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MBA in the Cannabis Industry

The University of Science in Philadelphia has announced a new opportunity for learners to enlist in a Master of Business Administration degree focusing on the cannabis industry. Students can now learn upright from this September about the cannabis, hemp and dispensary operations company.

Founded in 1821 as the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, USciences is the first pharmacy college in North America. It provides more than 30 doctoral degrees in the areas of health science and healthcare business and policy, which now also encompasses the cannabis sector.

MBA in cannabis industry

The USciences’ Cannabis Industry Option is the first of its kind in the U.S. to endeavor education on cannabis, hemp, and dispensary trading.

“We’ve seen rapid growth in an industry that needs business leaders,” says Andrew Peterson, Executive Director of the Substance Use Disorders Institute. 

“There are many unique aspects to the medical cannabis and hemp industries, and those in this new industry have been testing the waters for the last few years.” said Peterson and continued, “This new program will help to formalize those teachings for those currently in the cannabis industry, entering the field, or interested in other fields associated with the industry,”

Parts About The Course:

part of courses

Four courses will be offered online:

  1. Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business Curriculum
  2. Finance and Regulation of the Cannabis Industry,
  3. Cannabis Marketing and Sales
  4. A Team Project on Writing A Business Plan or Launching A Product to Market

The college is working with Franklin BioScience to craft more reliable marijuana products and create a cannabis education program for pharmacists, doctors, and students planning to enter health professions.


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