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Best time to Harvest Marijuana

Takeaway: Growing marijuana is tough, but knowing marijuana is tougher. It is crucial that you harvest your plant at the exact time to get the most out of it. Typical judgements are guesses based on past experiences with growing. To make an informed decision one needs to know the marijuana anatomy. Parts such as pistils inform us when is the right time to cut down your buds. Read this do it yourself guide for all the information you need and harvest your marijuana successfully.

Medical marijuana does not need a definition nowadays. Everybody knows and everybody enjoys it’s effects. Enthusiasts have moved to a new thing. People want to grow their own marijuana these days. With the FDA and FTC serving notices to several flower producers in the state many have started growing their own strains.

Cannabis seeds are sold online and in retail for DIY enthusiasts everywhere. Depending on the type of effect you want you can select your seeds. For more euphoric and psychoactivity choose seeds with higher amounts of THC. For more energetic and active stress relief one should opt of high CBD content seeds.

Knowing how to harvest marijuana is important but knowing when to harvest marijuana is the key. The plant shows unique signs of maturity at each stage. Knowing what you’re looking for is the trick.

Here at marijuana span we believe in shortening the time span it takes to typically grow and harvest your own seeds. Hence we have gathered a checklist of important marijuana making things.

Why grow your own breed?

Tips to Grow Marijuana

  • Marijuana products are costly and a recurring cost at it. Imagine the amount of money you’d save by smoking your own harvest and not buying flowers.
  • Growing is easy. You literally have to give it care and time, that’s it.
  • You get control over the effects of smoking it. Growers can choose the kind of effect their buds will have on them.
  • Assured purity. Get free from worries of impurities or misleading labelling. You have grown it yourself, it is safe to use.

Growing and harvesting marijuana is beneficial and healthy. Once you know the plant anatomy it gets pretty easy.

The marijuana anatomy

Like every other plant, marijuana grows from a seed, to the first stem and multiplying itself from there. After a few good months of care and nurturing and you can see important parts of the plant.

  • The Stalk

Important for growth support and plant strength. The stalk is what marijuana plants stand on. Its their spinal cord, quite literally.

  • The fan leaves

The classic symbol of marijuana, the 5, 7 or 9 legged leaves. Five is for Ruderalis, seven is for Indica and nine is for pure sativa.

  • The stem of the fan leaf

The stem contains small amounts of THC. More than the leaves actually. Housed right below these leaves, you can use these for added tinctures, extracts and concentrates for cooking or oil making.

  • The flower

The masterpiece of marijuana. These flowers don’t need an explanation. Flowers are the main produce of the plant. They are shiny buds that we use while smoking medical marijuana.

  • Pistils

These are the main reproductive parts of the plant. In order to get maximum harvesting it is important to identify female plants by noticing stigma or hair like structures of pistils and removing other male plants to focus on harvesting and not plant breeding.

  • Trichomes

Genetic protections against pests, Trichomes are indicators that your plant is healthy. Small tendon like structures, these protectors grow on your buds.

  • Sugar leaves

Sugar leafs are tiny leaves that grow in between marijuana buds. These tend to contain good amounts of THC and CBD.

With this basic knowledge about the marijuana plant you can regularly check of health and identify growth issues if any. Now coming to the main part, when to harvest your marijuana plant. Depending upon the kind of after effects you want choose an appropriate time to harvest.

When to harvest marijuana?

Different Marijuana Breed

  • Energetic Feel

For active flowers the plant must have 50% clear trichomes that shine like crystals and the other 50% should be cloudy.

  • Intense, euphoric feel

For an intense trip let your plant grow till the time 70% of your trichomes are cloudy and 60% pistils should be dark and curling back in.

  • Relaxing vibe

For a major relaxing vibe let your trichomes turn from cloudy to amber looking. Coupled with 70% to 90% dark curling in pistils.

If you plant qualifies for one or more conditions mentioned above. It’s time for harvesting. The basic harvesting procedure is the same for everybody. Even large manufacturers essentially follow the same methodology.

How to harvest marijuana?

  • Cut your breed

The first step is cutting your plant. This can be done right at the main stem or trimming off individual bunches of the plant.

  • Trimming for simplicity

The reason you are trimming is to give a clearer batch to work with. Fan leaves do not contain much THC, you should trim all big fan leaves they give your end product a harsh to the throat feel.

  • Drying your buds

Once you have nicely trimmed all unwanted parts of the plant. Device a way to hang your buds in free fall. Keep the temperature at 79 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% humidity. Use environment control apparatus for this. Perfection is a crucial factor in this stage.

  • Removing buds

Once it has been a week of so. Remove your buds when they are dryer that before and smaller stems break instantly.

  • Safeguarding your buds

Put your buds in a mason jar and screw the lid. Place them in a dark room with the temperature set to 70 degree fahrenheit and 60% humidity.

  • Let them cure

Curing is the stage where you prepare your buds for longer shelf life and ensure that they do not rot. Usually lasting about three weeks. Regularly check your jars and open the lid for two weeks to ensure moisture from entering into your buds.

  • Storing your buds

Perfect storage is vacuum packing your bus and keeping them in cool and dark room. If you’re planning to store them for more than 6 months then vacuum pack them and keep in a freezer.

Voila! This brings us to the end of our harvesting process. That’s it. Your buds are not ready to be smoked. Divide them into parts as per your consumption plan. It is advised to bifurcate by use, for eg: a baggie for after work and a baggie for weekends. This will help monitor your marijuana use and help you realise when it’s time to reduce. In any case you deserve to reward yourself for growing a good batch of buds.

Show off your buds to your buddies. Share this marijuana making checklist with them. Hope this helps and stops the guessing game. Find out your marijuana plant’s growth stage and decrease your marijuana growth time span.

Everybody Knows about Marijuana and people want to grow their own but knowing how to harvest marijuana is important and knowing 0.is the key.


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