Weed for my Valentine: Unique CBD Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Weed for Valentine's Day

Takeaway: Valentine’s day is fun for most, but stressful for those who cannot select a gift for their loved ones. With the increasing use of CBD amongst adults and youths, CBD manufacturers have prepared special Valentine’s gifts to add an extra dose of magic, happiness and good health for your Valentine. Experience calmness, creativity and a warm friendly vibe with the Valentine X strain specially bred for this Valentine’s day. Or gift your loved one classic chocolates with a CBD twist. There is a CBD product for Valentines of every kind.

It is tough thinking of the perfect gift for V-Day but nothing is better than a gift that gives good vibes and good health. Maybe you’re looking for CBD infused goodies for a chill night or a unique gift for your stoner sweetheart. Well, look no further, because we’ve made the ultimate valentine day weed gift list. You want the gift to be unique and special. You have a few options: you can buy a CBD products gift, give an experience, or make something special.

However you want your valentine day to look, there is a CBD product to enhance it and take it to the next level. It’s like a normal valentine’s day, but with an extra dose of magic, happiness, and good health. Maybe you want to surprise your valentine with something special or gift them a collection of their faves with the ultimate stoner gift box. Even if you’re single, it’s a great day to enhance your own me-time or chill with friends. Here are some creative CBD products and gift ideas for that special someone on your mind.


CBD infused chocolate

Chocolate is a great gift, but it can be better. Level up to CBD infused chocolate. Cocoa itself is a natural aphrodisiac and has several benefits for the brain and mood because of its large percentage of antioxidant molecules. Put a spin on that traditional romantic box of chocolates and give chocolates infused with CBD instead. They’re easy to find these days and can range from low THC to high THC depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re feeling creative you could even make your own chocolates or edibles. There are tonnes of recipes online designed for creating chocolates and desserts from a range of CBD products. Pretty up a box of chocolates with other hemp and CBD products, buds, jewelry or scented candles for extra (pot) brownie points!

The CBD Strain

Valentine day is awesome for couples and romantic mood evenings, but did you know that St Valentine was the Patron saint of epilepsy? The Valentine X strain is a breed of cannabis strong in CBD, known for its medicinal properties in treating epilepsy, chronic pain, and cancer. It doesn’t get you high with a 25:1 CBD to THC ratio, but consumers report experiencing calmness creativity and a warm friendly vibe. If that sounds like a cool way to celebrate the day with a lover or some friends, then maybe this is the weed gift you’re looking for.


cannabis flowers

You can now buy weed bouquets! There are companies everywhere selling beautifully arranged flowers, or better yet you can make a bouquet of your own. You can buy hemp flowers or cannabis buds yourself and arrange them with other flowers and leaves. At least they won’t die in the vase and be forgotten forever after since they have many uses beyond being a decoration. If you’re feeling especially creative, there are even tutorials on rolling joints to look like roses for a thoughtful spin on a simple stoner gift.

Cook a CBD meal

CBD infused Food

A great valentines day gift is an experience, like a good meal. There are so many recipes online for weed and CBD infused dishes. Have a special romantic night in. You could impress your sweetheart with your awesome weed cooking skills, or have a great time cooking with CBD products together. Popular recipes include using CBD infused oils to make guacamole, cheesecake, pasta dishes, cakes, and bread. Enhance the mood with some great music, low lighting, and hemp candles.

Give them a CBD Massage


CBD massage oil has revolutionized relaxing romantic evenings. Massage is a nice way to get close to each other and set a romantic mood. Make a super intimate evening with hemp candles and take away the negative tension and stress from the day. Treat your sweetheart to a wellness session with a CBD infused massage, where you’re the masseuse. It can create that sexy intimate vibe you want on valentine day. You can take it one sexy step further with cannabis-infused lubricants.

Weed Gift Accessories

CBD Leaf Gift

You can buy necklaces with the typical hemp leaf, or cute molecule necklaces of CBD and THC. It’s a fun and classy way to give jewelry on valentine day. Online you can find all the weed accessories you dream of for the stoner you dream of. If you know their taste, you have the chance to choose something really unique. There are t-shirts, stash jars, cushions, hemp bracelets, herb grinders, bongs, and rolling trays. They come in all sorts of styles, so this is your chance to show that you’ve paid attention to what your valentine likes. There are even websites that can personalize lighters, stash tins and bongs to have your special stoner’s name on them.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

CBD products

There are ready-made weed gift boxes you can buy, but why not go the extra mile and create the perfect stoner gift box? If you’re creative, put together edibles, CBD oil, munchies, jewelry, hemp bouquets, rolling paper, bongs, to create the perfect unique gift box. No-one knows your valentine’s favorite CBD products better than you.

Not Feeling Romantic?

If you’re single, why not buy yourself the weed gift you’ve always wanted. Treat yourself because you deserve it. Valentine day is a great day to spend with friends too. There are CBD products that could make fun wellness and pampering night with the girls, or treat yourself to a sesh with your best buddies. If you like cooking, try out some CBD infused recipes with friends and have some tasty treats for a movie night. Or why not try out the Valentine x strain for extra atmosphere?

There’s a gift for every weed lover out there. Have a great time with your special someone or treat yourself to a great night with friends. Whatever you do, there are so many ways to enhance your romantic day with CBD and hemp products. Get unique or get creative and have a romantic, chill valentine’s day.


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