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Check Your Kids Halloween Candy

Though Halloween is a fun time for the kids, it is turning out to be a little more stressful than usual for the parents. A few weeks back, Johnston Police Department in Pennsylvania issued a warning on a Facebook post. The notice was directed at the parents to check the Halloween candies of kids, as some THC edibles looked similar to a few popular Halloween candies. 

The post included an image of the seized THC Edibles, which were made to look like Nerds Rope candies. These candies are very popular among kids, especially during Halloween. Hence, the Police Department requested extra attention. 

Johnston Police Department

The post read, “The Johnstown Police would like to draw extra attention to the Nerds Rope edibles containing 400mg of THC found during a search warrant in Stoney Creek Twp. During this Halloween, we urge parents to be ever vigilant in checking their children’s candy before allowing them to consume those treats. Drug laced edibles are packaged like regular candy and may be hard to distinguish from the real candy.”

The company that makes the kids candy, Ferrara Candy Company, declared in a statement to CNN that they had nothing to do with the similar-looking THC edibles. They stated,” This product is counterfeit and in no way associated with Ferrara Candy Company. We want to reassure consumers that the Nerds products they find at major retailers across the country and at nerdscandy.com are safe to consume.”


The Johnstown Police Department, upon being inquired about the Facebook update, explained to Rolling Stone magazine that the post was just made to raise awareness. And that THC edibles were not being deliberately being distributed to kids. They have a point as it is common knowledge that Marijuana edibles are pretty expensive when compared to the harmless Halloween candies. The majority of the time, people don’t even offer full-sized candy bars, let alone give out costly THC edibles. Therefore, any such instances would be pretty rare. And also, if such mishap occurs, thanks to this article, you will have already taken it out of your kid’s candy collection! 

Another reason why such occurrences will be rare is that Elders love getting high… and getting that high in the form of a candy is just a bonus! No sane adult would give out those edible candies to kids, when they could be getting ‘relaxed’ instead. Besides before the THC edible warnings, there were many urban legends that ultimately spread the same message of checking kids’ candies. These urban legends included razor blades, drugs inside the candies. 

In the end, all of these legends, warnings were intended for the safety of the kids. So that even a rare mistake does not cause any harm to them. Just checking your kid’s Halloween haul will not only ensure their safety but also give you a chance to gobble up your favorite candies. 


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