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Marijuana in Massachusetts

There was a time when marijuana was considered very taboo, and though people were using it, it was still illegal. But times have changed, cannabis has been made legal in multiple states in some form or another. Visualize residing somewhere where home weed deliveries and marijuana cafés are a thing! Now hold that thought! 

On 24th September’19, the Cannabis Control Commission of Massachusetts voted 4-1 to approve regulations that allow home delivery for marijuana for the state. The rule also opened doors for marijuana cafés, where people can eat, vape or smoke marijuana with their friends legally. The Chairman of the Cannabis Control Commission Steven Hoffman said, “We feel like we have got a good balance between trying to meet the will of the voters but recognizing that there are concerns from public health and a public safety standpoint.”

Before the home delivery of weed and cafés start, the business owners will have to complete agreements with the community where the plan to start their business. After completing these formalities and only then they will receive a license from the state, and that could take weeks, even months. 

Commissioner Jennifer Flanagan, who cast the sole dissenting vote shared concerns about marijuana being consumed openly in public cafés. She stated, “I think it’s too early for social cafe consumption licenses,” she further added, “I think we need to stand up this industry, making sure the retail and cultivation and microbusinesses all get priority before we start to do home delivery and social consumption.” She expressed concerns regarding public health as that the state is currently dealing with the repercussions of the opioid crisis. Just recently, the state has started doing something about the ongoing lung illness that has been linked to vaping. She further added, “We talk about social consumption, we’re looking for places for people to go and consume this product, mostly by smoking or vaping. I have concerns about that.”

Marijuana Home Delivery in Massachusetts

To apply for a licence for the weed cafés and marijuana delivery in Massachusetts, the potential business owners will have to give in an application which will incur $1500 fee. To renew the license, the business owner will have to pay $10,000 annually. For social equity and economic empowerment applicants charges can be reduced or even be waived off. 

Regarding the delivery services, the rules state that the person that delivers the products wear a body camera to record each delivery. This raised concern for privacy and to address them Commissioners Britte McBride and Shaleen Title suggested that police officers that wanted to view the recorded videos obtain a search warrant or a court-issued order.

The state of Massachusetts legalized marijuana for recreational use in November’16, and the sales began at licenced dispensaries after two years. Hence, recreational weed delivery in Massachusetts might take a little time. 


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