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how to clean your bong with help of different methods

Imagine you are looking at an impeccably-shaped marijuana glassware pipe in the first aisle of the mall, and you develop a sudden urge to add that in your bong family. 

Your reactions are loud with each expression.

Each one of them clearly shouting that you want to make an aesthetic checkmark in your crockery arsenal.

However, your friend has other plans.

She’s diluting your excitement by being too pragmatic about it.

With too much skepticism about the pipe, she somehow feels that wooden marijuana pipes make the best bongs and wants to convince her narrative.

And you don’t want to go down in this conversation because you’re in love with the exquisiteness of the apparatus— the way mouthpiece springs out into beauty and the cannabis stem meets gracefully at the headend of the glass. 

That’s a hell of a bon-vivant component which any dragger would want to have— including you.

clean bong pipes

But she’s hell-bent in molding your opinion through her quirky rebuttal.

Factually, she emphasizes how cleaning a marijuana pipe; especially the glassware can be a daunting task.

She furthers her claim by calling an unclean glass pipe as an honest host to the molds.

Also, the pipe with the remnant strain of THC has greasy tar, which often deteriorates with a lack of air circulation.

That smells like pathetic dirt and can be dangerous for tonkers who already have breathing problems.

Slowly and steadily, you seem to find yourself settling into her bottle.

Your dream to own a glass pipe is close to getting shattered— because you don’t seem to have an answer to  how to clean a bong.

No offense to either of you, but that sounds radical as you decide to give up on your favorite to-get item because you don’t know how to clean that device.


Come on; I am giving you a free cleaning lesson for marijuana smoking pipes— get yourself an apparatus dude— and blow all her claims high sky.

This homemade-bong hack piece presents the idea of cleaning glass pipes and delivering a brand-new feel.

5 bong cleansing method to experience new bong in an old pipe.

The Ultimate Combination— Rice and Soap

different bongs

Since glass bongs have intricate shapes, cleaning them can test the patience and frustrate you to death— which is not good, especially when you are holding something as delicate as a glass apparatus.

And brushing the glass bong is not an innovative idea considering its poor reachability to all the corners of it.

And that gets even more nastier because little scrubbing can’t cut down the sticky, oily layer in the glass.

Don’t worry— you can use rice/gravel to get the job done. Here’s the process.

  1. Add quarter rice in the bong container— make sure that you use the uncooked rice to reach every nook and corner of the apparatus.
  2. Pour 2 to 3 drops of soap in the container.
  3. Fill in hot water to get the best cleaning result. You can also use cold water, but brimming hot water to the top will cut off the oily layer.
  4. Cover the mouth of the bong, and shake it up and down, back and forth, and side-ways for helping the rice-soap solution reach every corner.
  5. Turn the bong upside down and drain out the solution.
  6. Dip the bong in the clean water and rinse it multiple times till the soap smell disappears.
  7. Keep the hair dryer at a fair distance and blow the hot air to use the apparatus immediately.

Salt and vinegar— close to the perfect cleaning pair

different type weed bongs

For lesser complex-shaped glassware bongs or when you are running short of rice and soap, you can go for salt and vinegar to achieve the same result.

The process is quite similar to the first method; however, the only limitation with it is that it’s a tad slower method.

So, here it is.

  1. Take a tea cooking pot, put it on the stove, and fill it to the 3/4th mark with water.
  2. Get your vinegar bottle and squeeze it into the shimmering water. Two squeezes would do worlds of good to the water-vinegar solution. You would want to add white vinegar because it mixes the best in the water.
  3. Stir the solution until vinegar fades into the water.
  4. Put the glass-bong into the solution and ensure that it doesn’t float but sink in it. For making that happen, you can add a bit of water in it, which will pull it down.
  5. Scald the pot at low temperatures. Make sure that you aren’t boiling it but keeping it warm enough to activate the vinegar cleansing properties.
  6. Soak the bong overnight in the solution so that vinegar can get hold of all sticky stains in the bong.
  7. Get out the bong from the pot the next morning, and discard off the water from the bong.
  8. Add a pinch of coarse salt into the apparatus. Salt works as rice in this method— it removes the residue that vinegar fails to remove.
  9. Pour a little warm water good enough to make a slurry salt solution in the bong.
  10. Shake the bong vigorously in all directions making sure that the water doesn’t spill.
  11. Wash off the glass bong with clean water until it seems clean.
  12. Dry the bong using a hairdryer or letting it naturally dry off.

Effervescent Antacid a remarkable cleansing agent

how to clean bong pipes

Alka-Seltzer or Antacid is another quick way to get rid of the sticky THC-based mold in the bong.

The brisk effervescence by Antacid plays a vital role as a potent anti-bacterial and cleaning agent.

Here’s how you can go about cleaning the bong with it.

