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Takeaway: An autoimmune disease that attacks the body’s normal and healthy tissues, lupus has been plaguing its patients with inflammation, swelling and damage to joints, skin, kidneys, blood, heart and lungs. Worry no more CBD oil is here to help you through the pain and manage side effects of lupus treatment all at once. CBD alters the activities of the T-cell and stops it’s abnormal activities particularly seen in lupus patients. It also aids relieve inflammation problems that occurs as a natural response of the human body to an internal attack.

CBD oil has been quite effective when it comes to the treatment of inflammation and pain-related diseases. Lupus is a disease which attacks the body tissues of a healthy person. It is an autoimmune disease which is managed through the use of Corticosteroids that have been associated with a number of long-term side effects. This has resulted in lupus patients looking for an alternative treatment to control the symptoms of the disease.

Studies on CBD oil have suggested that the best CBD oil for lupus is a good treatment option. Lupus contributes to pain which varies from treated and untreated pain.  The current treatment for lupus is far from perfect which has resulted in drug companies researching for more effective medications.

The effectiveness of current lupus treatment

CBD for Lupus

There is a huge problem in relation to the opioid addiction and overdose epidemic in the US. Moreover, several scientific studies have shown that there is a reduction in the number of opioids prescriptions and related overdose deaths in states that have legalized the use of CBD oil products. As such, many doctors who want to protect their patients are finding CBD oil products to be effective and are battling with law enforcing agents to allow them to prescribe the best CBD products on patients.

Studies on CBD and lupus

Research has also suggested that the best hemp product is effective in the treatment of inflammation and pain in patients. In its purest form, CBD oil is regarded as safe and does not have an associated euphoric effect. Lupus is associated with considerable inflammation. Anecdotal evidence from patients with lupus has shown that CBD oil help to reduce inflammation.  In a 2018 study which was published in Cellular Immunology showed that CBD altered the activities of the T-cell after a spinal cord injury in patients. T-cells are part of the immune system and their abnormal activities are involved in lupus.

The spinal cord may result in pain from the neuropathy that may be as a result of damaged nerves. Lupus may also occur when the immune system is not able to differentiate between healthy tissues, bacterias, and viruses. The healthy organs are then subjected to attacks from the large amounts of antibodies that are produced. Lupus may start to develop at any time in a person’s life, but most people develop lupus at the ages of 14 to 45. In addition, women are most likely to suffer from the disease compared to men.

The effectiveness of Cannabis on lupus

Inflammation is a natural response of the human body to an internal attack. Moreover, if inflammation is not treated early it may result to result in serious health problems like tissue damage and cardiovascular diseases. According to a study that was published in 2012 in the Journal of Neuroinflammation, evidence suggested that prolonged inflammatory proteins may result in the development of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The best CBD oil for lupus helps to relieve inflammation. According to studies, the active compounds from cannabis inhibit the inflammatory protein interleukin-2 while at the same time stimulates the increase in interleukin-10 anti-inflammatory proteins.  Additionally, a growing number of evidence suggests that best hemp products may inhibit interleukin-6 which is a protein commonly associated with autoimmune diseases.

Endocannabinoids are compounds which are produced by humans and other mammals. These compounds regulate physiological processes in the body by binding to specific receptor cells in the body. However, some people are not able to produce enough endocannabinoids due to the living conditions. For this reason, consuming the best CBD products may supplement the endocannabinoid system with similar compounds to help with biochemical balance.

CBD oil products help patients with lupus in pain relief as it activates the adenosine and the vanilloid receptors. This helps to boost the production of serotonin by inhibiting specific enzymes responsible for degrading endocannabinoids. The resulting production of more endocannabinoids means there will be less inflammation.

How to consume CBD for lupus

There are several ways to consume CBD oil for those diagnosed with lupus. However, it is advisable to avoid smoking if you have lupus. On the contrary, vaping is one of the best alternatives to smoking. The vaporizer ensures enough cannabis is heated for the release of the cannabinoids. Furthermore, carbon dioxide is not produced in the process as the plant material is not combusted. For people with rashes and joint pain from lupus, CBD tinctures and topical may be a good choice.

Treatment decisions for lupus should however not be taken lightly. This applies to natural treatments like the use of best CBD products and other types of treatments. As such, consider the advantage and disadvantages of using CBD oil for lupus carefully and be sure to discuss the CBD oil option with your doctor. Your doctor should also know the legality of the CBD oil product you want to take and any side effects associated with the product.


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