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Marijuana Smell

Michigan is one of the cooler states that paved the way for recreational pot use way back in 2018. But the generosity of allowing the citizens to grow 12 cannabis plants at home seems to have become a source of another issue, THE FOUL SMELL, in the Bessemer city.

The residents of the Bessemer city are under the evil ‘nose’ of marijuana with its unpleasant odor. The city officials are concerned about the complaints pouring in about the ‘skunk’ odor in the air, which is not allowing the residents even to enjoy their backyards.

Although the officials know the source of the pungent smell, the town is purchasing a $3,400 Nasal Ranger device for technical precision. This device measures the concentration of stinky particulate matter in the air to determine the intensity of a given odor.

The town’s manager, Charly Loper, cleared that the device, Nasal Ranger, will help the city to determine all kinds of odors, but marijuana seems to be the target for now.

You can smell marijuana everywhere. We’ve got people who can’t sit in their backyard because the smell from their neighbor is so bad,’ said Loper.

The council voted in favor of buying the device by 4-1, which will cost $3,400 to the city.

Being a border city, just 6 miles from Wisconsin, it has become a hot spot for people migrating to enjoy the bliss of recreational marijuana. People are planting marijuana to their optimum legal capacity making the air smell like skunk during the blooming period.

The decision was made recently, so the air is still not clear on how the city is going to proceed with the results of the Nasal Ranger.

Man smell Marijuana plant

[Image Source: Pacific Seed Bank]

Denver, Colorado city, faced a similar problem in 2013, and they bought Nasal Ranger to solve this issue. We are not sure if Bessemer officials are going to follow their footsteps and charge $2000 or more to the growers who are not doing enough to get rid of the smell.

But one thing is sure; this odor detection device may affect the growth strategy of the residents of Bessemer.

While the Michigan city of Bessemer is wrapping their heads around this piece of news, we thought it would be cool if we give you a heads up on how you could control the stinky phase of marijuana growing process to not get in the ‘Range’ of the ‘Ranger.’

How To Not Get In The Range of the ‘Nasal Ranger’

Even the lovers who may go gaga over the marijuana’s appealing scent would wish they catch a cold in the blooming season. Marijuana starts spreading skunk odor only when the plants start flowering, until then, it’s all bearable.

Sooner or later, the growers of the Michigan state may have to start looking for these options, so why not be proactive and do whatever seems necessary?!

So what’s necessary is that you choose any of the following free tips to get rid of the marijuana odor:

  1. Use Carbon Filters: Probably the best option, the carbon filters use activated carbon to absorb the foul smell pushed from the exhaust. They are actual odor scrubbers!
  2. Odor Neutralizers: Unlike Carbon filters, odor neutralizers don’t scrub off the smell thoroughly, but neutralize it, yep like air fresheners. They won’t work in the growing area, so you need to keep them outside where you think you need to cover up the skunky odor.
  3. Air Purifiers: The simple, common, and not so effective option! It’s not possible to purify the air in the growing room, so you may have to put it outside. However, we don’t think they would be a good option.

It’s funny how we thought legalizing marijuana would put an end to everything surrounding it. Guess we were wrong! Now, we have to deal with the after-effects of it, just like any other industry! Interesting, isn’t it?

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  1. The odd smell of marijuana is really becoming a concerning matter in many states. I hope that such cases will not affect the legalization of marijuana in states like NY..


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