  1. Fill the water to the half-level of the bong’s height. The idea is to prevent the spilling of water by filling the less water in the snorting-device.
  2. Add half or one durable antacid tablet in water depending upon the size of your bong. The reaction of water and Antacid will create bubbles and froth, which will eventually clear off the dirt in the bong.
  3. Let it be in the given state overnight. Try to keep the bong in the sink, because effervescence can really trouble the areas in its vicinity.
  4. Throw out the solution and use warm water to remove the antacid chemical in the bong.
  5. Rinse the bong with clean water multiple times until its walls seem clear. You would also want to use dish soap to bridle the dirty smell.
  6. Dry out the bong the way you want.

Microwave and Vodka an effective cleaning process

how to clean marijuana bong

If you don’t have rice or salt, you might have to give up a bit of your favorite drink, i.e.m, Vodka.

It could be a costly loss; however, its effectivity compensates for the loss of your peg.

Vodka with high alcohol presence and lack of smell can be used as a potent disinfecting agent. 

You can grab one of the cheaper Vodka bottles from the drink-shelf, and execute this super-easy and effective way to begin your bong session as early as possible.

Here’s some cheer for Vodka.

  1. Take a tea cooking pot or cup large enough to hold your tilted bong.
  2. Add a Vodka and water in equal proportion. Make sure the level of the mixture just covers the curvature of the bong.
  3. Place the cup in the microwave and heat it for just one round of 30 seconds. Ensure that the outer layer of the pot supports the microwave radiations.
  4. Take the solution out and dip the bong inside it.
  5. Stir the solution and wait for the warm Vodka to evaporate into the glass walls of the bong.
  6. Keep it as it is for at least a couple of hours.
  7. Get the bong out and rinse it with warm freshwater until the strain and sticky layer fades away.
  8. Repeat the process multiple times to remove all traces of dirt.
  9. Dry the bong apparatus by merely placing it in a warmer area.

Boiling water— simply the minimal yet efficient substance in the bong cleaning industry

how to clean bong effectively

Not all bongs want rigorous mixtures of rice and Vodka and salt with water or dish soap.

You can simply clean the glass bong by merely dipping it in boiling water, and it’s as easy as cutting a cake with the sword.

It’s one of the most common practices among tonkers who want their set-up ready in the next few minutes. 

So, let’s clean up your glass instantaneously.

  1. Get yourself a pot and place it on the stove.
  2. Add water into it and turn on the stove.
  3. Dip the glass bong and use low heat to let the warm water make way into the apparatus.
  4. Although boiling water can’t remove off the tar because oil and water don’t mix, the heat in the water will melt the sticky oil.
  5. Pull out the bong from the pot and scrape the remanent resins in it.
  6. You can use a soft cotton bud to scrape the dirt off.
  7. Rinse it with tap water and shake it vigorously, followed by the natural drying process.

Glassware bong cleaning and challenges associated with it

While the steps mentioned above may excite your massive-bit, glassware cleaning needs more attention than regular bongs— mostly because they are ethereal and fragile.

Here’s what you should consider while cleaning it off.

  1. The thickness of glass: Since hot water has a role to play in all the methods, we must understand that the glass walls of the bongs are not impervious to heat. The thin walls are prone to cracks and bursts. So, dip the bong only when its thickness allows you. Also, the bottom-base of the bottle should be thick enough to handle the heat pressure.
  2. The nature of pot: We are also using pots for dipping the glass bong. Since we heat it for scalding the solutions in almost all the methods, we usually prefer the metal-bodied cup/pot. The built-up metal nature of the pot requires attention because it may damage the glass bong, which may include as serious a tragedy as breaking/bursting it apart from dents and scratches.
  3. Careful with boiling water: While you may be tempted to pour boiling water into the bong, I would ask you to halt right away. You can instead tilt the bong and start placing it slowly into the boiling water rather than pouring it inside the bong. Pelting down boiling water may weaken the walls of the glass.
  4. And with the microwave too: The idea seems fancy to pour alcohol and water into the bong. And placing it directly into the microwave can be a dangerous idea because that might risk not only your bong but also the microwave and maybe the home too. Some glass pipes have metallic paint, which can generate the spark and blow up into pieces. I am sure you don’t want to be in such trouble.
  5. Watchful scraping: It’s the worst method to clean your bong apparatus; however, you can’t shy away from it when it’s needed. Metal scraping has points and sharp edges that can damage the metal. Rubbing over the walls, again and again, will weaken the bong and may call for more fragileness. So, it’s advised to use soft materials when you resort to scraping.

The final say

Since the authorities are steadily creating a positive environment around how we perceive marijuana, a lot of entrepreneurs smell off the right opportunity around it— be it in manufacturing a bong or making a cleansing solution for it.

If you don’t want to go for home-hacks for cleaning it, you can always look forward to grabbing your favorite cleaning solution.

Your glass bong would require some time to soak in the liquid, and voila— you have a brand new bong to impress your friends and colleagues.

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