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Since cannabis was legalized in Canada back in 2018, the market in cannabis products has grown at an exponential rate. By some estimates, Canadians spent upward of $1.6 billion on cannabis products for recreational use in the final quarter of 2018, and that is before we factor in the huge numbers of people who are consuming it for medicinal purposes. Cannabis products then generated around $7 billion in 2019.

This rise might not seem like a lot, but things are developing at a rapid pace, with financial forecasters predicting that the Canadian cannabis market could be worth somewhere in the region of $11 billion by 2025. This rise is set to be driven by high competition among cultivators and distributors, leading to a potential halving of the $10/gram price for bud at the moment to a price which is more similar to those of the pre-legalization era – great news for cannabis enthusiasts across the country!

As always, an influx of capital into a market results in an increased amount of research and innovation. This innovation has given rise to a ballooning range of products containing cannabis derivatives like THC and CBD.

In the remainder of this post, we check out the most common ways that Canadians are ingesting cannabis today. To learn the terms used in the cannabis industry, refer to this glossary for more info. Knowing the slang used in the industry will give you a better idea of what’s available and how to enjoy it.

There are many different options for consuming cannabis, which is why knowing some tips to consume will be helpful for many people. Because of the variety of options, there are now services that enable mail order marijuana, for instance. That way, there’s easier access to marijuana whenever you need it. You should keep in mind, however, that each person will have unique reactions to cannabis. So, you may find that one method works better than another.


One way to consume cannabis products is to smoke it. Although there’s no scientific evidence to prove that smoking cannabis helps people with anxiety, people who smoke marijuana do report a number of benefits.

This is usually only recommended for those who are not ready for a long-term or serious addiction. People who are new to the use of cannabis or people who have a history of substance abuse shouldn’t try to smoke it because it can lead to serious health problems.

One way to smoke marijuana is to light up a joint and then inhale the smoke slowly. If you smoke marijuana regularly, this is may be an effective way to relieve stress and get into the zone. However, smoking marijuana is not recommended for pregnant women since there’s a tendency that they’ll become addicted. If you smoke marijuana daily, it’s recommended that you limit your consumption to a couple of times per week.


It will surprise few people that the oldest and longest-enduring way of consuming cannabis is by smoking the flowers. For the avid cannabis enthusiast, there is little that compares with the time-honored tradition of rolling up a joint or packing a bong and smoking to your heart’s content.

These days, the market in cannabis flowers has been formalized. Weed smokers of the old school used to be aware of the different varieties, but only the most knowledgeable of them would have known a great deal about whether a strain picked up from a local dealer was Indica, Sativa or a hybrid of the two.

Nowadays, cannabis lovers tend to be much more conscious of the difference between strains, a development that has largely occurred as a result of the depth of information provided by online dispensaries as they seek to market their wares.


Eating weed has always been a common form of getting THC into your system. If taken in the correct quantity, cannabis gives a slightly different and sometimes more intense and long-lasting high that is heavy on euphoric giggles and psychedelic effects.

Eating is another popular method of consuming cannabis products since many people enjoy the flavor and taste of marijuana. Eating a bowl of marijuana brownies, cookies, or even pot cookies is a delicious way to get high. These are easily prepared at home or purchased in many different forms. Although they don’t offer as much of a high as smoking a joint, they’re still a great and convenient way to get high.

Most people who had eaten weed in the pre-legalization era did so by either baking weed into cookies or cakes (after decarboxylation, of course) or buying some made by somebody else. While homemade pastries are still a great way to ingest THC, you can now buy a whole host of difference THC edibles at dispensaries across the countries that range from traditional brownies to chocolate and an incredible array of gummy candies of every shape, size, strength and flavor under the sun.


Following hotly on the heels of the vaping revolution in the tobacco world has come a raft of new vaping products that contain THC. You can now find devices designed to vaporize THC-infused vape liquid, oils, resins and flowers.

There are many reasons why so many people are now using vapes to get their THC hit. Among the most common are the discreteness of vaping, reduced toxins, low odor, portability and low costs. The increased potential for high potency has also made vaping the preferred method of ingesting cannabis for people who use it for medicinal purposes.


Advances in cannabis research in recent years has highlighted the therapeutic potential of CBD, a previously little-known cannabinoid that occurs alongside THC in the cannabis plant. With almost no appreciable psychoactive effects on the human body, CBD is mainly used by people for medicinal purposes.

Due to its interaction with the receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD is now thought to possess significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that have led to its widespread use as an all-natural, holistic treatment for a wide range of degenerative neurological conditions, anxiety-related disorders and auto-immune diseases.

The main way that people are taking CBD in Canada is through oil extract which contains the cannabinoid. However, there is also a growing selection of different CBD products that are flooding the market. These products range from gummies and capsules to isolate and skincare products. For people who love the taste of smoking weed but do not get on well with the high THC varieties and their cerebral effects, you can today find a range of CBD flowers that you can smoke, but which will not get you stoned.

The number of products produced to contain CBD is mushrooming, with some of the more innovative recent additions including CBD tea, coffee and even beer!


The market in cannabis-derived products is growing at an incredible rate in Canada. Since legalization, the door has been opened for many new users than the old-school stoners of the past, many of whom prefer to consume their cannabis in a variety of new ways. With the market set to expand further in the next decades, it would be a safe bet to say that we will start to see an even wider selection of cannabis-based products in the future.

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