not the smartest in my view.

The stickiness of the resin will create a mess in which you will be wasting more of the content in your hands and floor than on the joint itself.

It requires careful sprinkling. Thus, you must make wise decisions about how to have it.

Do we have CBD wax-like THC wax?

Of course, CBD wax is as good packaged and promoted in the market as THC wax.

CBD— akin to THC— is one of the most studied compounds of marijuana.

It’s best known for its medicinal effect and muting down the impact of THC.

To simply put— CBD reverses the recreational damage done by overuse of THC in our brains and the body.

To mellow down the reaction of marijuana wax— we’d need something as substantial as CBD wax that could cancel the effect of it.

We use a closed-loop extraction system in which we blast the marijuana plant with CO2 to formulate CBD wax.

Well, we can also go for the open-loop extraction methods— but they are dangerous, and many CBD wax manufacturing companies avoid going to that territory.

Butane solvent extraction also works fantastic with CBD wax.

If you have vaped marijuana wax beyond your limit— make sure that CBD wax stays in your pocket to give you an instant relief against aggressive THC activation.

The dangers of making marijuana wax at home

Yeah— I know you want to expertise in extracting marijuana wax from personal produce— but we highly recommend you to avoid it.

Circumventing a series of risks involved which could devastate your life is not only the right choice but a responsible decision.

Here’s why you should reconsider extracting marijuana wax and get it from legit marijuana dispensary:

  • Butane and isopropyl or any other alcohol solvent is highly inflammable. If you don’t handle them carefully— they could explode. So, avoid making the fatal mistake. A few people have already died because of their carelessness.
  • These alcohol solvents vaporize and settle on the floor. It means that your place is at risk because butane is invisible and you don’t realize it has already covered the entire home or factory. A single spark will wreak havoc and destruction.
  • If you are extracting the cannabis wax in a closed place without proper ventilation— and even though you are aware of the fire hazard at every step— you might inhale too much butane and die.
  • If you are dragging marijuana wax— be calculative enough to know your capabilities. The abnormal THC content can hallucinate to a level that will push you closer to the hospital’s death beds. And we don’t want that.
  • And last but not the least— the butane in homemade marijuana wax should be allowed to evaporate properly. If you don’t let butane diffuse away from THC— there’s a possibility that you might burn it along with the wax and consume it. And needless to mention— it’s dangerous for your lungs.

The final waxing…

As mentioned— consuming cannabis wax has its advantages and disadvantages— we’ll rank them 50/50.

You can have a crushing trip so good that it may be the most memorable vape or dab ride. But you also may end up in hospitals for wax abuse.

But when it comes to making cannabis wax at home— you have a lot on the stake— we will rate it 20/80 in favour of disadvantages.

So, be careful— try to buy marijuana wax more than trying to put your labour into it.

Trust us— it’s worth it.

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