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Medical Cannabis Research

Takeaway: With year after year, we are discovering the progressive benefits of medical marijuana. Not only we are observing the change in outlook of society towards marijuana, but the Researches and Studies are also proving it. The myths and misconceptions are turning to false assumptions, whereas possibilities are turning to realities. So, let’s have a look at the latest Researches that are clear indications of the hidden benefits of cannabis.

Let’s face it; marijuana, whether in its medical and recreational form, is controversial. Therefore, researchers conduct much marijuana research every year. The studies are attempts to know more about the natural herb and its many healing abilities. With these studies, you can also allay your doubts about using cannabis and the potentials it offers.

Previous years have tasted much cannabis studies, and 2019 is no different. So take a seat and follow us down the path of 10 of the best cannabis research published during 2018-19. 

It Is Clear Now That Cannabis Stimulates Appetites

Medicinal Cannabis Research to Stimulate Appetite

Of course, the stimulating abilities of marijuana are undisputable. However, many people did not know how the herb stimulates. But, recent research by some scientists at Washington State University shows how the grass can alter people’s eating habit. The study, which includes the uses of animals, reveals that cannabis sparks a surge in Ghrelin. The Ghrelin is a hormone that passes information to the brain that it’s time the body get more food. 

You can read more about the research here.   

Aged People Also Derive Benefits from the Use of Medical Cannabis

Granting access to medical marijuana can positively impact the employment and health status of older adults. Those were the findings from research experts at the School of Public Health & Temple University (John Hopkins Bloomberg). The researchers concluded after comparing the laws of medical marijuana to more than one hundred thousand survey responses that came from adults who were 51 years of age and above. Going by the cannabis research, the researchers found that adults with access to medical cannabis experienced less pain. Also, they were able to work increased hours. 

You can read more about the immediate effects of legalizing cannabis on senior adults. Here is another distinct research that talks about the efficacy and safety of marijuana on older adults. 

Hemp Does Not Influence Basic Personality

At some point in time past, there were severe campaign and misinformation against cannabis. Of particular interest are the work of Harry J. Anslinger and his Reefer-Madness era propaganda against the use of marijuana in whatever form. 

As a result, the mayor of New York City, Fiorello La Guardia set up a committee that includes famous doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, psychiatrists, chemists, pharmacologists, and sociologists. The group was tasked with the mandate to investigate the effects of marijuana thoroughly. They are to comprehensively review and rely on existing scientific marijuana studies and literature. 

Later, the committee released its findings, which was tagged “The La Guardia Report.” The New York Academy of Medicine fully endorses the report, which declares that the ban on marijuana fails the smell test. The findings also state that marijuana does not affect or change the primary personality. Prolonged use of cannabis does not result in mental or antisocial behavior. 

The US Southern Border Is Safer As A Result Of Legalizing Marijuana

A new argument put forward by advocates of cannabis legalization is that communities ate safer with the legalization of cannabis. That is the result of an analysis that emanates from a study at the Cato Institutes. 

The study shows that there is a sharp drop in smuggling activities across the Southern Border due to more states legalizing marijuana.  Seizure of illegal goods by Border Patrols is down by 78% for the past five years. 

The study states that legalizing cannabis reduces the rate of business for many cartels. That, in turn, reduces violence related to smuggling activities. 

People That Use Cannabis Are More Likely To Survive A Heart Attack

Scientists at the University of Colorado states that people with heart conditions that took marijuana in the past stands a better chance of not dying during hospitalization. The researchers boldly reach this conclusion after comparing over a million records of patients with heart conditions at the hospital.

The report also states that patients with a significant history of cannabis use are less likely to receive an intra–aortic balloon pump or experience shock than patients without a history of cannabis use. 

The Myth That Marijuana Opens the Door for Other Drug Use Debunked

There is this popular misconception that using marijuana opens up the door to the use of other dangerous drugs. According to LiveStories cannabis research findings, there is no link between the use of cannabis and the eventual consumption of other addictive substances and hazardous drugs. The discovery states that using cannabis does not influence or increase the risk of using heroin, cocaine, tobacco, or alcohol. 

Marijuana Leaves Works Effectively In the Treatment of Staphylococcus Infections

Marijuana Leaves for Treatment of Staphylococcus Infections

Findings made available by researchers from the University of Banga and College of Medical Science and Technology in India states that marijuana leaves can have an impact on staph infections. 

The study says that crushing the cannabis leaves can suppress staph aureus, one of the causes of staph infection that aggressively resist some antibiotics, and it’s challenging to treat. The study says that crushed marijuana leaves have some excellent properties that perform well when you infuse it into a tincture derived from ethanol. 

Lastly, the study also states that the leaves work even better in combination with a green coniferous tree (Thuja Orientalis) and everyday guava leaves. 

The Legal Use of Medical Cannabis Is Steadily Edging Out Anti-Anxiety Medications

 Many people in our society today are suffering from anxiety. While that is not new, the new trend is that the majority of these people are now switching to the use of medical marijuana as against conventional medicine for their anxiety. 

That is the latest and ongoing trend, according to research by a team of Canadian scientists. The finding reveals that more than 30% of patients who after using medical cannabis within two months abandoned their anti-anxiety conventional drugs. That number accelerated to 45% after 6 months of using cannabis. 

Users of Legal Cannabis Care Less about Alcohol

New research that focuses on the market and consumption of marijuana states that the herb hurts the consumption of alcohol. The Chicago-based report says that adults with access to legal cannabis while living in states that recognize it consumes 20% less bear and 21% fewer cocktails compared to people who consume cannabis and reside in states where it is illegal. 

The study also reveals that legal cannabis contributes to reductions in pain prescriptions, depression, and anxiety medications. 

Medical Cannabis Can Become a Great Tool to Tackle The Opioid Epidemic

Legalizing and allowing access to marijuana leads to a remarkable drop in the prescription and user rate of opioid. That was the result of cannabis research conducted at the San Diego University of California, in Conjunction with the Weil Cornell Medical College. 

The result states that there is a correlation that exists between the legalization of cannabis and the use of prescribed opioid across a 21-year time frame. The outcome is that the overall marijuana effects cause a 30% decline in opioids. That means the patients were switching from opioids to cannabis for the treatment of their pains.     

Final thought

From all indications, it is clear that cannabis, in its medical and recreational form, is gaining wild attention all over the world. All of these marijuana studies and their findings show that there is a lot more about the benefits of cannabis than we can imagine. Cannabis, in its medical form, is like a goldmine in the modern world of holistic medicine. Enjoy it while it last.     



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