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The Cannabis Sommelier

Takeaway: Finding the best weed is a common quest these days. With a huge influx of legal marijuana and hemp flowers, it gets confusing. Should it be moldy? Dense? Thick when you crush? Sweet when you smell? Here are the answers to all questions weed. After talking to a lot of weed pros we have gathered this list of things that you should check before you buy your weed. From smell, texture, color to flower density. Understand the simple basics of best weed buying.

Marijuana is organic. Organic products have sensitive anatomy. They have to be cured, processed, de-contaminated and kept safe to maintain quality. So is the case with Cannabis. While buying your buds, quality should be the topmost priority. 

Marijuana plants are light-sensitive and require controlled nutrient supply and climatic conditions. Manufacturers all around the world are constantly ensuring top quality growing conditions to yield the best of cannabis. From soil to water, to sunlight to temperature. 

Cannabis is a plant that has multiple scientific growth systems developed by scientists. Subject to medical research this plant has been grown under various conditions. This has given us the required knowledge to gauge the best of Cannabis products and use them wisely. 

Buying high-quality weed can be a tricky thing. It isn’t easy to identify the best of the breed. You require plant knowledge of where to look for the best of the breed. Weed quality depends on a lot of factors apart from the seeds. Sure high-quality weeds come from good seeds. But there is a lot more to be done if you’re expecting to reap the full benefits. Below we have gathered a list of things that you should check to buy high-quality weed:


Everybody knows what a good bud smells like. It a swift pungent smell. From sweet, woody to diesel-like, the smells of good cannabis buds are these three. If your bud lacks any smell whatsoever chance are it has lost its effectiveness. Improperly harvest buds tend to produce a foul rotten smell which is akin to leftover vegetable skins. Smell indicates the amount of care that has been given to Cannabis. A fresh fragrance is a clear indicator of top-notch procedures and quality assurances. While bad-smelling Cannabis indicated a lack of care and proper processing.

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The best way to test is taste. If your dispensary or local licensed retailer gives you the option of trying out your choice of Cannabis. Nothing is better than that. Prepare a clean joint and smoke the bud to measure it. What taste does it have? How is the after-burn smell?


Much can be said by the density of the buds. If the plant is fully grown and harvested properly it gives out dense buds. Whereas light bids that lack density are a sign of weak seeds, improper growing procedures, immature harvesting, and generally bad quality. Ensure that your buds are dense to get maximum benefits.

Look and Colour

Looks matter, especially in Cannabis field. The best-grown buds are almost always lush green in color. Although a few shades of purple, red, and brown are okay. Cannabis that is all brown is typically bad bred plants. Look for an overall green tone to your cannabis for the best quality.

Your buds must not contain a lot of seeds and stem in it. Look at your bud carefully and identify the number of stems and seeds in it. Good buds are made from chunks of flowers and absence of stems and seeds. 


If you’re paying the full price you must settle for nothing but the final product. Trimming the extra leaves is an essential part of curing. Look at the amount of leaves present in your cannabis can tell you exactly how much preparation has gone in the making of the buds of any cannabis.


Trichomes are structures where cannabinoids and terpenes are stored predominantly. For a good experience ensure that your buds are ripe with trichomes. Trichome heads should be milky white with a pinch of amber in it. If the trichome heads are clear it shows early harvesting. While completely amber plants are a sign of mature marijuana harvesting.

Molds and Pests

Molds and pests are impurities that occur with improper storage and processing. To make sure that you get the best and fresh flowers ensure that your choice of buds is not affected by molds and pests. There can be identified visibly.

Moisture Levels

Good buds are sticky. Bad buds crush quite easy. Cannabis flowers, when stored and curated with care, tend to be fresh with terpenes and naturally occurring compounds. These give the flower a sticky texture to it. While dry buds are a sign of the lack of essential terpenes. Look for a bud that is appropriately sticky and does not lack the required softness.

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Contamination Test

Regulated medical marijuana goes through a contamination test to ensure it has no impurities. While buying a bod, look at its packaging for a sign that declares the bud has been tested for impurities.

Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis is another mandatory thing that licensed manufacturers have to deal with. Preferably done by a third-party laboratory, a certificate of analysis is a detailed report of the molecular constituents of your buds. For people looking to smoke THC free buds, this is a surety that your cannabis product is THC free.

Supportive full spectrum ingredients

Full-spectrum elements are cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that are found naturally within Cannabis breeds. These are instrumental in enhancing the beneficial effects of CBD. Popularly known as the entourage effect, if you are a believer in elements that occur naturally, you may want to buy full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD.

There are a few factors that will lead to making the best buying decision. Marijuana grows organically but the end product depends on a lot of other things. Proper procedures have to be followed at every step from growing those seeds, to harvesting to the end curing. A good marijuana bud is not that hard to find. Just follow this checklist and you are sure to buy the best weed of your life. 


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