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CBD For Weight Loss

Takeaway: Marijuana legalization and decriminalization are spreading wide all over the US. And there is a chance that even if you have never smoked it, you have formed a positive image of Marijuana in your mind. But there is a conundrum with pot when it comes to the subject of obesity, whether it suppresses your appetite or stimulates it. By referencing scientific studies and research, this article aims to clear up the confusion about weight-loss and weed.

The good part about marijuana-stereotype is— even the kids who don’t snort it doodle a perfect-marijuana screenplay in their brains.

“Rolling up the red cellophane paper around the light-emitting tubes, getting some space on the desk placed right under the lights, turning over the favorite smoking sheath around cannabis-joint before going to a psychedelic-cruise of euphoria, and allowing a short munchie-nibble between every puff for satisfying the stomach call.”

That’s the conventional image of “potheads” which associates smoking with the discrete episodes of snack munching in between.

Also, the paper published by ScienceDaily claims that marijuana triggers hunger-hormone. [1]

It means that marijuana-opponents have one more tool to use against it, and that is, obesity coughed up by marijuana— credits to enhanced snack-gobbling capabilities.

But in spite of such hard-hitting claims by ScienceDaily, the claim doesn’t seem to be entirely accurate.

The nature of marijuana is harder than finding the duality of light— there stands the confusion whether it’s an appetite stimulant or an appetite suppressant— and that’s the bad part of marijuana stereotype.

Let’s try to settle this confusion.

The study of marijuana as anti-obesity-element

The finding by the International Journal of Epidemiology (IJE ) shows the otherwise connection between marijuana and weight loss. [2]

The anecdote on 30,000 respondents displays a body of evidence that marijuana helps in hushing the body-pound away.

Thus, men who curse their dabbing-habit for their increased BMI or weight can take a sigh of relief.

Although it’s not a hardbound and unerasable text carved on the stone books of IJE as it still needs better understanding and efficient clinical testing; the study can’t be ignored.

In fact, the study promotes that people who get high off cannabis are less likely to develop obesity or cross the body mass index compared to the ones who don’t smoke marijuana at all.

Another study by PMC suggests that men who take a drag of marijuana have smaller waist circumference and low-fat content in the body. [3]

Since multiple-findings draw a correlation between marijuana and weight loss, we should have a close watch how it does that.

How marijuana potentially trim your waistline?


Before we dissect how marijuana may prove as a potent body-toning and fat-killing apparatus, let’s find out what’s bloating up your waistline.

B.1 Cannabinoid 1 Receptor (CB1R)

CB1R receptor is one of the primary components of the endocannabinoid system.

It’s dispersed in muscles, liver, pancreas, tissues, etc.

Overactivation of these receptors stumbles the beta cells in the pancreas.

Beta cells are known to produce insulin; however, the extreme action of CB1R prevents these cells from working; henceforth, leading to insulin resistance. [4]

The highly-spirited receptors also give rise to metabolic conditions, including fatty acid uptake, lipogenesis, etc.

All these metabolic-comorbid make way for obesity. [5]

Marijuana handling CB1R: Marijuana has THC— the CB1R neutralizing cannabinoid.

THC downregulates the action of CB1R in the body and cuts down the obesity rate. [6]

As we know that reducing CB1R is one of the primary requirements for lowering down BMI, pulling on a pot can help you cut lose some fat. [7]

B.2 Bad sleep cycle

The current age of technology has disturbed your melatonin level.

Usually, melatonin hormones send sleeping and waking signal to your brain developed according to the circadian rhythm.

But disturbed melatonin secretion hampers the rhythmic circadian flow which, in turn, disrupts the sleep cycle. [8]

Sleep deprivation changes the way your appetite goes about.

You end up spending extra energy at night while you couldn’t doze off.

That invokes the desire to eat more to fulfill the caloric need at night, thereby increasing your weight. [9]

Marijuana handling sleep cycle: Marijuana has the Yin and the Yang of the cannabinoids, i.e., THC and CBD.

