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Medical Marijuana in Public Schools

Takeaway: Ever wonder of a day when you get to use marijuana in school? Well, the Osceola County School District in Florida took a proposal on board to discuss the possibility of allowing their students to consume medical marijuana on school property. Child patients suffering from leukemia, dyslexia have never been able to attend a regular school due to seizure scares that come with the disease. But now with the use of medical marijuana they stand a chance to attend a normal school, this formed the basis of the proposal.

According to the reports of Osceola News Gazette, the Osceola County School District in Florida took a proposal on board that talked about allowing the students to consume medical marijuana on school property.

During the board meeting held on the 12th of November, John Boyd, director of government and labor relations for the School District, discussed the proposal at length along with the rules that would follow this liberty after the vote.

The highlights of the proposal for allowing marijuana in school included the following rules:

  • The student’s parents have to give written notice to the school requesting them to allow the use of medical marijuana in school at least before 48 hours.
  • The school will have nothing to do with the administration of the dosage. The parent or a caretaker is responsible for the process.
  • Students are not allowed to store their dosage on the school property. The parents or caretaker will have to visit and administer the dose personally, every day.
  • A special room or location will be allotted for administration. Taking medical marijuana other than this place will be breaking the rule.
  • Students are not allowed to use their treatments on field trips or school buses.
  • The caretaker must fill out “Authorization for Medical Marijuana/ Low-THC Cannabis Use for Qualified Students at School” form and provide the marijuana registration identity number of the student to the school.

Although the school is yet to vote for this rule to pass, the students who break any of the rules will be liable for expulsion.

Ashley Surin used Medial Marijuna for treatment

Earlier in this year, there was a little girl of Illinois, Ashley Surin who was barred from attending classes because she used medical marijuana patches and lotion in school to cope with her seizures.

Eleven-year-old Ashley started having seizures as a side effect to her leukemia treatment in 2008. According to her parents, Ashley was not herself after chemotherapy and was hospitalized on several occasions.

After a series of failed attempts to contain seizures, the doctor suggested a change in her diet and medical marijuana. The Surins got her license for medical marijuana treatment, and the combination was working really well for her.

The two together are a golden cure for her! She can think better, walk better, talk better. Her brain used to be like in a cloud. Now she can think better and is more alert, and she can interact.” said her mother, Maureen Surin.

Due to the laws that prevented sick children from using medical marijuana in school, Ashley’s parents were asked to keep their daughter at home. However, the duo went to court and sued the school.

The Illinois Attorney General not only avoided prosecuting but ordered the school to let Ashley attend her class as any healthy child would do.

Recently, in August 2018, California passed the bill allowing medical marijuana in school grounds which became a significant moment. California became the eighth state to allow medical marijuana on school grounds.

Florida Marijuana Laws

Is CBD Legal in Florida?

As for Florida’s marijuana laws, the state passed the medical marijuana program in the year 2016, and since then the citizens are allowed to treat the qualifying conditions using medical cannabis.

The qualifying conditions of the Florida marijuana program includes:

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • PTSD
  • ALS
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Any other debilitating medical condition of similar nature where a physician feels marijuana would benefit the patient

However, the uses of medical marijuana on school sites were in conflict as the state and federal laws were different for medical marijuana.

As for the Osceola County School, the hearing will be on the 18th of December which will decide the fate of the students like Ashley. We sincerely hope the marijuana benefits would trump the fear of legislation surrounding marijuana!


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