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Takeaway: Years of Advil has taught us one thing if any is that we need replacements for pain relief. Pharmaceuticals have long plagued our options with numerous chemical pain relief pills that seldom help. With recent cannabis law changes the pain relief market has seen new products that help you manage pain better. Tampons, tea, coffee, bath salts to chewing gum marijuana derived products are here and with the wide patient acceptance, it seems like they are here to stay. From chronic body pain to dealing with stress these novel cannabis products have been found to be very helpful and are gaining mass popularity amongst traditional Advil users.

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The same old pain and the same old Advil!

The undeniable recurrence of pain with its so-called ‘killers’ have wrecked the bodies of people living through chronic pain as life. We have been looking for a natural pain-relief alternative desperately which is why medical marijuana programs get voted for in more and more states.

Using cannabis for pain and that too legally is something the people only dreamt of in the past years. However, now that more than 30 states have allowed the patients to use medical marijuana for various illnesses, some including chronic pain, there are options open to try out new products.

Yes, some brilliantly crafted products of cannabis! I have come across a few unique marijuana-infused products that you could use to treat chronic pain effectively:

Marijuana Tampons

Only women can relate to the need for a product that eases menstrual pain without having to swallow the pills!

While some women are blessed with a not-so-uncomfortable period, the others would do anything to get rid of the menstrual cramps that make sure to ruin at least 24 hours.

Many of you would be relying on CBD gummies and oils for managing your menstrual pain but did you know there are cannabis tampons specially designed for this?

A company called Foria developed cannabis tampons for pain-relief that comprises 60Mg THC/10 Mg CBD. All you have to do is insert the tampon into the vagina, wait a few minutes, and insert the regular tampon.

The cannabinoids, THC, and CBD mingle in the bloodstream through the vaginal walls working against the menstrual pain in women. It might take a few minutes to start its anti-pain work, but once it kicks off, you may have a perfectly pain-free day.

Although the product is not FDA approved, the users have found the product to be ground-breaking!

  • Marijuana-infused Gum- Another Blooming Pain-relief Option

CBD Chewing Gum

CBD oil is the most popular choice that represents the use of cannabis for chronic pain currently. However, people are always up for trying novice products, be it cannabis-infused or not.

One such product that hits the right notes for being unique is cannabis-infused chewing gum. AXIM Biotechnologies formulated CBD-infused chewing gum that got the green flag from the FDA for treating Fibromyalgia under the medical marijuana program.

MedChewRx, the cannabis-infused chewing gum has 5mg of each cannabinoid, THC, and CBD. Contrary to edibles that take longer to take effect, cannabis gum for chronic pain is easily digested by the liver as only the juice enters the system making it an option for faster pain relief.

The benefits of chewing cannabis gum apart from pain relief may include neuroprotective effects, stress relief, stimulation of the cardiovascular system, and improvement of age-related cognitive decline.

  • Cannabis Bath Salts- Turn Your Baths Into Therapy

CBD Bath Bombs

Yes, you read that right! You could actually make your ‘long-soaks in the bathtub’ a treatment for your chronic pain.

The best thing about cannabis bath salts is that even you could make it at your home using Epsom salt and cannabis oil (Provided cannabis is legal in your state, but if not, you could always use CBD oil).

Skin being the largest organ of our body, anything treated via skin could have a faster, intense effect. For instance, CBD balms are perfect for localized aches that usually harass the athletes!

Cannabis bath salts are a perfect way to deal with body pain, inflammation, skin issues, and stress. All you have to do is draw a bath using cannabis-infused bath salts, and soak in it for at least 20 minutes.

Use of cannabis for pain couldn’t get easier than this!

  • Cannabis Lotions For Pain- Topicals That You Could DIY


CBD Topical Cream

CBD salves, lotions, balms, or topicals, whatever you may choose to call, each of them works like any other topical solution would, through the skin.

A cannabis-infused lotion is probably the best marijuana-related pain-relief medium for localized pain. It works faster than edibles and is believed to have a better effect on injuries than other methods.

As opposed to CBD oils and vapes which require rather a lengthy procedure for consumption, marijuana-infused lotions are simple to use making it perfect for outdoor use during the day.

Additionally, you could also make your own CBD lotion using the minimum number of products such as CBD oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, and aloe vera gel.

The patients who have arthritis or any other form of chronic pain may find cannabis lotions to be that one product that would work without the hassles of dosage. Take charge and use cannabis for pain in the easiest way possible!

  • Marijuana Beverages- Sipping Pain-relief Is Cool

CBD Hot Beverages

Could anything get better than beverages that could heal you?! I don’t think so!

CBD-infused coffees and teas have been around since the approval of Hemp Farm Bill, but you can actually get your hands on THC/CBD infused beverages for your health issues.

Several cannabis brands have collaborated with coffee and tea brands to give the essence of cannabinoids to the beans. This is how we, the users, get the end-product of cannabis-infused beverages.

Apart from having sleeping benefits for the insomniacs, marijuana teas and coffees may release you from the haunting chronic pains. All you have to do is start and end your day with marijuana beverages to give a healthy twist to your day!

What a delightful way to use cannabis for chronic pain!

These were some of the unique cannabis-infused products that could be used to treat your chronic pain most naturally. However, the products mentioned above have not found their due popularity. Here is what most of the people opt for when they look for cannabis products to treat pain:

Common Cannabis Products Used For Chronic Pain:

  • Cannabis Oil For Pain– Bestseller

This is by far the most common marijuana product used for arthritis and other chronic pains.

If you are wondering why oils are a famous pick among cannabis users then here is the reason: Cannabis oils have the broadest range of cannabinoid concentration making it suitable for patients suffering from acute pain.

Moreover, the availability of only-CBD oils has allowed users to not care for the legal barriers that usually block them from aiming for cannabis products.

  • Cannabis Pills For Pain- The King Of Convenience

There are innumerable natural methods to treat illnesses which come directly from nature. For instance, drinking chamomile tea for sleeplessness.

But what would a modern man prefer, chamomile tea that needs making, or a pill that only needs popping?

Yes, we all know, a pill! How do we know? Because we are that modern man!

Taking our laziness into account, I think cannabis pills were bound to be one of the common cannabis products used for pain.

Wrapping it up!

Painkillers were always there, and will still be an option. But when there are natural alternatives like cannabis for chronic pain and other illnesses, isn’t it worth trying?

The cannabis industry is growing, and as a result, we are able to access these unique products in the form of tampons, gums, bath salts, and much more. All we have to do is expand our dimensions and try new products to get rid of our illnesses in the safest way possible.


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