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Shows and Movies About Weed on Netflix

Takeaway: Holidays are for sitting back and relaxing. “Netflix and Chill” the popular slang amongst weekend lovers had got a new addition “Bong, Netflix and Chill”. The entertainment centre has been curating new shows every month. With the recent developments in the CBD market, weed has become a centre point for numerous new shows. Here is our list of top weed related movies and shows for CBD lovers to watch this holiday season. News, famous and old this blog covers the best of content related to cannabis over the internet.

The holiday season is in full fledge, and many of you must have already had an overdose of social interactions, and believe me when I say this, I feel you. It’s true that the Christmas spirit is in the air, but some of us can handle that only for a day, maybe two. After that, we need our space that has everything we so dearly long for- A couch, some good weed, and Netflix.

If you too are planning on spending the rest of the holidays silently, and are in too much love with cannabis, we have some of the most interesting Netflix weed shows to binge-watch this holiday season. And even if you don’t have a Netflix subscription, we have also listed some off-Netflix weed shows to get you going this holiday season!

Personally, all I want to do during the holidays is to binge-watch the new content, and eat a lot! Because when else would you get time to do that! On that note, let’s start with the list of the weed shows on Netflix:

5 Amazing Netflix Weed Shows

That ’70s Show

If you are in a mood to tickle all your funny bones, this is the show for this season! With a stellar cast of Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Danny Masterson, and Wilmer Valderrama, That ’70s Show is perfect to time travel to your high school days. The backdrop is of the ’70s, but its USP is plain humor.

Now, why did I list it as a Netflix weed series is that it has lots of marijuana in it? Hyde (Masterson) always has marijuana on him, and the lot is seen going crazy in ‘The Circle’ (That’s what they call it) at least once in each episode. Leo is another character who stays high all the time and say some of the most absurd things. Join their circle, and I bet you’ll have a great time binge-watching this show!


From the makers of The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, could you expect any less funny? Disjointed could be every cannabis activist’s story, only a little too dramatic. It’s a story about Ruth Whitefeather Feldman played by Kathy Bates, a cannabis advocate who runs a cannabis dispensary with her son and a few employees.

Although the reviews are a bit on the low side, I’m sure you would enjoy with your own high. Creatively appealing or not, this Netflix weed show is something I would support anyhow because of its niche which needs a standing right about not.

Wild Wild Country

If you are not only a fan of liberalism but also good storytelling, Wild Wild Country is a must-watch. It’s a documentary about Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh who moved his faction from India to Oregon in 1981. His cult changed Oregon, and there was a lot that happened which is articulately shown in the documentary. This is not entirely a Netflix weed series, but it is absolutely fun to watch the beliefs of the sect, like free sex and more.

Cooking On High

Netflix doesn’t resist going with the flow, and Cooking On High is the best example to prove it. Today, marijuana is receiving an understanding nod rather than a cold stare, and with the increase in cannabis culinary experiments, this weed show on Netflix is exactly what people might appreciate.

Cooking on High is a first ever cannabis cooking competitive show. Although the show has not received great reviews from the critics, it could be a great watch if you are high. The people on the show will be high, you’d be with your bong all set to get high, I don’t think anything else would matter.


Snoop Dogg has always been a vocal supporter and user of marijuana, and Reincarnated is his documentary film of taking a new life and music with Rastafari culture in Jamaica. Snoop took a trip to Jamaica to transform himself into a Rastafari, which he did and is now changed to Snoop Lion.

Andy Capper of Vice magazine shot this documentary that has many intimate chats with the singer. As the Rastafari of Jamaica indulges themselves in marijuana, Snoop is seen smoking a lot in the documentary. If you are keen on knowing the transformed Snoop Dogg, Reincarnated is the Netflix weed documentary for you this season.

No Netflix But Still Want To Chill? 4 Weed Shows Not On Netflix


A classic Bill Murray film! It is a comedy film which you would enjoy with the company you have (weed). Although the film is not about marijuana, Bill Murray, the vocal advocate of marijuana is the reason why I listed it here.

Nevertheless, the movie does have a classic stoner scene which is considered to be one of the funniest marijuana shots in the industry. Worth a watch!

Pineapple Express

Now, this is an authentic stoner comedy film equally loved by both, the critics and the viewers. The film is about two friends, a pot-smoking process server and his drug dealer who accidentally witnesses a murder, and have to flee from the corrupt cop.

It is a marijuana fuelled comedy and delivers everything that’s expected from this genre. It was reviewed as the most entertaining film of that year, and some scenes will leave you in splits. Pineapple Express was a Netflix weed movie previously but now, you’d have to watch it on Amazon Prime.

Easy Rider

How many of you remember the first time you got high? Well, one can’t remember but only hear stories from friends. Dennis Hooper and Peter Fonda will take you back to your early stoner days with their riding around the country that involves a chilled out attitude. The scene where Jack Nicholson’s character smokes marijuana for the first time is just epic. Here, watch it yourself:

Okay, it’s not a weed show, but it’s that series that is loved by both, the critics and viewers. An extension of Cosmos: A Personal Voyage of Carl Sagan, Spacetime Odyssey is co-created by his widow, Ann Druyan along with Steven Soter, and hosted by the one and only, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

I can’t get enough of this show, and I’m sure you’d too if you love science a little too much with your bongs. This Fox series was on Netflix until the past year but is discontinued as of now. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

Enjoy your holidays with some amazing strains and Netflix weed content!


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