While THC continues to face backlash for its psychoactive actions, CBD is appreciated as medical marijuana which has shown healing capabilities.

Many believe that CBD improves the sleep cycle by pumping-in the relaxing hormones— Serotonin— in the body. [10] [11]

As the relaxed body produces improved REM sleep, there’s more melatonin secretion for you to sleep. [12]

Since it brings your sleep cycle in track, you eventually get a chance to prevent your night-time theatrics like “mid-night craving.”

B.3 Inconsistent heart-rate

Your heart wants to pump the blood actively through the blood-channels, but unfortunately, your lifestyle slows down the cardiovascular proceedings.

Fatty and fried meals, the endless puffs of cancer tubes, stress & depression, etc. block the arteries of your circulatory system.

It forces your heart to make more efforts in order to send the blood to the body.

As a result, you feel chest pain and sucked-up by nominal exercise.

Your energy level plummets to the level which attracts you to more food for satisfying the caloric need.

By the time you realize that your heart is slowing-down and blood is facing a lot of resistance in reaching the designated organ; you already have a larger waist perimeter. [13]

Marijuana handling cardiovascular activity: As mentioned, if THC brings a curse on the marijuana industry, CBD brings the light of hope in the medicinal sector.

As the health of the artery decides how long the person will live, CBD oil supports the very noble-cause of these selfless arteries which engage in keeping you alive throughout your existence.

CBD relaxes the muscle lining of the blood vessels by amplifying the nitric oxide level in the body. [14]

Nitric oxide is a primary compound which vasodilates (expands) the arteries. [15]

Escorted by CBD oil, heart re-engages in super-smooth pumping.

It, in the fullness of time, fends off fats from piling up in your body.

B.4 Mental-obscurity

Your mental-obscurity, such as stress and depression, can hit a massive toll on your body.

When you start freaking yourself out with mental-illness, the body begins producing cortisol.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that can reduce your scope of physical movement and drive you to go for munching-phenomenon. [16]

And it’s not a rocket-science that couch-potatoes develop obesity faster than anyone. [17]

Furthermore, it detests the idea of focus as it forces your brain to lose it along with other cognitive-disorders. [18]

Marijuana handling mental-ailments: Apart from inducing the anti-anxiety hormones, cannabis-CBD also enhances your concentration level.

Adding stars to its forte, CBD blocks or interferes with the cortisol secretion. [19]

Having it right before your workout can give you the double-high— your running high plus CBD high.

Imagine the kind of focus you’ll bring-on your treadmill with the double high phenomenon.

And also imagine the amount of body fat you’ll get to shed with mental clarity brought up by CBD oil. [20]

B.5 Untimed-eating habits

Well, this has to be the apparent reason for your obesity.

And it tends to have more effect if your metabolism sucks.

Your body starts belting fat at your waistline when you consume high-energy sources like fats and sugar, and don’t burn them enough. [21]

That’s not the way to go about when you have such kind of meal.

Moreover, untimed-food intake can never allow your food cycle to settle, i.e., your body will find it hard to understand when you should eat and skip. [22]

It, at some point in future, weighs you more than you should.

Marijuana handling eatery-habits: Although THC is considered to spark off hunger; CBD, on a contrary note, has shown the opposite function, i.e., to suppress the diet. [23]

As CBD has potentiated the therapeutic effect on animal models; the same may work with humans.

The point of studying CBD-based marijuana is to find whether humanity has answers to all the severe problems.

One right way to get hold of problems like obesity is to learn about the exact cause and work on it.

However, you may not have the immediate answer to the question, “does weed make you lose weight.”

It’s also vital for you to not consider it as a magical elixir or prescription which will obliterate your fats even before you pronounce a knife.

The Final Call

CBD for Losing Weight

Based on the research, CBD might knock on our doors very soon; however, we shall consider improving other factors like lousy lifestyle and habits before we confirm marijuana as the final medication.


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