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Takeaway: From astronauts to movie stars to common men, everybody who is anybody has tried marijuana. Some to release the pressure some to enjoy everybody has their own reason for it’s use. Willie Nelson, Brad pitt, Carl Sagan, Morgan Freeman to Miley Cyrus all of them have used marijuana. Some claim to have stopped others proudly take its name. Marijuana stars are like a beacon of light into the dark night increasing marijuana’s acceptance world wide.

When I was in high school, it was tough for me to get over my bad grades.I would go into depression, drowning in sorrow, and did know very little about the positives around.

Then I came across Homer— one of the legendary Greek artists known for striking piece “Odyssey (dates back to 8th century BC).”

Homer mentioned “Nepenthe” in Odyssey as a fictional medicine for sorrow, literally an antidepressant – a “drug of forgetfulness.”

Nepenthe had an intriguing effect on me, and I would long for something similar to cheer myself up and lower my depression. Had I got access to such a magical medicine, I would have balanced all my sorrows and happiness.

But more than 2000 years now, and people still speculate what could Nepenthe be or what did Homer mean by “forgetful substance.”

My different traits, i.e., “intuition and conviction,” make me believe that humankind has finally revealed the mysterious substance described by Homer.

We better call it as Weed, Marijuana, herb, bud, ganja, spliffs or whatever in our friendly neighborhood cannabis.

Over the years, cannabis has been a controversial subject, but recently, 66% of Americans strongly recommend for the legalization of the pot.

The reason for such strong support is due to its significant medical impact in diluting the depression and forgetting about the forgettable moments.

As the legalization movement has gone wild, the artists of various niches have also bubbled out for confirming the use of the substance for extracting out the best performances.

There has been a lot of talks about the relationship between Cannabis and creativity.

In a 1997 interview with Jon Stewart, George Carlinthe veteran stand comedian and cannabis experimenter was asked whether he had a fear of losing creative genius and sanity by giving up the drugs. In response to the question, he said that “creativity comes from being a wacky person; the use of substances open up the window and seems to broaden the vistas.”

So, various artists have publicly confronted the personal use of cannabis for helping their creative abilities and making them free from stress.

Let’s check some of the artists who have their reasons to support the cannabis intake.

Justin Timberlake:

The man behind the popular “What goes around… comes around” song puff the “magic dragon” for his purpose. The purpose is not inspiration, but to turn off his brain. He feels that marijuana helps him in briefly escaping his thoughts. I wish his song “Not a Bad Thing” were dedicated to Marijuana.

Morgan Freeman:

The man known for filming some of the great movies like Million Dollar Baby, Seven, etc. loves weed and has been pushing strong efforts for the legalization of it. He said he would eat it, drink it, smoke it, snort it as the legalization movement is getting legs—longer legs. His dialogue in The Shawshank Redemption “like a man in a park without a care or a worry in the world” perfectly fits his condition after weed intake.

Miley Cyrus:

One of the pretty Disney kids who featured in Hannah Montana was a pothead till last year. She liked getting access to the weed, and it was evident from the MTV event where she smoked it while performing. However, she has recently admitted it that she has stopped smoking weed because she feared death. Oh, Miley! “The Time of Our Lives” would have been a significant flop had you released it now because the time of your life was gone the moment you announced this decision.

Brad Pitt:

As termed by many media outlets— “The world’s most attractive man,” one might fail to associate his drooling physique with active weed smoking. He quoted “I smoke to get peace from the celebrity life.” In the present situation, I am not sure whether he avidly smokes it or not. In other words, that’s the curious case of Benjamin Button for us.

Jennifer Aniston:

She was found smuggling Marijuana across the border in the movie “We are the millers.” But, does she smuggle Marijuana or smoke one? Well, the Rolling Stone believes so. In an interview with them, she mentioned that she enjoys it once in a while and there is nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation.” I have not watched her film “Marley and me,” but I think that it must be an honest tribute to Bob Marley’s ability to snort plenty of joints in a day.

No! I just checked its poster, and it was about her dog. Sorry reggae king!

Tommy Chong:

You can build walls between America and Canada and prevent migrants from crossing the borders, but you can’t stop Tommy Chong— Canadian-American comedian, actor, writer, director, musician, and cannabis rights activist from jumping either side of the countries.

He has spent his life fighting for the Marijuana cause in both the countries. Take a sneak peek at his Medical Marijuana Garden where he speaks about the sanctity of it by quoting “you get a choice while doping. When you want to talk, you will get someone to listen, when you want to stay quiet, you will get to sit in your room, provided you have a room” His humorous flicks like Still Smoking and Up In Smoke sums up his battle in an appropriate way.

Carl Sagan:

Professionally an astronomer and cosmologist, if looked deeper, Carl Sagan was a technician with art. He strongly advocated weed, and his letter to the Drug Policy Foundation in 1992 is the proof. He enjoyed smoking Marijuana and restricted it for recreational purpose only. He featured in the short video “Who’s Out There,” and had he been alive, he would have asked, “Who’s Out There Supporting His Marijuana Battle.”

Seth Rogen:

We all wanted to see the controversial movie “The Interview” when the trailer surfaced making fun of the mighty dictator— Kim Jong. Seth said that “he smokes a lot of weed when he writes.” Well, it takes stone-courage to make fun of Kim Jong.

He also mentioned that “he was unsure whether it helped in writing or not, but it definitely didn’t bother him that he’s writing. He was not sure whether he got efficient under the influence, but it made him care less that he was working.”

I have seen “The Interview,” and it deserved his another picture title “The Disaster Artist” because honestly, getting stoned did help him to write, but no sense.

Willie Nelson:

More than anybody in the list, Willie Nelson is an avid pothead. He has been carrying the legalization movement of Marijuana through his work for several years now and considers Marijuana as his old friend who never betrays him and calms him down. Going by his habits, if you’d ask me what happened first— he joined his band or smoked the joint, I’d probably hesitate to answer. I won’t be surprised if he claims that his album “Just One Love” was dedicated for the love of Marijuana.

Bob Marley:

Talk about Bob Marley and think of two things— Reggae and Weed. He was the symbol of peace and weed as he equivalently advocated both. He viewed Marijuana as a biblical sacrament— a way to reveal the most accurate image. He believed that “when you smoke herb, herb reveal yourself to you. All the wickedness you do, the herb reveal itself to yourself, your conscience, show up yourself clear, because herb makes you meditate. Is only a natural t’ing and it grow like a tree.” I’m pretty sure he was referring to Marijuana when he wrote: “Satisfy My Soul.” Don’t you think so?

Snoop Dogg:

When Bob Marley passed in 1981, this guy must have been just a Snoop Puppy. A long way now, he has become the most influential pothead celebrity in the world and has claimed to smoke Marijuana in the president’s house, i.e., The White House.

He has been a part of the television drama series “Weed” which explores the possibility of medical benefits of weed in an attractive and presentable manner. He gave himself a new name Snoop Lion— not sure due to his magnified stature or increase in the ability to smoke more pots in a day.

Over the years, artists have taken the support of Marijuana and influencing substance to bring out the best of their abilities. Homer did give birth to the fictional medicine, but who would have thought that the medicine would become reality?

What are your thoughts about legalizing Marijuana in your locality? Help us know about the local issues in your demography, and what amendments do the rules need in your place.


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