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cbd oil for dogs

Takeaway: Man’s best friend is also man’s most precious friend. We care for our pets as much we care for our brothers and sisters. Both owners and care takers must awaken to this new era of CBD supplements for our cats and dogs that help them through their diseases. Since humans and dogs share similar endocannabinoid system we can positively assert that CBD is good for your dogs too. Tinctures or oil and treats are two popular options for administering CBD. It treats indigestion, anxiety and has a soothing calming effect on your pets.

The Quest For The Best CBD Oil For Dogs

Let’s admit it. Pet owners everywhere are treating their dogs the way they care for their children. The evidence is even more glaring in the area of health. When it comes to handling the health of their pets, most dog owners will not settle for less other than the best.  Thankfully, CBD oil for dogs is one of the best treatment options for dog owners. However, finding the best CBD oil for your pet in a market full of imitations is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Come to think of it; what are the factors that constitute an excellent quality CBD for dogs? How can you tell if indeed what you’re buying is the right one?

Well, while there is a will to know, there is always a way to establish the veracity of that will.

The key, as they say, is education! Yes, you have to educate yourself in the “School of CBDology.” Here you will learn much about CBD and all that it has to offer for Jimmy and Bingo.

Today, you will learn about the different functions of CBD oil when administered to your dog. You will also learn about the various methods of delivering CBD oil dosage to your dog’s endocannabinoid system.

Then, you will get to know of some burning questions people are asking about the use of CBD oil.

To round up the class, you will then learn the things to look out for when shopping for the best CBD oil for dogs.

Now, grab a sit buddy, shut off the world before you, and focus; the School of CBDology is now in session, and the first topic is;

What The Heck Is CBD Oil?

The term CBD is an abbreviation for the word “Cannabidiol,” which is among the 113 super active Cannabinoids that is found in the cannabis plant. In some cases, CBD is also popularly called hemp oil and is an extraction from the plant with high concentration contents of cannabidiol.

The better part is that CBD is not harmful to your dog. It doesn’t contain the THC, the “high” substance found in marijuana that causes humans and animals to go high.

What Are The Functions Of CBD Oil For Dogs?

CBD oil helps in treating various ailments in dogs and other pets. When you administer it on dogs, CBD works the same way it works on humans. The reason is that humans and dogs share similar endocannabinoid system. Talking of this system, it is a network of neurotransmitters responsible for balancing and maintaining typical functions in the body. As CBD oil comes in contact with the central nervous system, it starts to manipulate the receptors to assist in balancing out symptoms that Bingo is experiencing, bringing your best friend back to normalcy in no time.

CBD health benefits for your dog

CBD has immense benefits for your dog’s health and overall quality of life. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, skittish about loud noises, or sleep disorder issues, the calming oil of CBD can equalize. Dogs that suffer from nausea can also benefit from CBD. It is remarkable in easing the effects of nausea, especially in small dogs.

Inflammation is another primary reason why pet owners are buying CBD oil today. A good quality CBD oil dosage can sooth any intestinal, acute or chronic inflammation problem in Jerry. CBD also encourage cardiovascular health and many more health benefits. The better part is that CBD oil is entirely legal and safe for consumption.

How Is CBD Oil Dosage Administered?

cbd oil dosage

Although the options open to your dog to get CBD is not much like the ones open to humans, you still have some few options you can exploit. One viable option you can consider is a topical application. While this dosage is proper, Jerry may end up licking the cream or salve after the application. This may end up affecting the dosage negatively.

Now, the two primary ways of administering a CBD oil dosage include tinctures or oil, and treats! However, as technology continues to increase, with the expansion of products, you can expect an expansion in this area. Nonetheless, these are what you need to understand about these two methods.

Tinctures or Oil:

  • You can drop it directly into the mouth or inside your dog’s food/treats.
  • Absorbs quickly into the dog system
  • Offers smooth and precise adjustable dosing
  • Safety compatible with most human’s CBD oil use
  • Do not dose it in a bowl of water as it may splash out.


  • Requires much time to digest, but has last longing effects
  • Appear easier to administer for pups
  • A wide range of doses, flavors, and kinds of treats available for selection
  • Already measured out for you if you are not comfortable dosing with oil.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About CBD For Dogs

    1. How Does CBD affect dogs?

Answer:   Presently, there is no universally recognized study on how CBD affects a dog. However, scientific findings show that cannabinoids do have some level of interaction with the central and nervous system’s endocannabinoid receptors, which is responsible for balancing the body and keeping it in a normal, healthy state.

    1. Are there any possible side effect with using CBD on dogs?

Answer:   While there is currently no primary record of CBD effects when used on dogs, we can assume there are potential side effects due to how CBD affects humans.

CBD can cause dry mouth in some dogs by decreasing the production of saliva. You will notice this through increase thirst if it happens to your dog.

Since dog owners employ CBD to treat anxiety, the calming and soothing effect can lead to slight drowsiness. This will most likely happen when using higher doses.

    1. How long does CBD Last?

Answer:   You can comfortably store vials of CBD oil in your refrigerator for up to a year. This time frame is feasible only if you are not opening them and they are sealed tight in airtight containers.

    1. Can it take the place of a dog’s conventional medicine?

Answer:   If you are administering CBD to Bingo, no one is recommending that you should stop giving your dog her other meds as well.

While CBD is an effective essential oil, it is not meant to, nor can it replace conventional medications.

Things to Consider When Shopping For the Best CBD Oil?

cbd for dogs

Since your dog is part of your family, you would want to be extra careful with whatever you’re getting for her.

Here are some few things to think about when shopping for Molly’s CBD oil.

  • Is the CBD product organic? If not, it means your CBD oil contains solvents, pesticides or fungicides. Please, move to the next store.
  • Consider the dosage information before purchasing the oil. If it is not clearly stated in the body of the oil bottle or instruction manual, abandon ship and move on.
  • A specially created formula that would suit your dog should always top your priority list.
  • Make sure the name includes “CBD” because some products are deceptive and love omitting such info. Again, if it includes misleading information, drop it and move on.
  • Is there any ingredient or analysis information on the body of the CBD bottle? If yes, read it, if not, disappear from there.
  • Don’t settle for a low price, since this is a remarkable product that doesn’t come cheap all the time.

Final thought

The ongoing buzz about CBD is because the product works. Many dog owners have come to know about it, and you also can decide to see it for yourself. The interest in CBD oil will continue to grow as long as no one or no dog is complaining about it. Therefore, we see nothing wrong in giving it a try.


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