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Takeaway: A majority of consumers feel that smoking and feeling good is the only application of Marijuana in our lives. But that is a misconception. The earliest use of marijuana is for making ropes. Similarly, there are various other uses of marijuana as a plant. From ropes, oil, cosmetics, concrete to jewelry. Marijuana has the ability to be utilized in many different ways and we are just starting to recognize a few uses amongst them. Here is a list of a few marijuana things that are currently in the market.

The marijuana plant is a naturally occurring blessing from the heavens. Not for the fun and games that using cannabis derivatives are. But for other numerous uses that this plant has to offer. The various ways in which we can process almost every part of this plant and reap the benefits of marijuana. It should be called magical marijuana really, from our body to our homes to our roads marijuana can help repair and build almost everything. How we grow marijuana is easier said than done, but if grown properly it can be used for a lot of different things. Growing good marijuana is half the job, the real task is using marijuana to its fullest extent.

How can marijuana help?

I am glad that crossed your mind. Marijuana can hemp every problem we have every shortage we face. Yes, I used the word ‘hemp’ for help. Because that’s what Hemp really is. A helping member of the cannabis family. The latest cash crop of the United States. Ever since it’s legalization entrepreneurs around the world have been researching on various ways this plant and its parts can be used. Here are top products made from the marijuana plant:

Things made from Marijuana


Most of our clothes are made from the cotton field. To maintain a cotton yield one uses pesticides and insecticides. This protects their crop but reduces the fertility of their land. Hemp, on the other hand, is an organic crop that is naturally resistant to pests and requires no added chemicals. Cotton fields use 24% of the world’s pesticides and 11% of the world’s insecticides. Hence using Hemp based clothes is not only good for the environment but also for our lands. 


Fiber from stems is used for making strong ropes. Marijuana plants are organically tensile and make good ropes with a lot of durabilities. In earlier times hemp fiber was used to make sail canvases from sailors on a voyage.


Stronger, lighter and 100% environment-friendly, Hemp derived concrete has hit the infrastructure market. Ideal for building durable and eco-friendly homes. The hemp concrete is a legit replacement of wood in creating homes. It can also be used as an insulator for soundproofing studios and offices. This organic beauty is flame resistant, water repellent and pest proof.


A quick and sustainable source of pulp, Hemp has been used to make paper for thousands of years. The earliest hemp paper is traced back to 2000 years.


Hemp threads can be used to produce handmade ornaments that are a combination of several different patterns brought together with the help of hooks and needles.


Yes, we can produce plastic from Hemp too. Durable plastic that has shorter recycle and degrades faster into the soil. Reducing the plastic footprint on the earth while at the same time satisfies our plastic needs. Cans, cases, curtains, liners, furniture and even mechanical parts. Hemp plastic can be used for making anything that is made from plastic.


Seeds and stalks from Hemp/Marijuana can be utilized to create effective and efficient biofuels capable of running any machine. With the world’s scientists looking for fuel alternatives, Hempoline isn’t just a Mad Max movie term now, it is a reality.


Whether it is soil or water, the cannabis plant can produce hemp that acts as an organic purifier. Industrial hemp produced from the cannabis plant can treat impurities found in wastewater, such as sewage effluent, excessive phosphorus due to litter or other unwanted chemicals found in water. 

Fun Fact: Hemp is being actively used to clean impurities at the most radioactive and toxic place on earth – the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster site.

Carry Bags

One of the earliest entries in the Hemp product category is 100% organic bags made out of Hemp. From reusable satchels to one-time use paper bags, Hemp can be molded into durable bags of any size.

Cosmetic Products

Beauty is the biggest personal care industry. And hemp is making beauty more organic. There is a line of hemp-based cosmetic products that are skin-friendly and help groom yourself the same as your normal beauty products.

Today the world faces a global epidemic in terms of natural resource consumption. The human race has multiplied so much that every day there are hundreds of people that lack the basic necessities or the capacity to live. There are starvation deaths every day. In such a scenario the marijuana plant has a lot to offer to reduce their pain. 

If the educated class of the world shifts to more renewable and eco-friendly resources this epidemic might end. Years of uncontrolled abuse of our natural resources has made global warming reality. The hole in our ozone layer is because of the constant burning fuel we will never get back. The infertile land is because of the non-eco friendly pesticides we use on our lands. The rise in diseases and the fall of the human immune system is because of the harmful gases we breathe, the pharmaceuticals we consume.


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