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Top Rated Cannabis Influencers With High Growth Rates

Takeaway: Cannabis has grown into a full fledged industry and so has grown its marketing. From pop-stars to rap-gods there are many popular public personalities that have embraced cannabis on social media platforms. Their followers are an army that can be reached by any company. Here is a list of our top rated cannabis influencers that are making the headlines regularly. They are thought leaders of the cannabis community and the products they endorse definitely gain a lot of traction from the cannabis community.

Cannabis has never been this popular anytime in history than it is now. Thanks to its medicinal properties, people will stop at nothing to lay their hands on the herb. As a result, various governments of the world are reconsidering their stance on the legality of cannabis.

But, of most particular interest is the marketing power of top CBD influencers. These are famous personalities and brands that are pushing the frontiers of marijuana. They have a sizeable cannabis-loving fan base across different social media platforms. There, they discuss issues, problems, solutions, suggestions, types, use, benefits, and challenges of marijuana.

Below are some of the top-rated marijuana influencers in 2019.

10 Marijuana Influencers on Social Media

In no particular order, we have some of the most famous cannabis influencers Instagram has on its platform.

Wiz Khalifa (United State)

Based in the US, Whiz Khalifa is one of the most famous rappers in the world of hip hop music. Khalifa has been an ardent supporter of cannabis. He has advocated for the use of marijuana for many years. He builds his personality around the consumption of cannabis, and you can testify about that from his songs.

Snoop Dogg (United States)

Also based in the US, you cannot mention the legends of hip hop music without mentioning the name of Snoop Dogg.

Snoop is a highly successful rapper and a famous name in the cannabis industry. Snoop is one of the celebrated CBD influencers Instagram has on its platform. The fact that Snoop has a follower base that amounts to about 30 million on Instagram, you can understand the huge influence he commands when it comes to marijuana.

Jessica Catalano (United States)

Jessica Catalano instagram influencer

(Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BEokOBtRgQn/)

If you are searching for one of the most respected and reputable cannabis chefs in the US, you just found her; Jessica Catalano.

Jessica has produced documents of herself attempting to create different forms of cannabis-medicated dishes. Her fan base has tremendously grown as she continues to emphasize her love and dedication for marijuana while combining it with her kitchen expertise.

Jessica is among the first and most experienced cannabis cook on Instagram. As a result, she earned the nickname “OG marijuana Chef.” She has more than 15,000 followers on Instagram. So if you are looking forward to finding some of the best cannabis inspired-dishes on the internet, visit Jessica Catalano’s handle on Instagram.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

If you have an interest in medical cannabis, and you want to know more about CBD benefitrs, follow Dr. Sanjay.

Dr. Sanjay is a famous neurosurgeon in the payroll of CNN. He works with the popular News Network as their number one chief medical correspondent. Sanjay’s expertise and hard work as a medical correspondent have earned him an Emmy award while working for CNN.

Before Sanjay became the cannabis influencer he is today, he once spoke against the use of the herb in 2009. But after much research, Sanjay discovers there are lots of medical and scientifically provable benefits associated with the use of cannabis. He immediately changed his mind about the herb and publicly wrote to amend his earlier claims about marijuana.

Since that time, Dr. Sanjay has continued to work in favor of cannabis. He is openly canvassing for the global legalization of the herb and is currently educating people about the positive effects of marijuana. With more than 26,000 followers on Instagram; Sanjay is one of the best top CBD influencers on Instagram.

Coral Reefer (United States)

Cora Reefer is a famous marijuana ambassador for females. It has a YouTube channel that teaches people to learn more about cannabis and its use. Coral Reefer also shares news about cannabis on News Nug and posting several videos on different topics relating to cannabis. Currently, Coral Reefer has more than 115,000 followers and subscribers on its YouTube and Instagram page.

Trippy.Treez (United States)

Trippy Treez instagram influencer

(Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf9-P2ElPi5/)

For someone to leave his accounting job and establish a profession out of his passion for cannabis shows that marijuana is such a potent herb. That is what Trippy. Treez did.

Trippy. Treez is a formal accountant, a publisher, a writer and one of the top-rated CBD influencers Instagram can boast of. Her follower base has more than 150,000 fans. She also has a YouTube channel she dedicates to different cannabis contents, and it has more than 70,000 subscribers.

The Budd (United States)

The Los Angeles based YouTube channel is formally called “Buddfeed.” It discusses anything relating to cannabis. It is a top influencer channel that also features a blog where it posts marijuana articles, a PODcast, and a great Instagram profile that boast more than 200,000 dedicated followers.


It is hard to beat a YouTube influencer channel with so many subscribers. CustomGrow420 has up to 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube. Its Instagram profile where it posts high contents on marijuana has more than 400,000 followers. If you’re out looking for a reliable channel and influencer that primarily focuses on marijuana cultivation, CustomGrow420 is your best port of call.

Charlo Greene (Alaska, US)

A one-time news anchor with KTVA television, Charlo Greene shot into nationwide fame when she quit her job while on-air to spend more time with cannabis. The incident happened during a live television program that was talking about the Alaska Cannabis Club.

As Charlo Greene was happily covering the cannabis story, she surprisingly gave the revelation that she was the owner and operator of the cannabis club in question. She stated that she plans on spending more time in becoming a cannabis reform activist in the state of Alaska. She immediately shot into fame as she quit her job as a reporter by saying live on air, “Fuck it, I quit!”

Today, Charlo Greene is spending more of her time on “The weed show,” which is her show where she is educating people about the use of cannabis.

Aaron Justis (United States)

Aaron Justis instagram influencer

(Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ8KQWNBeuF/)

Here is drug law reformer with tremendous work to his name. Aaron Justis is a famous marijuana entrepreneur who has put his expertise into helping people to realize the positive effects of cannabis. His work contributed significantly to the widespread legalization and use of cannabis in the many places in the United States.

Justis operates a popular marijuana dispensary that goes by the name “Buds & Roses.” The award-winning dispensary is in Los Angeles, and it exemplifies Justis’s desire to create a one-of-its-kind cannabis shopping experience. With more than 180,000 followers, Aaron Justis is among the best CBD influencers, Instagram is proud to have.

Final thought

Influencers are people or companies that push the frontiers of the cannabis business. They don’t just let you know what or where to buy but help marketing your products while educating you on the best cannabis practices. If you are interested in marijuana, follow any of these influencers to learn more.


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