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Where Does Marijuana Grow

Takeaway: The legalisation of marijuana has made it possible for many medical patients and adults to cultivate CBD marijuana in their homes. Do you know that it is still illegal to grow marijuana in many places? How will you differentiate between CBD dominant and THC dominant strain? Growing marijuana is a tricky undertaking that one should research on before taking any steps.
From soil types for maximum yield to necessary steps for efficient growth, this article details the dos and don’ts of growing marijuana in your homes.

It is no longer secret that the growth and consumption of CBD marijuana are now legal in most states across the United States, and other countries in Europe and the world over.

Thus, the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in the US has allowed many consumers to become accustomed to buying cannabis from a dispensary. The better part is that legalization has also empowered medical patients and adults to cultivate CBD marijuana, in their homes.

As a result, many people want to know about how to grow marijuana, and that is precisely what this article is going to address.

However, it is good that we understand what CBD is all, about.

What is CBD?

CBD is a short term for cannabidiol, and is usually the second most dominant ingredient in marijuana, after THC.

While THC is famous for providing consumers with a psychoactive high, CBD doesn’t intoxicate users and is definitely on course to enjoy more legal status should the 2018 Hemp Farming Act before Congress receives approval to become law.

While research for CBD is still ongoing, scientists at various instances have cited more than 60 different molecular channels through which it operates to establish its therapeutic effect for which it has become so famous.

With the CBD market already bubbling, passing the Hemp Farming Act into law will undoubtedly cause the CBD marijuana market to explode. Hence, it is wise to know about where is it legal to grow marijuana for the time being.

Processes On How To Grow High CBD Marijuana

How to Grow High CBD Marijuana Strains

There are key processes involve in growing CBD marijuana. Failure to take these processes to heart will limit or mar any cultivation success you may anticipate.

The first process is:

  1. Knowledge of genetics

Yes! There is no possible way you can tweak your CBD marijuana plant to produce more CBD than is genetically feasible. For example, you cannot transform a high THC strain like Strawberry Cough into ACDC, which contains a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio.

When learning how to grow marijuana, you must remember that two offsprings from the same marijuana plant can possess profoundly different genetic features. That is, weed grown from seed can demonstrate different phenotypes.

For example, let’s say you try to grow a potent CBD plant from seed using Cannatonic, which is a strain having up to 12% CBD. Usually, your chances of growing the target potent-CBD marijuana from a Cannatonic seed will not exceed or even be up to 75%.

  1.  Early testing is key

If you decide to grow your CBD marijuana from seed, make sure a reputable lab test the samples you chose while the plants are still in their youthful state. Many CBD experts agree that it is better if you undertake testing 3-4 weeks following the emergence of the seedlings from the soil. This process allows you to identify CBD-rich marijuana plants long before they start to develop flowers.

To perform the test:

  •    Collect some of the plant’s top nodes as samples
  •    Ensure they are thoroughly dried
  •    Then submit them to the testing lab for testing

What if you are unable to get your samples tested? Well, the only option left for you is to wait patiently until they start to bear flowers. Then take some and consume them to determine whether it provides a psychoactive high or not. If you feel a notable level of intoxication, then know that the plants contain too much level of THC.

Effects of the growing process on CBD marijuana strains

While it is true that you can never make a plant to produce more CBD than it is genetically allowed, you can influence it to produce the maximum amount possible.

Scientific studies have shown there are specific growing conditions involving CBD-rich plants. For instance, let’s assume you select seeds with the right genetics; the next process is to ensure that your plants are approximately 5cm deep in warm soil.

Also, the study reveals that the more your marijuana plant is exposed to precipitation, the lower the CBD content would become.

To conclude this chapter, make sure your CBD marijuana growing room temperature ranges between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, exercise caution in how much you water your plants.

Where In The Wild Does CBD Marijuana Grow Best?

To have successful cultivation of marijuana means understanding the natural conditions that foster their successful growth. While cannabis is a sun-loving plant, different variety of it has different preferences regarding altitude, latitude, and humidity levels. Below are some of the wild climatic conditions where marijuana grows:

Tropical regions

The regularity of rainfall, heat, and humidity in tropical climates (including savannahs and rainforests), with their intense sunlight and mild winters, are perfect for many strains of CBD marijuana to grow in the wild.

Dry regions

Dry climate regions with deserts and steppes are a sanctuary to hardy cannabis strains such as the Sinai and Afghani strains—Egypt and Afghanistan landrace respectively.

Temperate regions

Temperate zones, also known as middle attitude, marine or subtropical climates, are locations for finding cannabis strains that require more moderate weather to thrive out in the wild. Examples are the Swazi Gold and Lebanese strains.

Continental regions

These regions feature generally wet, hot summers and cold, dry winters, and the fact that large water bodies (seas and oceans) do not moderate the temperature as in other environments.  CBD marijuana strains that grow wild in these zones are the swiss sativa and Nepalese strains.

Stages In Growing CBD Marijuana

Stages In Growing CBD Marijuana Plant

Besides understanding where it is legal to grow marijuana, you have to know the various growth stages in the life of your CBD marijuana plant. There are four stages in growing CBD marijuana, and these are:

Stage#1.    Seed Germination

The first stage of life where your cannabis plant begins as a seed and remains dormant, waiting patiently for the water to bring it to life. At this stage, the seed is usually hard and dry, with dark brown to light color. It helps you to define the quality.

The germination stage can take anywhere from 5-10 weeks, with 18 hours of sunlight. Once they have popped, you can place them in your growing medium.

Stage#2.    Seedling Stage

Your plant is now a seedling once you start seeing more of the traditional cannabis leaves. When the plant is a sprout, the seed will produce leaves having just one ridged blade. But, as new growth develops, the leaves will have up to 7 blades or more (for mature cannabis plants). This stage takes about 2-3 weeks with 18 hours of light.

Stage#3.    Vegetative Stage

This stage takes 3-16 weeks, with 18 hours of light. It is the stage where the plant’s growth reaches the height. At this point, the plants are already in a larger pot, while the root and foliage are developing rapidly.

The amount of cannabis between the nodes will determine the type of CBD marijuana strain you are growing. Remember to increase your watering level at this stage.

Stage#4.    Flowering Stage

This is the final stage f growth for your cannabis plant, and it usually ranges from 8-11 weeks. At this stage, the flower occurs naturally, with less than 12 hours of sunlight daily. Resinous bud develops in this stage, showing that your hard work is not in vain. The plant also starts showing their sex organs a few weeks into the flowering stage, during which you need to avoid pruning after three weeks, so you do not the plant’s hormones. Use blooming nutrients to feed plants during this stage.

Final thought

To grow CBD marijuana at home, you need to identify a favorable strain that is likely to produce a larger quantity of CBD. Use clone instead of seeds to spot the right genetics. Then follow the stages and enjoy the health benefits of CBD marijuana.  These are the best tips in learning how to grow marijuana.


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