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what is marijuana

Takeaway: Marijuana, also known as weed, cannabis, pot, kush, and many other names, has a relic history and strong modern enigma. With its evolution from marijuana to medical marijuana and chiefly CBD, it has demonstrated its strength to treat several adverse disorders and benefit humans with its all-natural ingredients. So this piece here is the ultimate guide from ancient marijuana history to the modern use of CBD, holding all the necessary reports and research that proves the reason for acceptance from eons.

A Monitoring the Future Survey report, a yearly survey of drug use and attitudes among the United States’ middle and high school students revealed that nearly 6% of students use marijuana either recreationally or medically every day. Wonder why? Are you new to Marijuana? Want to know all about it?

Then you have come to the right place. This is a complete Marijuana guide that will take you through an entire journey of this medicinal plant, from seeds to the end product CBD. Also called as weed, cannabis, pot, kush and many other names, Marijuana is a naturally occurring plant that is known for its medicinal and recreational benefits.

Let’s start with an introduction.

Say Hello To Marijuana Friends!

Hi, My name is Marijuana, I belong to the Cannabis family and we have lived as long as humans exist. Actually, my great great grandparents knew your peeps. The earliest use of Marijuana can be traced back to the 3rd millennium BCE. Me and your great great grandparents worked very well together for a very long period of time. We gave you fiber, ropes, and many medicinal benefits. We mix well with salads, soups, and other staple food at that time. Us and the Chinese went along really well for many centuries. They even took us to many other countries.

Then came the 14th century and some Islamic people started banning us everywhere. But we were on good terms with many other countries. Time passed and then came the modern era. We were given many names and banned in many places. But there were always good people that knew our benefits.

In the 1970s and 1980s we met a few cancer and AIDS patients and started working on making them get better faster and more efficiently. Our work with these cancer patients spread like wildfire amongst the medical community. In 1996 we got our first legal license in California, United States. Us and the Hippie Americans we got along really well. Then came the year 2001 where Canada invited us with open arms in their country. And we started working with Canadians and helping them reap the full benefits of our use.

Many researchers worked with us to prove our benefits and years later in 2014 the United States federal government finally acknowledged our hard work and passed the Agricultural Act of 2014. It allowed a few select people to cultivate cannabis for further research. And only a few years later in 2018, the United States passed the United States Farm Bill and we took over almost the entire country.

With countless studies into the medical benefits that Cannabis could offer, almost every state in the United States legalized the medical use of Marijuana.

What’s the proof you ask?

Us, Marijuana plants are made up of a lot of things. The most dominant being CBD and THC. There are many other natural elements such as essential oils, terpenes and different versions of cannabinoid.

The human body also hosts an Endocannabinoid system. A biological caretaker that is spread all over your body. Endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors and cannabinoid proteins together make the ECS.

Did you know that Cannabis receptor proteins are spread throughout your central nervous system which includes the brain and peripheral nervous system. Meaning your entire body has these biological receptors that are born to react with cannabis.

Our match was really made in heaven. The ECS is actively involved in regulating many physiological and cognitive processes. Fertility, pregnancy, appetite, pain-sensation, mood and memory. Endocannabinoids can effectively cross the blood-brain barrier. When elements such as CBD and THC enter your body they react instantly with the cannabinoid receptors spread all over your body.

Traditional medicines vs CBD

Human bodies have gone through decades of pharmaceutical medicines. The problem with them is that they only treat one section of your body. While there is nothing to stop them from affecting other parts of your body. In the long run, our body’s immune system is imbalanced and weak from the adverse effects of such medicines.

On the other hand, when CBD enters your body it reacts with the entire ECS. It connects with the CB receptors and activates endocannabinoids to do their job well. Pain, stress relief, inflammation are just a few regular things we help you with. We make the ECS work for your body and ensure that you’re in good shape. Alleviating your mood is a by-product of alleviating your body internally. That’s where the real magic happens.

What exactly can we help you with?

Did you ever feel that your body is stressed after a long day at work?

We can help you feel better. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Human bodies, when worked for hours at a stretch, tend to stress their muscles out. If done excessively they might inflate. CBD and ECS together can reduce inflammation and body stress.

Are you going through serious pain?

We can work on your pain cessation neurons and help you get rid of the pain. Pain is really our body informing us where we need help. CBD and other cannabinoids act on that part and relieve you from pain. Pain management is a well-researched field in Medical Marijuana use.

Do you suffer from Migraines?

We are just the solution then. CBD along with essential oils and terpenes have been medically found to be an effective medicine for people suffering from migraines. Forget that headache in a minute, smoke a flower, drink some CBD water, just let these medical knights enter your body and you are sure to forget you even had a headache.

Have you ever known a cancer patient?

Cancer patients were the first ones in the modern era that we helped. The treatment for cancer chemo-therapy is actively killing all the cancer cells. While doing that it is also adversely degrading the body’s immune system, digestion and overall body functions causing chronic pain.

Marijuana cannabinoids actively seek out affected areas of the body and start repairing them relieving your body of the chronic pain. Thanks to the endocannabinoid system and the naturally occurring CB receptors our job becomes easier with their help. We help manage pain, maintain a healthy appetite, reduce the stress of pharmaceuticals on your body and overall survive the cancer treatment and recovery after that.

Have you ever seen an epilepsy seizure?

Another form of the deadly disease, Epilepsy causes body malfunctions in the form of seizures that could kill a human being. With Marijuana’s help, people have decreased the number of seizures from 300 to just one within a week.

What a sigh of relief it must be? Not to worry about falling on the ground any moment and losing all control over your own body. There is another form of Epilepsy called Dravet’s syndrome which is a lot worse and serious. We have successfully helped patients manage that.

Ever hear about PTSD?

People suffering from PTSD experience uncontrollable anxiety and insomnia as a result of extreme stress. Marijuana being a muscle and mind relaxant is a far better option than opioid addiction. Numerous American families have lost their war veterans to opioid addiction in the United States. It really is an epidemic how worse regular opioid gets.

But don’t worry, we are a safe and natural way of dealing with PTSD and its effects. Calm your nerves and manage the horrific memories of the war without running the risk of another war with addiction to opioids.


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